Finally, we did it.  A few days ago we approved the brewhouse quote and placed the deposit for our new brewhouse.  We spent countless hours researching systems, manufacturers, and features all while balancing functionality against a very tight budget.  We are confident we made a solid choice.  We are still looking to meet our fundraising target, as there are still things such as HVAC, glycol chillers, tap system and others to get us across the finish line.

We are getting a 7 barrel electric system with 5 fermenters.  Manufacturing and delivery time is about 2-3 months, which will push our opening date forward to an early Fall timeframe.  The system needs to be installed and tested, then we have to brew!  Brewing cycles are about two weeks, and we plan on having at least 5-6 beers on tap on day one.  

Thanks again to all who continue to support Longtab...the finish line is getting closer!  

Cheers and DOL! 

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