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A Few Musings For August

This caught my attention as I was reading a book review on tennis from The Wall Street Journal. The comment was that "no doubt she is an original and provocative writer". I thought about it for a moment and I couldn't help but wonder if years from now this author would be a household name while SeudoSkull would be gone without a trace? I have a sudden yearning for a crystal ball.

The art of predicting the future has recently see improvement most dramatically in the forecast of the weather. Although it is tricky to predict the weather over your head a year from now, the weather man or woman is usually good for 24-48 hours into the future. The boundary between fortune telling and science is, no doubt, delineated by the application of science, the availability of data and the effect of the unknowns.

We're going to be featured on KC Live! Tune in on September 1st to KC Live on KSHB and listen to us give some great tips on how to prevent concussions as we gear up for the football season!

The Only Thing We Know For Sure

Here's what we know right now: The science of concussions is governed by Newton’s laws on force, inertia, and accelerations. Engineering and modern high-tech solutions are available to manipulate and manage impact forces and their dissipation.

Our own initial test data from laboratory dummies indicate that it is feasible to reduce the impact force experienced at the head of a child by about a factor of two and thereby reduce the risk of concussion by a factor of five or more. It is a known fact that people don’t want concussions. Yet we are working hard because there are still unknowns out there.

Will our story satisfy the critical review of parents, athletes, and other story reviewers? I have no such doubts.

What would you say about the weather ahead?

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