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August 4, 2016

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Governor Brown Announces Positions on Qualified Ballot Measures

Portland, OR -- Governor Kate Brown today announced her positions on five ballot measures that have qualified for the ballot in the 2016 general election.

“As Governor, it is important for Oregonians to know where I stand on issues they will be asked to decide in November,” Governor Brown said.

Governor Brown’s positions on the ballot measures are as follows:

  • Business Tax Increase Initiative - YES
  • Outdoor School Lottery Fund Initiative - YES
  • State Funding for Dropout Prevention and College Readiness Initiative - YES
  • Wildlife Tracking Prevention Act - YES
  • Oregon Lottery Proceeds for Veterans' Services Amendment  - YES
  • Judicial Retirement Measure - YES

Business Tax Increase Initiative, Measure 97 (formerly IP-28): Yes

“I have spent my career fighting to make Oregon a place where everyone can thrive. I support Measure 97 because there is a basic unfairness in our tax system that makes working families pay an increasing share for state and local services, including public schools, senior services, and health care. By some measures, Oregon is among the lowest in corporate taxes, and Oregonians expect everyone to pay their fair share.

“Our state cannot move forward and meet Oregon’s growing needs over the next decade without a more stable revenue base. Measure 97 is an important step forward, and I will make sure the funds the measure yields go towards schools, health care, and seniors, as the voters expect.

“State leaders before me have repeatedly tried and failed to solve the problem of adequate and stable funding for schools and other state services. Every solution has had strengths and weaknesses in terms of fairness and economic impact. None has succeeded in bringing the business community, individual and family taxpayers, service providers, and advocates together.”

Outdoor School Lottery Fund Initiative: Yes

“There’s no better way to develop a bond with our natural environment than spending time outdoors. That connection is an important part of growing up in Oregon and is fundamental to instilling the values of conservation in our children.

“While I support the measure, I will preserve funding for important economic development programs currently funded by the lottery.”

State funding for Dropout Prevention and College Readiness Initiative: Yes

“We have a responsibility to ensure Oregon’s children have access to quality education and the support they need to learn and prepare for success in a global economy. There's no question that the narrowly targeted initiatives under this measure can positively impact graduation rates and other top priorities for local schools, and help develop a skilled workforce Oregon businesses need.

“This measure complements my work to create a seamless system of education that expands early learning opportunities, and supports students at each stage of their learning to develop the knowledge and skills they need to find a job they want and thrive here in Oregon.”

Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act: Yes

“I’m proud of Oregon’s widely known reputation of protecting threatened species. State law should reflect these values.”

Oregon Lottery Proceeds for Veterans' Services Amendment: Yes

"Oregon's veterans and their families deserve our deepest thanks and dedicated resources to ensure their health, education and economic opportunity."

Judicial Retirement Measure, Amendment 1: Yes

“It’s important that we eliminate age discrimination in Oregon is essential to the integrity of Oregon's legal process.”


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