Only 7 days left on the campaign.  There are still a few items left, go grab them while you can!  

We have beer dedications, hats, koozies, stickers, patches, pins and more.  

Also remember that the higher level perks come with everything below it.  For example, although we've sold out of the Longtab Beer glass perk, if you claim a higher level it still comes with the beer glass, and the beer to go with it!!

As always, thank you for your support!


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PRIVATE PARTY AT LONGTAB: With this perk, you'll be the coolest guy/ least for one night! You get a private party in the Longtab tasting room (once open) for you and 10 of your friends. We will close to the public for just for your party! 

Since this includes all of the lower perks, this also includes the beer dedication.  Imagine having a private party where you get to share a special beer among friends!  
LONGTAB BEER DEDICATION: Of the many perks we offer under the campaign, the one we are most excieted about are the beer dedications.  With this perk you can choose to honor a fallen Green Beret for a special beer dedication.  We will brew it and sell it on tap in our taproom, and a percentage of sales goes to the Green Beret Foundation.  You get to choose which fallen Green Beret to dedicate the beer to, and work with the head brewer on the type of beer style.  Win win!  

Half of these have been claimed already, so consider claiming one today before they are gone!  
Cheers and DOL! 

The Longtab Brewing Team
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