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Escape. Such a loaded word! Let me hurry to confirm I'm (mostly) talking about the good kind of escape: like, the kind you get from a vacation, a coffee break, or ... drum roll please ... reading a book. 

I love escaping into fiction. I also love creating the escapes. 

This past month, most of my writer-side escape energy went into releasing the anniversary edition of BUCK, an award-winning young adult novel that had a lot of fame in its time. So, if you want to escape to the dark side of late 1980s high school life ... go see BUCK. 


Speaking of dark sides ... :
Well, it's true. I did mean to have the next episode of AMERICUS out in November. Oops, probably not going to happen: blame the dude in the t-shirt, ha ha.

Meanwhile, thank you to all of you who've let me know you're waiting for Angel Blood Falls ... it's excellent incentive, and I do hope to have it ready for you in December. Fingers crossed! 



If you've recently signed up and didn't get your freebie, here's another chance to get the awarded novella In The Real, plus, the newsletter-exclusive bonus freebie I shared in the October newsletter ... it's a short story, "Triage," by Tamela Viglione (yes that's me). 

Synopsis for In The Real:
When Satyi Dey's dark and bloody past comes after her with a vengeance on the quarantined planet Nthyon, she must prepare for the ultimate sacrifice. For if she fails to outwit the deadly force that hunts her, it won't be only Satyi and her lover who will suffer ... it will be entire worlds. First place, Once Upon a World short SF novella competition; Sapphire Award (SF romance) nominee.  

Download In The Real in whatever format you choose. 

Synopsis for Triage:
In a near-future urban America dystopia, life and death is in the hands of the triage committee. Sonia yearns for escape, but when disaster strikes, which set of ethics — and which man — will she choose? An 18th Annual Year’s Best Science Fiction Honorable Mention.  

Download "Triage" in whatever format you choose. 




Musings of a fictional nature:
  • Did you love Arrival (the movie based on a story by writer friend Ted Chiang) as much as I did? 
  • Would Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson be a reasonably good choice to play the AMERICUS character Strom, in the event that somehow, magically, a major studio contacted me tomorrow to talk about translating the series into film?? No final decisions here by any means, but perhaps, perhaps: 
  • And no. It is never too early to be thinking seriously about such things. (Grin.)
  • No ideas yet re: actors / actresses for other characters. Working on it. (See above re: never too early .... )
  • True TS trivia:
    Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix were slated to play the two main characters in the film adaptation of BUCK that almost got made a few years back. So close, so close, but in the end it didn't go into final production. The movie industry is funny that way, alas....
  • Almost forgot! AMERICUS • High Road Cross is now available in paperback. I freely admit I bought one for myself to see how it looked, and yes, I was pleased. 


Any questions, anyone? Ideas for things you'd like to see more of ... or less of ... in future newsletters? Or maybe you're interested in ARCs. In any case, let's chat: drop me a line any time. 

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