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We're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel -- Year 2020 is coming to an end. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays coming up, especially Halloween! 

EVADE PART ONE is now available and on sale on  My partner, voice actress Ashley Ulery, did a fantastic job! On sale for only $6.95! 

EVADE PART TWO, the audio book version, has been completed and submitted for final review with Audible. It should be on sale sometime in November.  :)

Check it out! Also be sure to check out her YouTube page Ashley U Life for Makeup & Beauty tips!

More great news!  The Hidden is in the process of becoming another bone-chilling audiobook by S.W. Salzman (narrator for the ELUDE series)!!  

Have a great month ahead!

The balance for Evil has tipped in Hell’s favor…

On the day Detective Lindsey Korrey should be celebrating the closure of her biggest case, The Nurse Catcher, she is caught up in an intense police car chase.

Rory, a missing child case of three years, has fallen under her protection. Someone -- or something -- wants him back.

Chased down and hunted by a supernatural enemy, Lindsey must evade capture at any cost.

Yet their road is full of hidden dangers. The Seekers emerge out of every shadow…around every corner…

With twists and turns,extraordinary characters, action, suspense, and a mystery with pulse-pounding revelations, EVADE will take your breath away and leave you wanting –needing to know more!


Ebook $2.99                     Paperback $7.99

A deadly, paranormal game of Hide-and-Seek! 
Here's a sample chapter from EVADE PART TWO -- ENJOY!!


Lawson’s vision slowly came into focus. A filmy liquid cleared
from his eyes as melting tears crawled down his cheeks. He
understood he was awake, but couldn’t recall when he went to
sleep. The world around him was foreign. An ice world of frigid
temperatures and white-covered humanoids replaced reality.
I thought we agreed, his mind protested. Didn’t we make an

But even as these thoughts occurred to him, he wondered who
was ‘we’. Like most dreams or nightmares, he struggled to hold
onto the vague impressions left behind. The fleeting images
retained little meaning, slipping like water through his fingers.
Someone had spoken to him and asked him to accept a deal. He
had agreed – hadn’t he?

His arms were locked in place, coated in layers of snow and ice.
His fingers were wrapped around the chair’s armrests, his skin
glued to its leather padding. A stinging sensation of pins-and-
needles crept over him up to his forehead and along his scalp. At
the same time, it spread down his chin, around his neck and
blanketed his chest.

His body protested. It was alive, yet unable to move from the icy
prison of the seat.

A mmmm mmmmpphh sound escaped from him as he tried to
call out for help. Liquid pooled inside his throat and lungs, he
was aware of every painful inch of sensation but was unable to
react or pull away from it. It was an experience as near to
drowning without dying one could have.

Are you going to sleep in there all day? We have work to do. Get out of
there already!

The voice – a wet, gurgling sound– filled Lawson’s ears. Slowly,
at the peripheral corner of his right eye, the three-empty-eye
sockets came into his field of vision. He couldn’t make out a grin,
but his intuition told him it was there. The creature was mocking
his agony and relishing his fear.

This thing is like me, he thought. It’s tasting me, cherishing my pain
and terror like I did with my nurses. Soaking in the emotions I am

Despite this knowledge, he couldn’t break away from it.

The black misty shape floated before his eyes. Lawson looked
deep into its gooey, red swollen eyeless sockets. His nostrils filled
with the wisps of rot that clung to the pits of its eyes. Deep in the
black inkiness of each socket, something writhed and twisted in
the recesses.

Would it help to call me Mr. Boots like the children do? Would it ease
your precious sensitivity? Calm your terror? You need to stop this and
come out.

What? What do you want?

Release it. You’re clinging to your reality and sustaining a shackled life
with this bag of flesh. Release it! Come on out.

At that exact moment, something snapped with a sound similar
to a tree limb breaking off in strong winds. A simple sharp action.


Inside, he felt himself unraveling. Little threads sewn into his
flesh were coming loose, an unknotting of soul and matter.

He looked into his lap to find his arms and hands remained
icebound, but there was an energy overlapping the limbs. A
fuzzy greyness shimmering in and out of focus. His new form
hovered out of the chair as images and sights came at him, all in
a 360-degree view. He had no back, no front, no head, no feet, no
mouth or ears. A conscious being, a shape, yes, but freed from
the physical.

OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I BECOME? The mortal terror in him
screamed as the full ramifications hit him.

What had he become? Unstoppable.

The sudden realization rushed over him as he swirled in the air above his remains.

What could stop anything in this form? What wouldn’t he do
without limits? What tortures would he not be able to inflict?


An intense hunt for justice!
The Hidden:  A Classic Origin Legend of Werewolves
IN FOUR DAYS:  A chilling collection of horror stories!!
An incredible adventure in a bold new world!

Writer’s Favorite Things (Pt One #1 to 16) — Derek Barton – 2020

  1. Introduce yourself: My name is Derek Barton (no middle name – my parents hated theirs and didn’t want to curse me with one too!). I live in Peoria, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) and I have a family of my wife, two teenagers, and a feisty yet adorable five-year-old. They are the core of my entire world.
  2. Writing Goals: My goals are to actually publish the Evade Series by the end of the year. Next year to wrap up the Wyvernshield Series (my fantasy trilogy). But my biggest goal is to get back into writing. It’s not a writer’s block situation, but more of a lack of motivation. I am pushing myself where I didn’t used to have to. That’s why it has become my biggest writer goal.
  3. Writing Tool: I am using my writer’s site for blogs and short stories, using Word for my shorter works (novellas) and using Scrivner for my long fantasy novels. Google and YouTube would also be listed as my best and most used writing tools.
  4. My Favorite Character Written: OOOhhhh that’s tough. That’s like choosing a favorite child, of course. Vicente from Elude would probably be one of the favs due to his resilience, his streetwise drive. Yet Letandra for her constant love and support for her wayward brother and the independence streak in her soul.
  5. My Favorite Book I’ve Written: Another really tough question. Consequences Within Chaos was my firstborn so a natural favorite, but Elude Part III was awesome as well — wrapped up the series in stunning fashion and it was the hardest to write due to the pressure to be perfect! It’s not perfect, but I love the work all the same.
  6. Favorite Reading Spot: My car has become my pocket library. I pop on an audible book everytime I’m alone and driving in the car. I wasn’t one to normally read a book (I love them, but couldn’t put the effort in getting them out or finding time to actually reading them). I would maybe read six a year if I was lucky. With the audible books I am “reading” one a month at least.
  7. Favorite Genre: I love reading epic fantasy like Game of Thrones, but writing horror is what I get the most satisfaction from.
  8. Favorite Trope: I guess I would say the hero’s journey. You know he’ll fail and yet in the end he always finds a way to victory at the end. Corny, predictable, yet satisfying.


To keep tabs on me and my work, click on the above Internet Site Icons.

I so appreciate all of you that have elected to share the ride with me into these worlds and take this journey of exploration! You make this all so worth it!!

To learn more about the author, check out this BIO BLOG!!

-- Derek

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