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Welcome all to Legion Bulletin 12, your gateway to exclusive content and reports of the latest developments in the worlds of the Human Legion.

I’m well into writing Second Strike, the next Revenge Squad book. So far I’ve written about running gun battles along the hold of a ship, escalating inter-species violence, an angry politician with a vendetta against Revenge Squad, alien dance music, and the revelation that Human Legion special ops have been operating in front of our eyes the whole time. Plus a lot of explosions. And I’m only a quarter of the way through.

One of the features we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the Revenge Squad books is the range of alien species who form the majority of the population in Port Zahir. NJ McCall begins his personal guide to the aliens of the Human Legion worlds later in this edition of the Bulletin.

I’m also making notes on other books as I go. There’s the final Human Legion book that will come after Second Strike, but also a Human Legion prequel novella, I’ve worked out how to write the near-future series that describes the initial alien invasion of Earth without making it end with the hero being a loser, and I’m sketching an account of the great crisis that happens many centuries after anything we’ve yet seen. The fun thing about knowing how the big picture plays out across two thousand years is that I can put in details now that won’t fully pay off until many books later. For example, in the Human Legion books, why are Springer’s eyes and Indiya’s hair a similar shade of violet? At the moment, it’s just a coincidence. No big deal. Move on. But I know the real answer. You don’t need to know to enjoy any of the books, but when you do, you’ll see it connects many stories across all two thousand years.

Meanwhile, over in the Sleeping Legion corner, JR Handley is closing in on the first draft of Operation Breakout, the next novel in the series. There are plenty of surprises in store, and Lance Scipio learns the true cost of learning from your mistakes when you’re promoted to a field command.

Sleeping Legion Wallpaper

Do you like the artwork for The Legion Awakes, the first Sleeping Legion book? I’m hoping you do, because this edition of the Bulletin comes with links to download The Legion Awakes wallpaper in a variety of designs to suit regular and widescreen computer screens, and Android and iPhone smartphones. I’ve never done this before so if you enjoy them, let me know, and if you think it’s a dumb waste of time, let me know that too. Also, there are a near-infinite range of device screen dimensions. If you want a wallpaper, but the designs I’ve made don’t fit your device, then get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

You can get in touch via email, Twitter, Facebook, by commenting on the website (I’ll see a comment wherever you put it), or via the BattleNet forums.

And then, of course, you can always use Amazon reviews to tell the world what you think of the books.

Talking of which, one of the Revenge Squad character arcs follows NJ McCall’s journey across the first four books from broken man with flashes of who he once was all the way through to high-functioning, kick-ass action hero. I’m seeing Amazon reviews that make me wonder if I started his journey too soon, or handled it wrong, or maybe it was never going to hit the spot for some readers.  

I’m always grateful for anyone who take the time to tell me their thoughts, even if they are painful to hear, but a difficulty I face as a writer is that only a handful of readers are motivated enough to leave reviews. Reading the first batch of Amazon reviews, I’m tempted to think maybe I misfired with After War. Maybe I should have started with Hurt U Back and kept After War as a prequel. But on the other hand, so far 99.8% of Revenge Squad downloads haven’t led to a bad review, so maybe I’m overreacting. I just can’t tell.

So, I’m counting on you to let me know what you think. I want to hear :-).

By the way, the second Revenge Squad novel, Hurt U Back, was always intended to be a good entry point into the series. You can download the book for free from the links at the bottom of this issue of the Bulletin.
Thank you.
Tim C. Taylor

The Legion Awakes Wallpaper

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I’m going to offer you the benefit of my dubious wisdom on a topic that used to be very clear in my head, but has become a whole lot more complicated in recent times – ALIENS.

I’m so old that when I was raised and trained, we’d never even heard of the Human Legion. Hell, my grandmother’s generation never even spoke a word of the modern human tongue, so she would’ve called it by a different name altogether. (My grandparents used to speak Kiswahili, a language that isn’t even spoken on Earth anymore, Zanj Bīn Lugha, being the dominant tongue that replaced it).

The point I’m trying to make is that I come from another era altogether. And it’s a good thing that it’s passed into history because your time will be so much better, although you’re gonna have to work hard to keep it that way.

Life was brutal back when I grew up. Most never even earned the right to adulthood, but at least we knew where we stood about aliens.

Humans were not just an expendable junior race, we were earmarked for extermination as an embarrassment to our White Knight masters. Consequently, there was no point training or engineering us for authority. Humans could never be officers in Human Marine Corps regiments. That role was left for slightly less junior vassal races.

I’ve heard the Navy was experimenting with junior human officers in the last years before the Human Legion changed everything. Mind you, if your life is spent sitting down or floating inside a pressurized gas canister, then I suppose you have to find something to fill your time, even if you’re an alien. I’m convinced the idea of promoting Navy humans was the result of one bored alien admiral daring another, after a hard day’s sitting down and floating.

