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Hello from the Human Legion Universe where today it's all about the artwork. Cape Town artist Vincent Sammy has been laying down the brush strokes for the Chimera Company series, and the last package of art came back over the weekend. I asked him for a series poster: the kind of thing you’d get in a blockbuster movie that captures the spirit of the story. I’m busting to show it off, and here it is.


I’ve just looked up some old sci-fi movies posters I loved and I think it stands up well. The only one I thought outdid it was The Force Awakens, which underwhelmed me as a film, but I though the artwork was the best by far of all the Star Wars movie posters. I’m sure if I’d give Vincent more time and budget, he’d outdo even TFA.

Have you favorite movie posters for sci fi adventures? Let me know, or post on FB. Maybe we’ll use it as inspiration for season 2 artwork.

Last week I marked eight years since I became a full-time author/ publisher. I spent a lot of it wondering how I was going to pay the bills in twelve months’ time, but there have also been fantastic highs and the thrill of making something you think is good and sharing it with the world. Thank you for being a part of making that possible.

One of the great things about doing this specifically in the indie/ NewPub side of things is to be a part of huge change thundering through publishing, especially the Anglo-American side of things, although there’s been plenty going on in the wider English language world and far beyond. One aspect of that is the artwork, which often looked a little amateurish in comparison with more established publishing houses when I started publishing books myself in 2011.

Not anymore, it isn’t!
I’m proud to be working with someone of Vincent’s stature, but examples of great art abound these days. As an example, JN Chaney (famous for the hugely popular Renegade Star series) and Scott Moon (Darklanding, Terran Strike Marines, Keystroke Medium podcast etc) have teamed up to write a new series called The Last Reaper.

Scott’s a friend of mine and sent the artwork. Hmm. Not bad at all. The cyborg figure certainly draws me in and makes me want to figure out what he’s like inside the book. Not sure what he’s smoking 😊 Where is he going? And who are the people that appear to be trapped in the tanks to the side?


Scott told me about this new collaborative series (set in the Renegade Star universe BTW) that if you’re a fan of Escape from New York, Renegade Star, or Deus Ex, you'll love his epic scifi thriller. The book launched yesterday, and like a lot of new launches, it’s running at 99c for a few days (until Wednesday, Scott tells me). You can find out more here:

But back to when I started publishing. Here’s some artwork from bestselling self-published books that I read back in 2011 to check out what was hot at the time. The Lalonde and McConnell are great books, but the artwork wouldn’t cut the mustard if they were new releases today. To be fair, both authors later upped their art game, and since I’m revealing ancient artwork in an unflattering light, it’s only fair to fess up to one of my own early attempts. No More than Human was the first science fiction book I published to test the publishing process. It was a short story of mine about various forms of post-humans and regular humans not getting along.

The cover creation process went something like this:

  • DNA strand. Check!
  • Planet. Check!
  • Swirly background.  Check!
  • Glue them together and limit the color palette so they don’t look quite so ‘photoshopped’. Check!
  • Release the book!

Hmm. I’m glad it’s been Vincent who’s painted the pixels for Chimera Company, and I bet you are too :-) 

That’s enough art for now. Next issue of Chimera Company Season 1 will release to Insiders tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

Take care and love your reading. 


That’s it for this issue of the Legion Bulletin. You can find the download links for the current starter library in one place here. Thank you for your support.

Enjoy your adventure,

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