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Hello Everyone,

This month has been very exciting for me!!

  • My book is almost done and will be launched on December 27th! Pre-ordering will be open soon. Stay tuned!
  • Starting in January, I'll be teaching veterinarians and chiropractors as part of the Health Pioneers Institute team. This is a new animal chiropractic program that combines neurology, applied kinesiology and the art of chiropractic care. Here is an example of the benefit of this approach in case you missed Cece's miracle.

NEW! Community Partners:.

  • Epoch Shots: Rhonda Grossman took wonderful pictures of me with her dogs (see top of sidebar).
  • EPPI (Enhancing Performance Preventing Injury). Check out the video of Kathleen Sanderson working with one of her dogs.  

This month's subjects:

  • Miracle of the month
  • A revolutionary health care system - Secrets to Longevity (part 2)
  • Preparing for snow 
As always, I enjoy hearing from you! Please let me know of challenges or successes you're experiencing with your animals. Photos are always welcome :).

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Miracle of the Month

A couple of months ago I met a new dog friend who wasn't feeling good at all. He was very anxious and was exhibiting fly biting behavior all the time. Fly biting  or snaping is a compulsive behavior thought to be a symptom of partial seizures. Interesting research has also been linked it to gastro-intestinal issues. He also had skin erruptions at the top of his head and blood shot, goopy (yes, this is a medical term ;) eyes. 

His fly snapping behavior had originally started after he was vaccinated for rabies. Rabies is a disease of the nervous system. Rabies vaccines can trigger a syndrom called rabies vaccinosis where the symptoms mimick the actual disease. 

This patient had been put on anti-seizure medication with good success, but when I first met him, he had reverted to constant fly snapping. And wouldn't you know it, he had been vaccinated for rabies just prior to the recurrence of the behavior. Rabies vaccination is known to cause this sort of issue among many many others such as suddenly starting to eat inanimate objects and feces.

The seizure medication dosage was increased with little benefit at that point. He was not a happy dog!

When he came to me, I immediately started treating him with acupuncture and homeopathic remedies that help counter act the side effects of vaccines. After his first treatment the symptoms decreased significantly and he was calmer. 

Because he was already on a species-appropriate diet, we didn't have to change his food, but enzymes, probiotics and fish oil were added to support his digestive system and brain. 

With each acupuncture treamtments he continued to improve. The anti-seizure medication was decreased back to the original dosage, the skin at the top of his head healed and his eyes cleared up. But most of all he started to wag his tail again which he hadn't done since the fly snapping started! Something he hadn't done ever since the fly snapping behavior had started.

With every animal I see there is something to be learned. In his case the lesson is very clear: Don't vaccinate an animal that isn't healthy. If an animal is taking drugs, has allergies, some kind of infection, etc. it means that it isn't healthy. Unfortunately, many veterinarians don't follow this rule. This means that you have to be the advocate for your furry friends.

In the case of rabies vaccines, some states allow medical exemption. Illinois is one of them. Just ask your vet to write one if your animal isn't healthy.

A Revolutionary Health Care System
- the SECRETS to Longevity  (Part 2)

Click here if you missed Part 1.

What are symptoms really? What does it mean if your animal is showing symptoms? Let's say your dog or horse has allergies that manifest in the skin. Does that mean that there is something wrong with the skin?

This is probably the most important part we need to explore and understand, because it holds the key to restoring health.

Let's use another example: your car's check engine light comes on. What does that mean? Is there something wrong with the indicator light? No, most likely not. There is probably something going on with the engine.

What happens if you just 'treat' the light by reseting it? A mile down the road it will come right back on - right? Because nothing was really fixed.

Now, let's take it back to the allergies. If we apply the same thinking, we know that the skin problems are just a symptom telling you that there is something wrong with the body. It's just like the indicator light. We then need to find out the cause just like with the car, because it's not the skin creating the problem.

So, doesn't it make sense that a shampoo and special creams will not resolve the problem? We need to fix the underlying issue to get rid of the symptom.

I'm sure you're now curious what that underlying cause could be. On the simplest level, something is either missing or interfering with the body's function. The body is missing nutrients or toxins are damaging the body.

In other words there are two causes to one disease, which is malfunctioning of cells. Depending on what's missing or interfering, you will see different symptoms. 

Do drugs and surgeries fix the underlying cause? No, they only cover up the symptoms, just like putting a piece of duct tape on your car's indicator light. You won't see the light anymore but most likely you'll end up stranded on the side of the road. The same is true for the body: it will become sicker and eventually break down. That's when your vet bills, emotional distress and of course your animal's pain will hit hard.

I know that I probably sound like a broken record, but I urge you to please take action and don't wait until your animal's condition becomes an emergency. Save your animal and you the pain and suffering by being proactive. I too suffer with you and your animals and would much rather work with you to keep them healthy than trying to turn their health around at the 11th hour.

In Part 3 I will be diving into the main culprits for disease. More "secrets" to come ;)

In the meantime, if your animal or you would like to get started on this path, please let me know or just google functional medicine to learn more. Just know that there is hope. I feel that if something is broken it can be fixed! 

Preparing for Snow

It's coming! I can feel it in my bones ;).

There are a few important things to pay attention too as soon as our lands turn white and icey:

Rock salt is used everywhere. Keep your pet from walking on it as much as possible and certainly from eating it. Although it isn't toxic it can upset their stomachs. It may also rub on the their paws and cause irritation. Pet-safe rock salt is be a great option for your  house. I recommend rinsing their feet when you're back from your walk.

Be extra vigilant about keeping your animals away from antifreeze. Because of its sweet taste your dog may want to eat it. Antifreeze is EXTREMELY TOXIC. Keep them away from blue or green-colored substances on driveways, sidewalks and car surfaces.

It's easy to keep our animals in because it's cold out, but they need their exercise nonetheless. If it's too icey for you or your animals, find alternate ways such as a tread mill or using a never ending indoor pool to keep them in shape (EPPI has one - see community partners). Be carefull about replacing walks with throwing balls or toys, because sharp stops with turns can wreck havoc on tendons and ligaments.

Generally, if your animal is well endowed with fur and not complaining about cold or shivering, you shouldn't need to worry. For those with a thinner and shorter coat, there are plenty of clothes that can be purchased. If you google "natural paw protection" you can find plenty of ideas to avoid snow clumps on their paws. I've had some of the most fun in the snow with my childhood dog. I'd take a sled with me on the walk and Windy would chase me down hill with the greatest pleasure :).

For cats who love the outdoors, find a way to build them a safe and warm spot to cuddle up in. This could be a well insulated box with a few hot water bottles to keep it cozy.

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Thanks for your time and for your love and commitment to the animals! I hope to see you and your animals!

Peak Animal Health Center
Odette Suter, DVM


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