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Hey everyone, it’s been longer than I’d but like, but here we are.  Today’s smorgasbord focuses broadly on urban design, space, robotics, VR/AR, etc…

Assorted Cool

⚙️ Gears: A crazy display of various linkage and gear combinations, and the gears being built by Jeff Bezos and The Long Now Foundation into a Texas mountain to create the 10,000 Year Clock.

✈️ The Ultimate Paper Airplane — A fully detailed model 777 with realistic moving components, built from manila folders over the course of 10 years.

🌟 MIT Tech Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2018.



🚀 Insightful YouTube playlist of Dr. Dan Rasky, a NASA Senior Scientist, talking about SpaceX’s unique organizational structure and breakneck engineering pace.

🔭 The James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled to lunch spring 2019, will be by far the most complex engineered marvel launched to space, with the grand reward of being able to see 13.5 billion years into the past to learn about the earliest moments of the universe. Yet we still can’t fix printer paper jams.

🛰 Made in Space — launching robots / printers capable of building structures that would collapse under their own weight on earth.  



Cities / Urban Design

🏙 Why Cities Exist — an interesting Wendover Production take on the economic efficiencies naturally evolve cities.

🚗 The Autonomy Ecosystem: From Self-Driving Cars to Beyond! — 8-part series from a16z with great in-depth analysis into how autonomous vehicles will affect everything from infrastructure and the energy grids to retail and the justice system.

🚘 Cars and second order consequences — Ben Evans with a great writeup exploring the less-obvious, but sometimes more importation implications.  Eliminating gas stations also removes the sales point for half of all tobacco sales, and the vast real estate currently required for parking.

🛣 A cool deep-dive on various tunnel boring machines.


Product Design

🖌 Inside looks at the design studios and factories of various automotive brands: Audi, Mercedes-BenzLucid Motors, Tesla, and Toyota.  

🛠 More manufacturing-oriented: McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston MartinMore far-out concepts.

📷 In a similar vein, inside the production processes of high-end cameras makers Leica and Hasselblad.

🎤 An interview with Jony Ive discussing design at the Smithsonian (Soundcloud recording).

🏂 The rigorous design and testing process of Burton’s new strapless snowboard binding mechanism

🥤 The design history of the humble coffee cup lip.



🐝 A super tiny, fast, and accurate robot arm for micro-surgeries, similar to this hive of tiny bots coordinating together for assembly.

🛋 Robots from MIT that can cut you custom designed furniture, similar to this autonomous Roomba CNC router.

🔋 A great read from The Economist about the improvement of electric motors and batteries going hand in hand, which largely underpin the development of robotics and electric vehicles.



👀 Virtual reality allowing researchers to navigate within microscopic images, especially around neuron connection visualizations.

🐭 Watch a 3rd-grade class go crazy for an AR demo with R2D2 / Mickey Mouse — exciting for future education lessons.

💡 Very compelling projection-mapping mixed reality room.

🚪 A great inter-dimensional portal demo with ARKit

🏀🎥 An exciting interview with Magic Leap CEO Jony Abovitz and NBA commissioner Adam Silver on their vision of the intersection of AR and live entertainment.  Outside of live entertainment, how VR could be used to direct movies in the futures.

👩🏼‍🚀 🎨 Cool demos of AR being used to train astronauts and create awesome new art exhibits.

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