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Fundraise for Action on Pre-eclampsia

Join us as a runner or a supporter for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 - Help us make 2017 our biggest fundraiser yet!

With the ballot places for the London Marathon 2017 shortly to be announced, we are anticipating a surge in calls and emails for our London Marathon Places. We have already filled some, but need your help!
Please spread the word about the London Marathon places amongst work colleagues, friends, family, everyone you know! The London Marathon is the single biggest fundraiser for us, and every penny raised will go toward paying for our vital services.

The 2016 Marathon also saw a young man-Rob Crussell running in memory of his baby boy Theo who he sadly lost to pre-eclampsia last year, he was supported by close friends Richard, Tom and Liam who together have worked tirelessly to raise over £20,000. Your efforts are truly exceptional and we cannot express our gratitude to you- thank you!

Find out more and register
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Other ways you can support us

As a small charity we use all funds raised by supporters very carefully. Every amount counts, so please don't be put off having a small work collection for example, selling some cupcakes, having a sponsored silence or running a 5k - it all helps and is all greatly appreciated.

You can  support us by running your own charitable events, participating in organised sporting activities, or maybe running a coffee morning, Whatever you decide to do, remember we can send you a fundraising pack to help ! If you would like to order a pack, or tell us more about your event, please email us or click the button below.
Money raised will go towards are charitable objectives, such as:
  • Our Helpline for families affected by pre-eclampsia
  • Educational study days for midwives and student midwives
  • Online E-Learning for midwives
  • Leaflets for patients and staff in hospitals and surgeries
  • Pre-eclampsia expert referral scheme
  • Participating in research projects 
Could you spare a little bit of time to help APEC promote the work we do and raise the profile of pre-eclampsia?
Perhaps you could you give out leaflets, help at our study days or help man a stand at events in the future? Have you had pre-eclampsia and would like to help raise awareness?
Please email if you would like to be part of our growing volunteer community. 
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Making connections with pre-eclampsia organisations across the world

APEC CEO Marcus Green took some time out of his summer holiday in America to visit the Pre-eclampsia Foundation in Florida, a larger organisation than APEC, but with the same shared goal of raising awareness and preventing the needless deaths of mothers and babies across the world. We will be working closely with the pre-eclampsia foundation in the future, to ensure that the issue is addressed globally as well as in the UK and America.

One of the worldwide projects we would like to make you aware of is the Pre-eclampsa Registry. Conceived by the Pre-eclampsia Foundation in 2013, the Pre-eclampsia Registry is a "Living Database" bringing together those affected, their family members, and researchers to advance knowledge and discover preventions and treatments for preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Please do consider helping by enrolling if you have had pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

To Participate:

  1. Complete the online registry questionnaire by clicking on the link below.
  2. Allow us to gather information from your medical records
  3. Return to our website at least yearly to provide us with updates


Bethany's story illustrates the importance of trusting your instincts during pregnancy.


"I would like to tell my story as I feel like it would really save lives of babies and mothers... I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia and delivered my baby by emergency c-section at 34 weeks.
My pregnancy started with severe morning sickness that didn't ease. I tried various medication, anti-sickness injections and all the online remedies I could find to no avail.

"Some people are just sick when they are pregnant."

I noticed I was also hot all of the time. I would be sweating in winter with all the windows open and my partner shivering.

"Extra blood flow makes you hot when pregnant."

I had a teeny tiny bump right up until I was 30 weeks. Then I felt like I was carrying in my legs and hips. My bump stayed small and everywhere else got bigger.

"Everyone carries differently and its normal to pile on weight at the end."
My heartburn was so severe I was drinking four pints of milk a day and a whole bottle of Gaviscon a day. I was sure being sick contributed to the heart burn.

"Loads of pregnant ladies suffer with heartburn".

Then I had a very very mild headache, nothing severe. I'd given up caffeine, I wasn't wearing my glasses enough, I hadn't had enough water, I have extra blood flow.

"Headaches are common when pregnant."

I never missed a midwife appointment, and due to a previous miscarriage I was overly cautious if anything, constantly phoning triage for advice.
The day I went into hospital I still had this headache. I knew that something wasn't quite right and wanted to get checked over, after phoning triage they told me headaches are normal but pop in if your concerned. So we went for dinner and "popped in" on our way home. Except I didn't come home. For another four weeks. I spent three weeks in hospital and then delivered my little boy six weeks early by emergency c-section.

