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Welcome to the first Legion Bulletin of 2019. The holidays seem like a long time ago now, but I hope you enjoyed yours. We had a (mostly) relaxing time at my parents' house, hot on the heels of a week overseas playing at being a Canadian as my brother and lovely new sister-in-law got married at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa (very swanky), and consumed clocks filled with house beers at Les Brasseurs du Temps in Gatineau (very tasty). 

While all that was going on, I finished writing Chimera Company.

Over the weekend I'll send out Issue 1 to Chimera Company Insiders. On Tuesday I'll send out issue 2, and then each of the subsequent issues will go out on subsequent Tuesdays. At the end, I'll do an omnibus for people who want to read everything in one go.

I'll probably limit this to the first fifty readers to keep things manageable, but we'll figure it out as we go. If you want a copy, you can either join the closed Chimera Company Insiders group on Facebook here, or find the 'Update your Preferences' link at the bottom of this email and tick the box to say you want to help out with Chimera Company. (Or both, of course. Both is good.)

Meanwhile, I've a treat for you from my author friend, Matt Herron. His Translocator series has quantum teleportation, ancient Mayans, bloodthirsty gods, ancient aliens, mythology, and lots of action. Think Stargate off the telly meets The Atlantis Gene (a book series by AG Riddle soon to be a movie!)  Matt's packaged the first three books into an omnibus and it's just been released in audio by Podium Publishing (an outfit who publishes top authors such as JR Handley, Andy Weir, and... ah... Tim C Taylor). Until Jan 25th you can grab the Kindle edition of Translocator for 99p/99c, and if you want you can add on the audio for a few dollars. Go find it on Amazon or Audible.

Talking of JR Handley, he's been busy releasing more books again. has all the details.

Okay, I need to go away and build a book myself now. If you're an Insider, I'll be in touch again over the weekend. Hopefully Saturday, if all the book building goes without a hitch.

Take care and enjoy your reading. 


That’s it for this issue of the Legion Bulletin. You can find the download links for the current starter library in one place here. Thank you for your support.

Enjoy your adventure,

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