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I hope you’re having a great day, and if not, I’ll share a little of mine 😊 I finished writing Chimera Company Issue 5 this morning, and I’ve been feeling better about the project with every day, which is an important sign. If the energy levels are sagging midway through a writing project, then it’s time to stop writing and go back to figure out what’s not working. Not so with Chimera Company. There will be eight issues in season 1 and I’ve already sketched out key scenes in all three remaining issues.

I’m starting to get artwork in from our illustrator, Vincent Sammy. This is a preliminary sketch for Lily Hjon, the disgraced former Militia Captain.

Lily has an all-body tattoo, but it’s not the kind of traditional ink worn by Lance Scipio and many of the characters in the books from earlier series. Hers is a viral-written bioprogram that writes itself as pigmentation directly into the skin. The color palette of her tattoos depend on the nutrients the bioprogram can extract from her diet. If you want to get in Lily’s good books, treat her to a bottle of “pig juice”: a pigment-rich drink that produces vibrant tattoo colors. It’s not cheap, though.

In Season1: Rho-Torkis, Lily’s face is showing roses bleeding blood, but the design of the tattoos is constantly changing, partly random and partly depending on her mood. If you photographed her every day, you would see the blood drips slowly drop down her cheeks, and the roses gradually morph into something new. I don’t recommend you do this without asking first. If Lily took exception, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

Chimera Company won’t launch publicly until early 2019, but you can read and review earlier (not quite yet, though), get involved and hang out in the Facebook Group I created today. You can find it here:   

While you’re waiting for Chimera issues to drop, I’ve gotten myself involved with a new endeavour called If you’ve seen Discover Sci Fi and Bookbub, then it’s a similar idea. The first event went live a few days ago. Daniel Arenson (possibly a distant ancestor of Vetch Arunsen), Nathan Hystad, Joshua James, Jonathan Yanez are some of the top names. So too is Ralph Kern, a very nice man it can nonetheless be dangerous to meet in person, as I discovered earlier in the year.

Take care and enjoy your reading. I hope to see you soon at the Facebook group.


That’s it for this issue of the Legion Bulletin. I've removed the links I used to add here for the starter library, but you can access them all online in one place here. Thank you for your support.

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