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Hi, Fellow Book Fan. In honor of the holiday season ... some shiny-pretties for you!

Shiny Pretty Book Deals  

'Tis the season for holiday book sales, and some pretty good prizes, too.

News and Such  

Rogue ... George R.R. ... Gift paper ... Gift song. 

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SHINY PRETTY BOOK DEALS ... Not Just One, But Two!


Awesomtastic Books
Are you a Kindle reader? Check out this KU Promo collection ... top authors, best-selling authors, award-winning authors ... and yes, all these books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

More than just a line-up of great reads: enter to win a $20 gift card while you're at it!

Personal P.S. #1: 
I have not yet met a gift card I didn't like. Especially around the holidays.  

Personal P.S. #2:
Yeah, you might spot something by TS Vale in this collection:

Book Nymph Holiday Book Fair
I tell ya, yummy stuff abounds, here. 

Treat yourself to some great holiday ebook deals in multiple genres at the Book Nymph Holiday Book Fair: fantasy, SF, romance, YA ... more more more.

And not just book deals. You can win a Kindle, some cash, and / or other goodies. Go for it!





Musings of a fictional nature:
  • No I have not seen Star Wars Rogue One yet. No spoilers please ... grin. 
  • Those of you who are Game of Thrones fans — and thus, are likely to be people who know Game of Thrones is not just the name of that rather popular HBO series, but also is the title of volume one of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga — will probably be aware that George R.R. takes years to complete each book.

    George R.R. has had a great deal of influence on me, both as a favorite author and as one of my fiction instructors. However, I will not blame this influence for the possibility that the next installment in the AMERICUS series might be pushed to January versus December. TBD ... stay tuned! 

  • Gift paper:
    Gift. Paper. As in, paperback books make great holiday gifts.

    Yes, I'm aware I'm stretching the holiday pun thing a bit much ... eep! Anyway ...  The latest book now available in paperback is BUCK. (For those who are new here: BUCK is a YA novel written as Tamela Larimer. It is an American Library Association recommended book.) 

  • Gift tune:
    If you're into author playlists or even just some random fun or the occasional free tune, this one's for you.

    I've done "soundtracks" for everything I've written. Sometimes, a certain song or piece of music will serve as a character's theme.  

    There is an alternative rock tune out there that feels like one of the best thematic matches I've ever had for one of my characters. The character I'm talking about is Bill, a.k.a. Ace, a.k.a. William Z.J. Halloway, from the AMERICUS series.  

    As for the tune I'm talking about ... well, if you're curious, be one of the first five people to ping me and I'll gift it to you via iTunes or Amazon (your choice). Whee!

    If you're not the first five ... any runners-up will get the title / link to check it out for themselves. *Almost* as good, right? 



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Any questions, anyone? Ideas for things you'd like to see more of ... or less of ... in future newsletters? Or maybe you're interested in ARCs. In any case, let's chat: drop me a line any time. 

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