JANUARY 30, 2019
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Food delivery wars: entering the next chapter

Amazon's investment into Deliveroo and the Just-Eat/Takeaway merger are both put on hold by regulators. But regardless of what happens (both deals will likely still happen) we're entering a new chapter in the food delivery wars.

Asset-light marketplaces Just Eat, Takeaway, Delivery Hero and Grubhub had started to look vulnerable next to the heavily VC-funded logistics platforms built by Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Doordash, Rappi, Glovo and others. Lately however, there's an increased focus on unit economics. What if the billions in VC investment are scaled back? Asset-light models have a competitive advantage there. Uber Eats may have the best of both worlds: it is building the asset-heavy infrastructure while being subsidised by the profitable ride sharing business.

Globally, there are now 39 food logistics startups valued over $1 billion in both food delivery, groceries, meal kits, and farm-to-table. Check out the full query below:

39 food logistics unicorns

170 precision agriculture startups

Precision Agriculture is about more than satellites and drones (although that's roughly 75% of investment). Nowadays, it's about the entire agricultural cycle:
- Plant breeding software solutions to create more resilient crops: 
Phenome Networks
- Ploughing the field with autonomous driving tractors: Bear Flag 
- Fertilizer management software to minimize loss: Smart!
- Seeding by autonomous drones: Droneseed
- Irrigation decision support system powered by soil moisture sensors: CropX
- Crop protection platform with integrated pest management for high-value cropsFieldIn
- Monitor fields with computer vision & deep learning: Taranis
- Harvesting with automated robots that pick fresh fruits:

Meanwhile, drone tech remains relevant as ever:
- Spraying fields with precision:
- Aerial mapping with AI platform: PrecisionHawk
- Cloud platform: DroneDeploy  

It's not hard to imagine farms soon linking their data directly to eCommerce platforms. We prepared a list with 170 startups that are bringing high-end technology to the farming business:

170 precision agriculture startups

70+ CBD food tech startups

Cannabis startups received over $3 billion in funding in the last two years, of which only a fraction in Europe so far. Aside from medical use, cannabis also has a food application, especially in the form of CBD. For example CannK-Zen Beverages, and Kikoko produce CBD-infused beverages. We prepared a list with 70+ cannabis startups in food tech:

70+ cannabis startups in food tech

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