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Monday, April 10
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Album out June 2 on Innovative Leisure via Inertia Music
"There's something incredibly captivating about his vocal presence"

“You hear a bit of Jeff Buckley & M Ward mixed with some Conor Oberst &
Sufjan Stevens...classic Americana”

KCRW, Artist You Should Know

“'Half Asleep' is reminiscent of a hazy Sunday morning—one of the slow ones
where you wake up still cloaked in sleep, and your movements remain
languid, as if you're underwater.”

Interview Magazine

"Modern day youth channelling Easy Rider-inspired guitar rock"
Long Beach native, Korey Dane has announceD his sophomore album Chamber Girls is out Friday June 2 on Innovative Leisure via Inertia Music. To celebrate, Interview Magazine has premiered his debut track, “Half Asleep” accompanied with a black-and-white, documentary-style video.
Korey Dane - Half Asleep
While buoyant, “Half Asleep” remains calm, evoking a sense of ease, Dane says "the song has a certain sureness about it that wouldn't come into focus for some time. Once I let up on the reins a little bit the ride got smoother." This track is a reaction to a collection of experiences. "I feel like I was subconsciously writing about where I was at in my life for a while," recalls Dane, "not really confronting how much I was trying to tell myself.

Korey Dane grew up in Long Beach, California, as a skateboarder kid with a gearhead father and an English teacher mother and with a guitar he learned to love as he learned to play, letting a few inherited books and a handful of records lead him away from home and into the great American unknown. That’s where he found his last album Youngblood, born from months exploring and hitchhiking and putting songs together piece by piece, then presented as promise and potential to veteran producer and A&R man Tony Berg (X, Public Image Ltd.). He set up in Berg’s Zeitgeist Studios and with a crew of top-notch sessioneers—just like they used to do with the Wrecking Crew during L.A.’s golden age—he hammered Youngblood into something real, releasing it with Innovative Leisure in the fall of 2015.

Then smash-cut to September of 2016, with Dane coming off tour, a relationship about to crack in a half, and his 27th birthday about to hit, just like he’d predicted, unwittingly, in his song “Hard Times”. (The day before he started recording, he’d had a fortune teller tell him hard times were coming, but that was a waste of money—he already knew that.) He was left standing at the leading edge of his new album with … well, nothing ...but his songs and a beautiful room where he could record them. Oh, and 96 hours to get it all done.

Dane wanted every song on Chamber Girls to feel not only live but alive, too, with that go-for-broke spirit that animates everything he says, does, or sings: “I’m writing all the time,” he says. “I’ve lived by a line a day sometimes. I try and stop when it’s good. If you try and simplify it down to its bare elements … it’s truly a redemptive act.

That’s why he calls Chamber Girls — despite those hard times, or because of them — a celebration. “It’s a rock ‘n’ roll record”, he says. It’s got a lot in it, and “it talks about important shit,” he adds. And it does—it’s poetry at velocity, a trick that goes all the way back to Dylan and the Hawks. Opener “Half Asleep” is a Westerberg-style wake-up call (“Five, four, three, two, one, gone / I'm a cloud of smoke”) and from there it’s an album made from ash and fire, with a burner like “Hard Times” (and its swaggering Big Star guitar) only steps away from the smoky but stark “Always”. “Down In The Hole” is like Tom Waits back alley cabaret by Leonard Cohen’s deathless ladies’ man. Closer “Steady Forever” is a streak of light like the hungry young Springsteen, with lyrics hiding literature and a line that catches the spirit of the whole album: “Such a strange bell we’ve been ringing / Like rock n roll on a church organ.

Chamber Girls started as an ode to those who stay at home, Dane says, but you know how it goes: you can’t love your home if you don’t ever leave your home, and part of Chamber Girls is that mythic trip between the unknown and the known. In that very first second before he started this album, Dane was standing in the wreckage of everything he’d had planned for so long—but then he stepped through that studio door and made the record anyway. And in a way, Chamber Girls is the story of that step.
Korey Dane 
Chamber Girls

1. Half Asleep
2. Charlie Handsome 
3. Hard Times 
4. Heart Out West  
5. Jay & The Coyote 
6. Always 
7. Lovesick In A Hotel Wildfire
8. Valeria
9. Down In A Hole
10. The Knife Got Cold
11. Steady Forever 9th Ave (Sunset House, Stand Forever)
Chamber Girls by Korey Dane is out Friday June 2
on Innovative Leisure via Inertia Music
Get it here:

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