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Welcome to Always Never Yesterday, an occasional newsletter about music, art, opportunity, good times and the future.

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Rob / Orographic


Nathan Detroit has stepped up and given us the mix we all need right now: a deeply personal and cathartic mix. I think the first time I met Nathan was in a hot tub at some ungodly hour of the morning. This mix isnt as soothing as that, but its just as intimate.

He's gonna be busy around Portland playing tracks, so when you see him out give him a hug and a smile.

ANY005: Nathan Detroit


What song sounds like the future to you?
A Made Up Sound - Peace Offering

How will tomorrow be different?
We are living in the most uncertain, unsettling and truly frightening times than ever before. Tomorrow feels as though it could be decided by the toss of a coin… a change of direction in the wind… the mere mood of a tyrannical political authority. The future feels as though it hangs on a whim. What we can do as a local community is take to the streets, call on our appointed senators for action, be vocal online / everywhere and embrace each other. The next 4 years is going to be a rough time.

What does your mix say about the future?
My mix was recorded under the stress and in the face of utter political turmoil. It was an exercise in cathartic release. There are moments of energy, moments of aggression, moments of reflection; I feel it all comes together as whole, as a backdrop to the current state of what we are experiencing both as a nation and a local community.

What's your personal slogan for the year?
“Don’t be a dick.”

How will dance music / nightlife change under the new president?
That remains to be seen. If anything, the nightlife will flourish in the face of adversity. More people on the dance floor looking for release and inclusion. We have one of the most vibrant dance cultures the city has ever seen and I hope that we will stick together, support one another and keep pushing ourselves forward. I want to see all of my friends at once!

Which movie do you think has the more accurate depiction of the coming future? Aliens, 2001 or Her?
Her. 100%. I would go further and say that the “Nosedive” episode from season three of Black Mirror is an even smarter, sharper depiction of the absurd days that lie ahead.

Do you have any upcoming gigs?
Friday, February 10th – Believe You Me Feat. Gonno @ Liquor Store
Friday, February 17th – Sticky Toffee @ The Toffee Club
Friday, February 18th – Per-Co-L8 @ Liquor Store
Saturday, March 4th – Beat Parlor Presents Glow @ Holocene
Friday, March 10th – The Hustle @ The Spare Room
Friday, March 31st – The Get Down @ The Spare Room


Jenny Bruso's blog and Unlikely Hikers project are a thing of fierce beauty and brave inspiration.

Starting with Jenny's own story of discovering her love of nature, she has gone on to create a network of resources and channels of visibility for folks who are not traditionally seen as hikers and nature enthusiasts.

With this project Jenny aims to put a spotlight on accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors for people of every race, body type, gender and ability.

If hiking is new to you or an old habit you can still benefit from this site. Trail guides and reviews, gear lists, articles, profiles, gorgeous pictures and more.

Instagram: jennybruso *and* Unlikely Hikers
Facebook: Jenny Bruso & Unlikely Hikers


As Always Never Yesterday continues to develop its voice and direction I've been doing more research and contemplation about "The (capital F) Future"

While blabbing about this, my friend Wayne told me about this book Histories of the Future. It's a collection of essays that grew out of discussions at a symposium. I'm not done reading it yet, but I thought the introduction essay was really interesting and gave a good overview of the many ways in which future are created. 

SO, I scanned it in and now you can read it too!

"Introduction: Histories of the Future" Daniel Rosenberg and Susan Harding (PDF)



As Trump begins to put gag orders on the National Park Service and repress Climate Change science, there is a new social media account that has popped up to circumvent this attempted silencing.
There have even been more "alt" or "rogue" accounts that have popped up in recent days such as NASA and EPA and specific national parks.

What does it mean when science is suppressed and national parks become the voice of reason?

Science is real.
Climate Change is real.
The National Parks are ours.


NASA has new spacesuits. Personally I'm still really fond of the Apollo era suits, but these are really nice too.
(h/t to Josh + Brent for telling me about this)


The Boy Scouts of America will now accept transgender boys into the program

Boy Scouts, Reversing Century-Old Stance, Will Allow Transgender Boys - NYTimes


Clouds are special to me. They are in a constant state of forming and becoming. They are what makes a sunset special. Maybe you have some thoughts on clouds too? There is a cloud poem competition. You should write something! Deadline is March 17th

Cloud Poem Competition


Do you have something you think is a good fit for Always Never Yesterday? Send it my way


When did cultures first invent the idea of extreme forward time? It seems as though cultures more often talk about extreme past time, such as origin stories, but when did humans first start thinking about the construction of a long term future?
Always Never Yesterday | Portland Oregon


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