I went into hospital with 2+ protein and delivered with 6+ and my iron count was 4. My blood pressure was 170/110 and I could no longer see properly. I was severely ill and didn't even feel unwell. I went in with a niggly headache. 

After a rollercoaster in special care and the heartbreak of going home without my baby, we are now all home together and our baby boy is doing exceptionally well.

What I would like anyone else to learn from my story is that it doesn't matter what other people say or what you read on the Internet. YOU know your body and YOU know when something isn't right. Trust your instincts and it is much better to be safe than sorry. The hospital, me and my partner made the decision to have an emergency c-section when I was no longer in control of my body or could keep track of movements and it was the best decision I have ever made. "


Education Update 



Midwifery Study days 2016
Our popular midwife study days on pre-eclampsia have been been held in Leeds and Birmingham so far this year, with London still to come on 17th November. The number of bookings for the days has gradually went exceptionally well, and we received some great feedback. We are pleased to have reached over 200 midwives at our study days this year, and many more have used our online E-Learning programme on our website which is being updated to reflect current guidelines and research.

Professor Jim Thornton discusses testing blood pressure and proteinuria, Birmingham

Staff News


Welcome Marcus!

There have been a few changes in the APEC team recently. All the staff and trustees would like to formally welcome Marcus Green, as CEO and Carol Tustin as Administrative Officer. 
Marcus has been working as interim CEO since June and we are very pleased to let you know he has decided to stay on as CEO. Marcus is a great asset to APEC, and  brings with him a wealth of experience in the charity sector. We are all looking forward to working closely with Marcus and implementing a new strategy for the future. Marcus is also a fantastic photographer, who's work has appeared in many publications. He has one daughter and enjoys spending time with his family at home in Stroud.

Introducing our new Administration Officer: Carol
Carol joined APEC in January, and we already don't know what we would do without her! She has worked in administration for over forty years, and there isn't much carol can't turn her hand to. Carol deals with all the accounting and finance for the charity, as well as helping out in countless other ways.
She has a little granddaughter who takes up lots of her time, and also enjoys gardening, swimming and sight-seeing with her husband.

 Welcome back our Education Officer: Rowan
Rowan returned from maternity leave in June, following the birth of her son Alfie, in August 2015. She returns to APEC three days a week, resuming her role as Education officer. Amongst other things, this year she’ll be organising our Educational events such as nationwide midwife study days and the pre-eclampsia yearly Expert Meeting. Rowan  will also be working on some of the Fundraising, notably co-coordinating the London Marathon runners.
Her three boys keep her very busy, but in her spare time Rowan enjoys running and baking,


Research News

NICE recommend blood tests to help rule out pre-eclampsia

In recent guidance, NICE recommended two blood tests to help rule-out pre-eclampsia, To support this,  a new adoption resource,has been published that will help health care professionals put this guidance into practice. This important new resource will be particularly relevant to  professional colleagues and members, please do take the time to read the information below.

The tests
In May 2016, NICE recommended the Triage PLGF test (Alere) and the Elecsys immunoassay sFlt-1/PlGF ratio (Roche Diagnostics) to help rule-out pre-eclampsia in women between their 20th and 35th week of pregnancy. The tests detect changes in the blood that can mean the placenta is not developing properly. NICE only recommends the use of the tests to help rule-out pre-eclampsia. They have not been recommended to help doctors diagnose pre-eclampsia. The guidance calls for further research on the two tests to see if they can be used in future to rule-in pre-eclampsia. 

 The new NICE adoption resource: Insights from the NHS
Our new adoption resource has been designed to support people who are planning to implement the Triage PlGF test (Alere) and the Elecsys immunoassay sFlt-1/PlGF ratio within their care pathways. It includes real-life examples of how NHS sites have adopted these tests and has been created with the help of NHS clinicians, who have reported that potential benefits of implementing them include:
•    Supporting decision making on the appropriate patient pathway
•    Providing reassurance to clinicians and patients if the person is sent home with an appointment for follow-up at a clinic, that they do not have pre-eclampsia at that point.
•    Helping to reduce hospital admissions solely for monitoring
•    Helping to identify appropriate surveillance frequency when pre-eclampsia is ruled out


Expert Meeting 2017
Our annual Expert Meeting will be held in November, and we have a packed  agenda with eight speakers confirmed to share their findings and updates on the current research on pre-elampsia. We look forward to hearing from everyone. Amongst the speakers will be APEC's Chair of trustees Professor Andy Shennan
For more information please contact Rowan on
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