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May 28 - June 3
, 2016

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Evacuation of Idomeni Camp
On May 24, Greek forces began to evacuate and bulldoze Idomeni refugee camp. More than 2000 migrants have been evicted and transported to local shelters by the second day. Around 10,000 people were staying at the make-shift camp, after the Macedonian authorities closed the Greek-Macedonian border. The Live Ticket Idomeni and Moving Europe regularly report on the current situation in Idomeni.

"Greek authorities start clearing Idomeni refugee camp" (video)
"Trapped on Europe's Doorstep" 
Illustrated with photographs from Idomeni camp, this article gives a voice to those who had been living in the camp before it was evacuated and bulldozed. 

Meanwhile, a Greek court has ruled Turkey an "unsafe" country and has stopped the deportation of nine Syrian refugees. The decision casts further doubt on the EU-Turkish agreement which is already widely condemned.

Dabaab Refugee Camp 
The Kenyan government has announced that it will close the Dabaab camp, which is the largest refugee camp in the world. The story of Guled, who fled from Somalia to Kenya at the age of 16, reveals daily life in the camp, as well as life in refuge. The closure is said to happen in November this year and will leave more nearly half a million, mostly Somalian, refugees without shelter. The UNHCR, NGOs, as well as the Somalian president, have condemned the proposal of the Kenyan government, fearing 

"Will Dabaab, the world's largest refugee camp, really close?"
"Kenya is planning to close the world's largest refugee camp"
"Dispatches: Scapegoating Refugees in Kenya"

The "Dabaab Stories" multimedia project gives voice to those living in the camp through photography, video, poetry, music and writing.

Urban refugee camp in Paris
"Paris mayor to open a refugee camp in French capital within a month"
Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has announced that she will open a refugee camp within the city to replace make-shift camps. 
Deaths and abuses on the Mediterranean
"Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals in 2016"
This OIM report provides statistics on migrant arrivals in the Mediterranean, reporting over 2000 deaths in the first half of 2016.
"Frontex denied help to refugees including unresponsive baby: Witnesses"
Aid workers continue to speak up about Frontex' abuses. On May 30, Frontex purposefully prevented aid workers to reach a boat of 50 people arriving at the island of Lesbos, instead trying to take the migrants into detention immediately.

Syrians in Turkey and abroad
"Syria's Gypsy refugees find sanctuary in an Istanbul ghetto - but for how long?"
As Tarlabaşı neighborhood faces fierce gentrification, what will happen to the Dom Syrians that have taken rescue there?
"Don't talk about Syrians, Talk with them"
Bianet presents a course project of an Ankara University journalist student who wants to fight the media's representation of Syrians as either villains or victims.
"A long way from home: Syrians in Unexpected Places"
This special report highlights the experience of Syrian refugees in four alternative destinations: Brazil, Mali, Mauritania and Sudan.

Immigrant Violence
Violence against immigrants is on the rise in Europe. Earlier this week, a man admitted to setting fire to a refugee's house, claiming they "are all criminals" while a newly constructed refugee center was burnt down in Austria.

The following two initiatives have created a database of anti-immigrant violence in Germany and Europe respectively:
The UK's EU-referendum
"The eight big questions on migration the leave campaign must answer"
Migration has taken the center stage of the Brexit debate. Jacqui Smith criticizes the uninformed and uncritical arguments of those in favor of the UK's departure from the EU. 


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In addition to being an institutionalized hub for Turkey-related migration research, MiReKoc also initiates conferences, workshops, meetings and seminars aimed at engaging students, academics, bureaucrats, policymakers, stakeholders and civil society organizations (CSO).

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