Wow.  Lots of progress over the last few days and weeks!  After weeks of back and forth with the city, we finally received our construction permit.  That has set a number of things in motion....which was all possible using funds raised through the INDIEGOGO campaign.  To those that contributed: your money is at work!  

The biggest project now is plumbing.  In order to get drains in the right place for the brewhouse, all the sinks we are required to have, and the extra bathroom, some significant saw cuts in the slab and ground excavation was required.  We’re about half way through that as of today.  Drains are going in next week. The critical decision now revolves around the proper selection of the trench drain. They are expensive, and installing the wrong one would be disastrous! 

The other major efforts are demo and framing.  Mike and I put our best demolition hats on and tore town an existing front office to open up the space for more seating, it was a royal PITA but we got it done.  We reused as much of the existing materials as we could which allowed us to frame up a bathroom privacy wall and part of the bar overhang.  The rest of the new lumber (over 200 studs and joists) will be delivered this week.  Hopefully by next week the overall feel will start to take shape!  

As always, we will post pics of the progress.  
We were hoping to spotlight our new Longtab US Army shirts, but they all sold out after we posted a pic on Social Media...gone in under 48hrs!  

Rest assured, we are looking to order more, as well as more hats and other swag.  

For those that placed orders, 2/3 of our team has been out of town the last few days so orders will be filled early this week.  Thanks for the patience!  
  • are 19 days into a 45 day process for our TABC license application.  
  • are out of hats, but looking order more.  We did receive some extra green felt hats that were offered on teh INDIEGOGO campaign...we will post those soon.  
  • have found a local vendor to make tap handles.  The prototype looks so very cool and we cant wait to share that with you!
  • will be attending the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville.
  • are continuing fundraising efforts to get to that final goal.   

Cheer and DOL,
David, Mike, and Natalie
"The green beret is a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom."

John F. Kennedy
April 11, 1962

wanna quit? 

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