Happy #FlyBy Anniversary! 
Last we talked, I promised you some selfies, didn't I?

Since one is never enough, here's my whole collection from the past several decades. The first is what Clyde Tombaugh saw when he happened upon my existence back in 1930 at the Lowell Observatory. The ones in between were taken from the Hubble Telescope during the 90s and early 2000s, but it wasn't until the New Horizons probe flew by last year when you could really start to see my features come through. Though, mind you, it took the help of three sophisticated cameras aboard to capture what you see. 

Special photocred goes out to Alice, the ultraviolet imaging spectrometer, LORRI (Long Range Reconnaissance Imager) for the magnified black-and-whites, and Ralph for using three black-and-white and four color imagers to capture my colors in vibrant detail. He can get images with a resolution 10x greater than that of the human eye.

In fact, the last close-up was taken exactly 1 year ago, today! New Horizons was about 48,000 miles away from my surface at that point. New default pic?

...or do you like my dark side better?
I have to say, it was an incredible achievement for humans to engineer something robust enough to come out this far. 4.67 billion miles away from home on Earth, to be exact! I hope this first glimpse has inspired you to continue opening up and exploring this distant side of the Solar System.

Dwarf planets like me are aplenty out here on the Kuiper Belt. I can't say for certain, but I think we might even find a (true) Planet Nine lurking around too. 
With love, 
P.S. If you have another minute, check out this talk by Alan Stern, Mission Leader of New Horizons, from Aspen Ideas Festival. The guy is a genius and an inspiration. Then listen to this album: Pluto 3D!!!
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