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Well, this didn't work as planned!

Regular Bulletin readers will know my Chimera Company release plan was as follows:
  1. Release an issue each week.
  2. Then release the season boxed set, paperback and audiobook.
  3. Wait a week or two to catch my breath. 
  4. Do it all over again with the next season.

Seemed reasonable to me. However, due to a bit of scheduling for the audiobook contract that went wrong, the season boxed set is out today, as is Issue #4.

Here's what Issue #4 looks like, by the way. You can tap on the image to find out more.


A secret book release

I've not officially launched the Kindle boxed set, but if anyone wants it, you can have it now. It all works. It has all the right words inside. And they're in the right order too.

And the same applies to the paperback, which I managed to sort out with Amazon. It's not supposed to be out yet either, but I figured if the Kindle boxed set was, then...

The audiobook is going to be great, by the way. Just not ready yet.



Royal Marine Space Commandos move fast!

I've mentioned that I've been enjoying the audio for the Royal Marine Space Commandos. The Christian Kallias cover art isn't too shabby, either. Well, I reached out to one of the authors, Jon Evans to tell him I enjoyed it. Turns out we get on all right together and now we're poking each other with a sharp stick first thing in the mornings to make sure we're up and writing bright and early. 

Jon told me he's got a deal running on the books at the moment. The first two novels, bundled together, are on a countdown deal for 99c/99p that runs until tonight. As I write these words, there's just over 6 hours to go. Told you the Marines move fast. (I'm not sure which countries will see the deal. I'm guessing Amazon won't be running it in Canada or Oz.)

If you like the idea but miss the deadline, the first novel will be free for a few days starting tomorrow. I think this will be US and UK only, because that's the way Amazon works right now. Sorry.

Here's Jon in his own words describing the series:

The Royal Marine Space Commandos is military sci-fi about the brave men and women of Lympstone Company and their fight to protect the colony of New Bristol from alien invaders!

Warning: In real life, Marines swear now and then*, ours do too! They also shoot aliens and blow things up. Even Governor Denmead shoots things. They also drink tea and sometimes coffee. 

*That's British for 'a lot' and you can expect both British humour and spelling :)

Star Hustler

Someone else with a bargain sci-fi book at the moment is Chris Turner with Star Hustler, which he describes as a gritty thriller full of space battles, cons, twists and danger…

Sounds great fun. It's up at 99c/99p at the moment, and you can find out more here.

That’s it for this issue of the Legion Bulletin. I've removed the links I used to add here for the starter library, but you can access them all online in one place here. Thank you for your support.

Enjoy your adventure,

This is Legion Bulletin #68, available exclusively to enlisted Legionaries. 
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