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May 9-15
, 2016

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Administrative Detention                       Migration This Week
The term “administrative detention” emerged to distinguish the administrative detention of people from detention under criminal law. Unlike prisoners, administratively detained immigrants are not detained as a consequence of committing a crime. Immigration detainees are not accused or convicted criminals, but (usually) migrants with irregular status and asylum seekers. The former category of immigrants lacks the necessary documents required by national law and face deportation. The objective of administrative detention is to serve the execution of the deportation order. Detention is not a sanction or punishment, but a coercive administrative measure that is aimed at facilitating the removal of an individual (deportation or expulsion).

Administrative detention is one of the most controversial aspects in the field of migration management. Even if international law is trying to regulate this practice, states continue to abuse administrative detention.  Detention centers are often a place of gross human rights violations. (See: Global detention Project)

The following articles shed light on detention centers across the world.

Self-immolation desperate protests against Australia's detention regime (Nauru detention center, Australia)
Manus island detainees launch high courtbid to be moved to Australia (Manus Island detention center, Papua New Guinea)

Refugee crisis: Lesvos detention centrewhitewashed amid last minute preparation for pope visit,
Refugee riots break outs in greek island, and
Migrants face "living hell" in greek detention (Moria detention center, Greece)
ECHR: Kumkapı Removal Centre Is “Inhumane” (Kumpkapi detention center, Turkey)

Immigrant detention center in Italy (CIE center, Italy)
Jailed without justice (USA)
Detained youth (Libya)
Syria accused of airstrike on refugee camp as Assad pushes for 'final victory'
UK-based monitor says dozens have died in an attack at a refugee camp near the Turkish border.

Polarized or normalized: press coverage in the time of the refugee crisis
Open Migration presents a brief analysis of media discourse on immigration, most notably in the U.K. and Italy. 

Tear gas at Italian-Austrian border
Police has used tear gas and demonstrators fired flares at the  Brenner pass. (Video)

Syrian refugee we would not consider Europe

Al Jazeera reports that Syrian refugees in Lebanon simply want to return home and are not interested in resettlement.

Puppet show cast spotlight on refugee crisis
Palestinian artist Mahmoud Hourani's puppet show aims to discover why refugees are risking everything to reach Europe.

Migrants domestic workers take the street in Beirut

Hundreds of migrant domestic workers marched in the Lebanese capital Beirut this week to mark International Workers' Day and to denounce their working conditions. The demonstrators called for the implementation of ILO Convention 189, which stipulates that domestic workers have the right to at least one day off per week and a minimum wage.

Portrait of a people smuggler
Al Jazeera's interactive portrait of a human smuggler in Latin-America. 

No money for food clothing or home, how asylum seeker are left destitute on UK streets
Some of the UK’s 3,300 refugees who are denied jobs or benefits are turning to volunteer centers, such as a center for food in East London.

US bans old style British passport: Security experts call for  UK border review
In the midst of security concerns, ministers have been urged to follow the American example and require visitors to hold biometric passports.

Gambian migrant who risk death find the life less than sweet in Italy
In Gambia, Europe holds the promise of jobs and hope. But for many of those who reach Italy’s shores, the reality is very different.

The political migration crisis and the military-humanitarian response
This Open Migration op-ed calls for a political leadership and action and considers the problematic relationship between humanitarianism and politics in the context of the refugee crisis.

Turkey expect visa-free travel decision from Europe
According to the agreement between the EU and Turkey, the Turkish state expects visa-free travel to the Schengen zone in the proximate future. However, there are on-going conflicts in terms of Turkey’s fulfillment of the EU's requirements.

Euro investment bank offer Turkey help for refugee
As the refugee crisis continues and Turkey has become the largest host of Syrian refugees, the Euro Investment Bank has offered to help and send aid to Turkey.

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