sLooks pretty good right?  We have been quiet lately but don't mistake that for inaction.  As you can see in the pic above, we are done with major construction.  We've finished the kitchen, bathrooms, the bar (for the most part), floors and tons of other small details.  We have gotten in some furniture samples and very close to finalizing our brewhouse order with the manufacturer. 

If you have been tracking Longtab, you'll know that while the brewpub is our main effort, we will also run a coffee bar featuring coffee roasted by Veteran owned businesses like De Espresso Liber.  One thing we did not expect was how much faster the coffee bar segment of our business model would progress over the beer segment.  In fact, last week we passed all electrical, plumbing, code, building, and health inspections and received our Certificate of Occupancy!  We are in fact LEGIT to open the coffee bar now.  While no date or firm plans have been set, we are looking into it.  We will need to hire some cool baristas! 

So, what's next?  Bottom line is that we are still raising money for the brewhouse and associated equipment.  Brewing equipment is very capital intensive, as is the support equipment to run it.  If you want to know more, send us a note!  

We've thrown in some pictures below of the progress.  You might notice some of the artwork, recruiting posters, flags, and posters; its all tied to Green Beret history and culture...the good, bad, and the ugly (yep, we have Rambo in can)! 

Cheer and DOL!
"The green beret is a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom."

John F. Kennedy
April 11, 1962

wanna quit? 

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