As I reflect on the events of 2018, I have to force myself to look at pictures like the ones above to appreciate just how far we've come from that once empty space.  I do this because I often get impatient that things aren't moving along fast enough, but when you stop and take it all in, and considering I work out of the country literally half the year, I feel very fortunate to be where we are now.  

This past year we've started and finished 99% of construction, passed all electrical, plumbing, code, building, and health inspections, and received our TABC permit and certificates of occupancy.  It's hard to put into words just how much all of that entails.  The cool part about it is that Mike and I did 95% of the work with some amazing help from my wife Natalie and daughter SJ.  I think my background in architecture and construction gave us a leg up over others attempting to go down the road of opening a brewery, and my 18D skills allowed me to ignore a leg puncture wound I gave myself climbing down a ladder, so the work didnt stop!  Having medical skills means you don't have to follow the same treatment you give to others; just ask any 18D. 

The other cool part is that save for our Indiegogo campaign we did last year (a BIG thanks again to all that supported us), all of this has been self funded.  We still need investors to get us across the finish line, so thats ongoing.  

So what's next?  Well, there's still a lot to do, but way less than this time last year.  We have furniture coming in soon as well as more stuff for the coffee bar.  We will be finalizing our cold room and experimenting with the small food plates were planning to offer, and we are "this close" to finalizing the specs of our brewing system with the manufacturer.  The space for our brewhouse is but a mere 400+ SF, so planning for efficient operation and growth is important.  Mike is also brewing up a storm of experimental beers, everything from Pale Ales to IPAs to Belgian Dark Strongs.  All good stuff! 
We do have some new stuff for 2019, namely a new website (pic above)!  While it's not a huge change in terms of content, it has been moved to a new provider that will sync with our Point of Sale system. This will allow a much better control of swag inventory.  There's also placeholders for coffee and food menus, which will be added to over time.  

The swag shop has three new items.  We have two new hat colors, camo and olive.  We also have a new baseball T Shirt design thats up for presale (should be ready in a week or two).  The old design has been around for over two years, so we thought it was time for a refresh.  The new design pulls from the old OSS Jedburg wings, but with a Longtab twist!  Besides, whats better than beer with wings? 

Finally, I just wanted to thank all of you that have supported Longtab and this crazy idea to open a brewery dedicated to SF.  The support through swag sales, your encouragement and excitement to see this thing open is what keeps us going.  I do think 2019 is our year. 

Cheers, Happy New Year, and DOL! 

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April 11, 1962

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