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The U-Beyonder

Welcome to our March edition of The U-Beyonder. This edition features an article on the impact mentoring can have on a life, by one of our Mentees, Nicolas Uppal.  Nicolas shares his story of success and triumph, through his U-Beyond Mentoring relationships. 

Also find our calendar of events for the year, registration information for our Entrepreneurship workshop series, and a recap of our outstanding Annual Conference. 

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A Story of Mentorship & Lifelong Triumph:
The life, and health reorienting effects of excellent mentors and medical team
By Nicolas Uppal

In 2011 I was in a terrible motorcycle accident, I was brain-dead when the paramedics found me! At that instance, I began a journey up to this point, unbeknownst to my mentor or I, the mentee. A journey of self-discovery, as well as learning and witnessing the effects of how very good, prescient advice, as well as having excellent doctors that know you and your personality, can positively impact you.

At the time of my accident my parents were the first to know on the East-coast. My mother then informed my good friend Rashid, who’s father is not only a professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the very prestigious, Emory University, but also a philanthropist, and mentor. In fact, Dr. Omar Lattouf, acting in a mentor-fashion, persuaded me to begin writing periodic economic analyses, as a way of getting me involved in my old line of work, as an analyst. Also, distributing those papers to his mentees, to be philanthropic at the same time, an excellent idea!

In writing these reports Dr. Lattouf used the quality of my work as a bi-monthly indicator of my cognitive evolution. After a few months, Dr. Lattouf felt that my writing and ideas had progressed a level to support my own blog, which was managed by Dr. Heval Kelli. Working with Dr. Kelli gave me a sense of progression, and I felt like I was actually having an impact.

Along with imparting financial ideas, these articles helped elucidate something that has always been true: Doctors like Dr. Lattouf, and Dr. Kelli, work WITH patients to realign their lives and help open new pathways to help patients explore ventures -- ventures patients thought were closed to them due to injuries sustained. In this sense, the motivation that was in me before the accident was reignited.

This motivation absolutely helped in pushing my recovery forward. Currently, I am matriculating at Georgia Tech. A university I’m not sure I could have even considered before the accident! Thanks to Dr. Lattouf and Dr. Kelli working with me, and helping realign my thought processes – medically and mentally – I am now approaching an Ivy League-level education with confidence that I can overcome this hurdle, despite my cognitive difficulties. This experience has given me confidence that I can achieve the same things I once knew I could, before the accident. In this light, these two doctors are not just purveyors of medical advice, but also life coaches.
Thank you, Dr. Lattouf & Dr. Kelli!
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U-Beyond's 5th Annual Conference - A Celebration of Success!

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, U-Beyond Mentorship held its 5th Annual Conference, where more than 160 attendees were inspired by talks from the inventor of fiber optics, Dr. Thomas Mensah, serial entrepreneur, Brooke Beach, and workshop presenters Dr. Khaled El-Maleh (Qualcomm) and Slma Shelbayah (CNN).

Attendee Bosco Kofi commented on the program, noting the quality of the presenters and their talks were "Very highly rated because they have showed me how to reach success."

Other attendees commented that the program was "Excellent!" "Perfect!" That it had "Great atmosphere." Attendees most enjoyed "Meeting new people," and "The inspiration."

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2017 U-Beyond Workshops Preview

Opening Your Eyes to New Opportunities
Audience: High School Students

Intended for a general audience, this workshop introduces students to college and career options beyond what they think possible, and the importance of mentorship with college students and young professionals.

STEM Career Paths
Audience: Middle & High School Students

STEM careers are in high-demend; and they happen to be fun! Learn your options during this workshop.

Parent Coaching: Helping families through times of transition for children
Audience: Immigrant Parents

Parents learn how to help their children with big decisions, such as preparing children for college and transitioning into the workforce. Topics covered include: picking the right colleges and universities, submitting applications, ace-ing college exams and interviews, and packing them up and leaving them on their own. This workshop helps prepare parents for one of their biggest family transitions. 

How to Succeed in Your College Freshman Year
Audience: 12th Grade Students

The college freshman year is challenging and rigorous and is laden with pitfalls. This session provides practical advice on how to navigate this gateway year.

Entrepreneurship Series - REGISTRATION DETAILS BELOW!
April 22, July 15, November 4
Audience: College Students & Adults

A series of how-to workshops that inspire those interested in starting their own venture.

How to Apply to College
Audience: 11th & 12th Grade Students

Get tips on completing a winning college application.

Nano-Medical School
Audience: College Students

For a second year, this program will advise aspiring physicians and those interested in healthcare professions on how to apply to medical school and will provide an overview of the healthcare industry.
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Alif Institute - Monthly Movie & Dinner
Friday, March 17

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Alif Institute - Monthly Documentary & Discussion
Wednesday, March 29

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U-Beyond Entrepreneurship Workshop
Saturday, April 22 

Bring your ideas, dreams, and business plans to our hands-on, interactive workshop series where you will learn how to climb the ladder to your own entrepreneurial success! 
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Alif Institute - 12th Annual Atlanta Arab Festival
Saturday, April 22 - Sunday, April 23

Save the dates for the 12th Annual Atlanta Arab Festival! Experience the best of Arab culture at our annual festival.

U-Beyond's 2017 Fundraising Gala
Program & Registration Details: Coming Soon!

U-Beyond Entrepreneurship Workshop
Saturday, July 15 

Bring your ideas, dreams, and business plans to our hands-on, interactive workshop series where you will learn how to climb the ladder to your own entrepreneurial success! 
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St. Jude's Gala
Saturday, October 14, Cedar Club
More Details: Coming Soon!

Alif Institute - Annual Gala
Saturday, October 21, Alif Institute
More Details:

U-Beyond Entrepreneurship Workshop
Saturday, November 4

Bring your ideas, dreams, and business plans to our hands-on, interactive workshop series where you will learn how to climb the ladder to your own entrepreneurial success! 
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