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Hello, and just a quick Bulletin to let you know that Issue #5 of Chimera Company Season 1 is out today, and the beef I was having with Amazon over the paperback is now resolved and it’s available now. Looks awesome too, in my unbiased opinion. I think I mentioned that last time, but here's the photographic evidence direct from my writing desk.
The paperback in question is a bit of a big beast because it contains all eight issues of Season 1 plus some extras. A few people have asked me whether I’m doing paperbacks for the individual issues. The answer is no. It sounds fun, but I don’t have plans because I don’t think I can sell them in commercial quantities. If you’d like individual issues in print, like a comic, then tell me. Maybe I’ll change my mind.
Talking of telling me things, I’ve been putting out some Chimera Company notes in the Bulletin about the various races and the like. I’m gearing up to do something on the Muryani for the next Bulletin, which I’m particularly relishing because the first story I ever sold to an anthology (back in 2010) featured the Muryani as the bad guys. It’s been a long time coming, but they will be taking center stage in a later season of Chimera Company.
Anyway, some Bulletin readers are loving these background notes and want more. Others want me to stop wasting time and get on with writing stories because that’s all they want from me. Most of you... frankly, I have no idea. And that’s all fair enough.
However, if you do like the notes, and have something specific you want me to write about anything in the Human Legion Universe (or the Four Horsemen for that matter) then let me know.
I'm likely to do them anyway in some form because it pushes me into making something out of my worldbuilding notes that are often scrawled across multiple notebooks and only legible when the moon shines on the final day of Lian-Dor. If I’m lucky.
Someone else who’s been telling me things recently is C.C. Ekeke. I’ve mentioned him before because I’ve enjoyed his marvelous Star Brigade space opera series. Charles told me he has a new superhero series out this year called The Pantheon Saga (the C.C., incidentally, stands for Charles Chukwuemeka). For some reason, he seems proud of the cover art for the third book which was released this week.

No idea what he’s talking about! Seriously, that’s some gorgeous artwork, and part of a trend I’ve been mentioning for a while of indie authors and publishers upping their game with regard to the cover art.
Although, I’ve always loved comics, I’ve never particularly been into the full-on superhero variety. Our son encouraged us to watch Avengers: Endgame last week and it was great, so maybe it’s time to change that and read some superheroes, starting with the Pantheon Saga. Generation Next is out this week and you can find out more here, where you might also spot that the first book in the series is currently very tempting at 99c/99p.
In writing news, this week I'll finish issue 6 of Chimera Company season 2 and delve into the history of the Muryani Expansion.

See you next time. Love your reading.
That’s it for this issue of the Legion Bulletin. I've removed the links I used to add here for the starter library, but you can access them all online in one place here. Thank you for your support.

Enjoy your adventure,

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