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Wormholes of expectation

I saw some excellent Kindle science fiction book deals today, and wanted to share them with you. Of course, the real book deals will be when the Sleeping Legion and Revenge Squad series launch later in the year, but these books might whet your appetite while you wait.

First up is an anthology of short stories called Explorations: Through the Wormhole. The idea is that a wormhole appears in lunar orbit in 2052 and the various authors have presented their visions of this encounter and the subsequent future encounters with wormholes. Some of the stories are very slick, some less so, but all have something to add, there’s a lot of variety, and I haven’t read a bum story yet (to be fair, I’m only three-quarters through my copy). What I like about this anthology is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the main thrust of the book is outward and forward thinking rather than a lot of contemporary science fiction anthologies that I feel reflect so much on contemporary issues that they lack a sense of wonder. There are a host of ‘what-ifs’ posed here, and that’s the way I like ’em.

I mentioned this anthology on Facebook a while ago, but I’m doing it again here because the Kindle edition is 99c/ 99p for a few days.

You can get this bargain from or I'm not sure about other Amazon stores, but it's worth a check.
There’s some cool authors in Explorations, including Richard Fox, Jo Zebedee,  Ralph Kern, Isaac Hooke (whose latest release, HOPLITE, is currently at #3 in science fiction on – well done, sir). There’s also a cool story from PP Corcoran…
Speaking of whom. I came across PP Corcoran with his Discovery of the Saiph series last year. Currently the first book is free and the second is at 99p/ 99c until the end of October (sadly the latter is only for readers in the US & UK). If you like the Human Legion, I expect you’ll like these. Lots of bad guys to blast away at and alliances to build. Please note that if you bought The Empire at War box set, you already have the first book in the series.


Currently free. Find it at, and other Amazon stores.
Currently 99c at and 99p at until Oct 30th. Afraid it's full price for everyone else, but still a bargain.

Latest Legion News

Thanks to everyone helping out with the recon teams for The Demons of Kir-Lir  and Hurt U Back. If you click on the images below, you can download the books to read.
This past week I’ve been working on After War. I cut out 15,000 words – which isn’t easy to do without destabilizing the rest of the novel – and added about 5,000 words back in. I want it to be honed and buffed until it goes out for the recon team, which will be in about 10 days. There’s a lot of work still to be done, but I’m hoping we will have five Legion book launches before Christmas.

The Origins of the Human Legion Books

In my spare time I also sketched a scene for the final Human Legion book and one for The Fall of Earth trilogy. I haven’t mentioned that last series because I don’t plan on launching it until 2018 at the earliest. The Fall of Earth was something I got about halfway through and abandoned back in 2003 because my skills at the time weren’t up to writing novels. The White Knights and the Human Marine Corps and all that… it all came from The Fall of Earth, which is set in the 2060s. I was relaxing in the bath one evening earlier in the week when a new opening chapter came to me, which was pretty unexpected for a book I hadn’t worked on for 13 years! That’s how it works sometimes. I’ll leave you with some cover images I played around with using some images I had to hand. We’ve had a quiet year so far on the launch front, but there are a lot more stories in the Human Legion universe waiting to emerge!
(The image for Not Alone was licensed from Bertrand Benoit/ Shutterstock. Other images licensed from Stock.xchng)
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