MARCH 19, 2020
Last week we launched a landscape of consumer health tech platforms enabling contacless healthcare (which has grown since last week). Today we present a new landscape of companies that are directly combating covid-19 through vaccine development, drug and equipment manufacturing, robotic detection, diagnosing and more.

Government, universities and sheer capitalism together can become a powerful mixture under today's historic conditions. There's a lot of accute problems to solve: incapacity to deal with the massive demand surge, shortages of all kinds of equipment and ingredients, and an urgency to shorten drug discovery cycles. Below we've begun to create an overview of the companies involved.

On a related note, the European Commission is calling for startups and SMEs that have a close-to-market solution to help tackle the Corona outbreak: apply for EIC Accelerator funding by tomorrow 5pm.

PS: check this tweet if you are in need of a dose of optimism.

Healthcare companies actively combating COVID-19

Front-runners in producing a coronavirus vaccine include German biotech unicorns Curevac (Tübingen) and BioNTech (Mainz). Other leading biotech firms include Moderna (Cambridge, Mass.) and Novavax (Gaithersburg, Maryland), both backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All are entering clinical trials (human testing). Big pharma are teaming up for co-development and distribution.

Alibaba and Infervision provide AI-based tools to facilitate and enhance diagnostics.

TMiRob and Blue Ocean Robotics supply robots to desinfect rooms in hospitals. Others provide robots to prepare meals for medical workers and serve food to patients (PuduTech), deliver the items within hospitals (Siasun, CloudMinds) and to the infected areas (Terra Drone). 

3D printing startup Isinova has teamed up with Lonati (boht Italian) to produce over 100 different parts for live-saving respirators.

Yet, a big part of the solution may be Chloroquine, a drug that has been used to treat malaria since 1944. It is manufactured are all over the world by both big pharma and small independent firms like Ace Pharmaceutical (Netherlands).

Check the full landscape now and let us know your feedback!

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