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A major award nomination...
for the last anthology I was published in.

Hello, and welcome to a quick Legion Bulletin. I wanted to share a little good news about Richard Fox, an author I'm sure many of you know from his Ember Wars series. The Nebula Awards are one of the premier science fiction awards, and Richard is up for Best Short Story of 2018. Go Richard!

Just before Christmas, the first Chimera Company story, The Hero of Azoth-Zol, was published as part of the 'Backblast Area Clear' military SF anthology. The same anthology carried a story by Richard called Going Dark, which is a side story in the Ember Wars and features a surprise character that Ember Wars fans are sure to recognize. The Nebula Awards are voted on by members of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and enough of them recognized the excellence of Going Dark that it's on the shortlist. Okay, so it's not my story that got nominated, but there's a Human Legion universe novelette in the same book, so I'm really excited for Richard and doubly excited for the anthology we're in.

I'm a SFWA member myself. So it's a little awkward to admit, but I didn't nominate Going Dark. Not because it isn't a great story -- it is -- but I felt awkward nominating a work in one of my own anthologies. That's probably me being excessively British or something. What's nice about the short story award is that none of that matters now. I have enough time to read all the nominees and I'll simply vote for the one I think's best.

Another friend of mine who's had a good week is South African author and Warhammer 40K aficionado, Nicholas Woode-Smith. I've mentioned his Warpmancer series before as a mighty example of interstellar mayhem, and the fine people of Canada obviously agree because the first book in the series hit the top-40 in the overall store earlier this week, hitting #1 in its genre categories in the land of Tim Hortons. That's awesome! It's slipped now, but you can still get it for a few days at its promotional price from or from/ via

More awards... I've recommended books from Amy DuBoff recently and she's a finalist for the Andre Norton best YA novel (which is essentially one of the Nebula Awards). Well done, Amy! Okay. That's enough of people doing well. 

Let's turn to someone who's not had a good week at all. I finished writing the second issue in Chimera Company season 2 where Swashbuckling smuggler, Captain Tavistock Fitzwilliam, has lost his ship, his crew, his Chimera Company team, and has been thrown into the space slammer in the most heavily defended military space station in the sector. But he's still got his shades and his grin. He won't give up trying to find a way out, though he'll soon find out there are people trying to get in... because they want him dead. Let's hope he survives until issue 3, because I'm loving writing him :-)
I'm still receiving processing feedback from the Chimera Company Insiders (thanks, folks). All going well, I'll make a launch date announcement in about a week... :-) 

Keep loving your reading.



That’s it for this issue of the Legion Bulletin. I've removed the links I used to add here for the starter library, but you can access them all online in one place here. Thank you for your support.

Enjoy your adventure,

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