(I’m joking about Spacers, by the way. I’ve met many who are brave and resourceful. Although… next time you meet one, take a close look at their butt. You’ll see it’s engineered for extra padding to survive the stress of all that sitting down.)

I wasn’t Navy, of course. Our regiments were mostly officered by Jotuns, though there were also Pavnix in sister battalions. They’re a weird lot, Jotuns, as we’ll come to later on. They’re staunch allies of ours and took incredible risks to be protective of humanity as a species, while being utterly careless of individual human lives. I doubt any of us on Klin-Tula would be alive today if not for Jotuns.

Doesn’t mean I like them.

Before the Legion retired me to this planet, there were only two types of aliens I’d ever encountered.

First of all, there were the aliens on our side in the war. They were the ones you weren’t supposed to shoot at, but they were at liberty to decapitate or disembowel you if they didn’t like the way you looked at them. You had to please the Jotuns to pass the novice and cadet training programs, and then graduate as a Marine. In my era, about a third of kids made the Marine grade, and were stored on ice ready to send to the front. The remainder might live for a few years as slave laborers but mostly they were just killed.

Even after graduation, survival as a Marine was always dependent on remaining useful. At least the Jotun sense of honor meant that when they decided you were too old or too badly wounded to deserve your rations of air, food, and water, they would ceremonially dump you in space rather than feed your molecules into the recycling system.

And the Jotuns are an example of what we call good aliens!!

Then there were the aliens on the other side of the war. This was much simpler. You had to shoot them before they shot you.

The idea that you could be friends with an alien never occurred to us, and when the Legion dumped their veterans on this planet and told us to play nicely together, it became obvious it had never occurred to the aliens who wound up on Klin-Tula either.

I’ve never hated aliens. I just wanted them to keep out of my way, and almost all the aliens I’ve ever met say the same about us.

They probably teach you in school to celebrate our differences and all that drent. It’s a fine idea in theory, but the reality is frakking difficult. Which is why I’m going to strip out all the sing-songs-together-around-the-campfire fluff and give you a Marine’s-eye view of the alien races you are likely to encounter on Klin-Tula. I’m going to tell you what you need to know to avoid getting killed, and maybe how to parley to achieve a little co-operation.  If enough people learn this kind of basic stuff, then maybe there’s a chance for our new world after all.

I hope so. Took me a long time to realize, but Klin-Tula’s future is worth fighting for.

First stop will be the timid fish people who are far too polite to raise their voice, or ask for the restroom, but will declare holy war and burn down your planet before you can ask whether anything’s the matter. And then compose a choral symphony about it.

You guessed it: Littoranes.

The Betrayer.
Past editions of Ndeki’s Notes can be found on at:

Want more info on Lance Scipio?

I know JR Handley’s debut series is attracting a lot of new readers. If you’re one of them, then you might be interested in learning more about the world of the Sleeping Legion not only on, but also, where the author blogs regularly. One of his regular features is Marine Monday, which most recently aimed the spotlight on the handsome fellow who graces the covers: Lance Scipio. You can read the Marine Monday entry here.
That’s it for this bulletin. I’ve copied below the download links for the free Legionary downloads. But if you’ve already seen them, there’s nothing new for you there.

Enjoy your reading,



2752AD. The first morning of NJ McCall’s posting to Port Zahir doesn’t start well. Revenge Squad Incorporated’s outpost is deserted, the police give him a serious shakedown, and a religious cult tries to recruit him. But Fate has decided to take things easy on NJ for his first day, because it’s not until the afternoon that people start trying to kill him.

REVENGE: it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta deliver it!

‘The Dresden Files’ meets ‘Firefly’ in Revenge Squad, the new urban fantasy/ space opera crossover series by bestselling author, Tim C. Taylor. Set in the worlds of the Human Legion, ‘Hurt U Back’ makes a great entry point for new readers.

Download Hurt U Back now


A lethal orbital defense platform.
A squad of green Marines.
A silent alien killer.

2441AD. A quarantine platform in the Rakasa system goes quiet and a squad of freshly minted Marines are sent to investigate. The blood soon flows, but there is one Marine who has the bravery and cunning to take on even the most lethal hidden foe. Set 125 years before the events on Tranquility that sparked the creation of the Human Legion, 'The Demons of Kor-Lir' is a standalone novella that is also an introduction to the Sleeping Legion novels.

Download Demons of Kor-Lir now


2565AD. Five centuries ago, a million children were sold as slaves to alien masters, the price for the continuation of the human race...


Begin the military science fiction adventure to win freedom in the galaxy with this feature-length novel.

Download Marine Cadet now
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