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Dr. Odette’s Holistic Tip of the Month


Allergy is a serious disease process. It’s much more than just a little itching, diarrhea or asthma. Unfortunately most people are unaware that their allergy plagued animal is losing its health.

Allergies are a sign that the immune system is over-reacting to a usually harmless substance.  In other words, the immune system is malfunctioning and responding with inflammation every time the animal is exposed to said substance. If this exposure is happening continuously, the body is in a constant state of inflammation. Immune cells release chemicals that are damaging to the body. In the long run this process destroys other organs such as the liver, kidney, pancreas, brain, etc. and potentially results in cancer, auto-immune disease, poor quality of life and early death.

My own childhood dog progressed from allergies to cancer to dementia because the root cause was missed. Don’t let that happen to your animal!

The “magic wand” to getting lasting relief from allergies and stop the destructive process is to address all parts of the body. Just like with your car – you don’t just put a piece of duct tape on your “check engine” when it comes on – right? 

The same is true for your animal’s body. It too needs a diagnostic workup to find the  underlying problem, followed by fixing what’s causing the allergic process. 

Shampoos, steroids, Benadryl – though they may give temporary relief – are simply a band-aid that masks the underlying cause and do nothing to stop the advancement to more severe health issues.

Let’s talk about ALLERGIES and
how you can EXTEND YOUR


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Thanks for your time and for your love and commitment to the animals! I hope to see you and your animals!

Odette Suter, DVM

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What is your pet suffering from? Are you worried that they could come down with an incurable disease or do you want to hear about best ways to keep them healthy? Come and learn. Bring your pet for a special treat?

What is your pet suffering from?  Are you worried that they could come down with an incurable disease? Come and learn. Bring your pet for a special treat.

Sunday July 9 and 23
from 10 – 2, Page's Healthy Paws, Wauconda

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