Death thought to bury me...but he found I just don't give up that easy. He's not too happy with that lesson!!

I wanted to give you all an update on my recovery, but first I wanted to give a special thank you to those who took time to reach out and send me their well wishes!! I was really touched by your kindness.

I am back now and walking without a cane or walker...not hiking just yet but definitely making strides on the road forward. I've also returned back to day job as a sales supervisor.  My energy levels haven't yet gotten back to the norm, but I hope to soon publish new works for you.  For more of my  experience, please read STROKE: MY INTERNAL/EXTERNAL ORDEAL.

My father and I have accomplished a good rough draft sequel for The Hidden. The hard part of editing is now the target. With luck we hope to produce the novel this year. 

Last note is that I am wanting to keep writing my latest web saga, Flight Of The Dirithi!! I really enjoyed this fantasy tale so far and I want to see just how far she can go and accomplish against the odds as I hope you also want to read it!  The intro piece was just published by an online magazine called Gamebook Zine!!  Check it out below!!

An awesome international web magazine, Gamebook Zine, has printed one of my stories and ran a full-page ad on my other fantasy novels! The magazine has great Choose-Your-Adventure-style stories, writing articles and short stories! The Flight of the Dirithi is an epic/grim fantasy tale of an exiled, half-dragon girl fighting to regain the legacy stolen from her family.

A digital copy of the magazine will be free for a limited time and printed copies for $12.99.
A deadly, paranormal game of Hide-and-Seek! 

The scrapes of their shoes or boots clearly informed me of their hot pursuit. And they were gaining…
My own footsteps were louder now as I splashed through large puddles of water, recent storm runoff. Slick mud at the edges of the water nearly took my feet out from under me. I slid with my uncontrolled momentum into a bank of slimy walls. I bounced and continued to look for other doorways, tunnels openings or even catwalk stairs to find a place to hide. Anything.
My flight ended abruptly as the tunnel curved to the far left as it narrowed considerably.  A set of wire fences were erected and chained shut to prevent further trespass. Beyond the fence was a large chamber used to hold piles of garbage and storage for what look like torn-out subway chairs. I shoved my phone back into my jeans then launched myself high onto the fence. Climbing toward a narrow opening at the top, I wanted to get over it and lose the Seekers among the piles.
As I hefted my right leg over the top, my jeans suddenly snagged at the cuff as it caught the edge of the fencing. A woman in her early twenties, skinny with pale blonde hair leaped up and clasped a pair of ashy hands on my left leg. The heat from her hands baked through my clothing as her eyes blazed bright staring at me. A need or deep craving floated in her penetrating stare as she leaned back, using her weight to haul me back over to their side. The other two joined her on the fence climbing toward me.
Desperately I leaned with my own weight the other way, my body precariously hanging in balance at the top.
Riiiipppppp! The cheap jean’s material gave way, releasing my right leg and sending me diving toward the ground on the other side of the fence.
I screamed in sheer surprise, braced for the impact only to have the wind blasted from me as my shoulder hit the ground. I exploded through the rotted floorboards and fell another fifteen feet or so to the subway level beneath. I saw a brief flash of light from a hanging lightbulb. My plunge continued as my weight crashed through another level of ancient wood flooring. I was diving headlong into the depths of the subway system!
I never saw the next floor as my vision and the world around me were eclipsed, swallowed whole in total darkness.
On a positive, I didn’t feel the impact either.
5.0 out of 5 stars A heart-pounding adventure....twists and turns galore.
Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2020‘Evade, Part One’ by Derek Barton is the sequel to his 2017 novella ‘In Four Days’. This installment is filled with action, suspense and twist and turns enough to give one literary whiplash. With an array of some very memorable characters and a most creative plot, this short read will have you entertained and asking for more. Good things do indeed come in small packages. Derek breathes life into his characters and takes his readers along for a rapidly palpitating escapade in a cat-and-mouse adventure with the supernatural. A fun and entertaining read. Looking forward to the next installment.

Great Cliffhanger
Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2020"Evade: Part One" is the first installment of a fast reading, page-turning horror/thriller. There's a large cast of characters for such a short read and a lot happens fast. The author successfully introduces each person and the fast developing conflict. Even with the speed of the narrative, the story is easy to follow.
So far, the plot revolves around Police Detective Lindsey Korrey, two patrol officers, a serial killer- Lawson Torv (aka The Nurse Catcher) and a child. Seven-year-old Rory Dillon Phelps just turns up after being reported missing since 2016. (And he's a very strange boy at that but no spoilers.)
The author does a good job building tension, even though we are only introduced to the "creature?" at the end of Part 1. Great cliffhanger. I recommend to all fans of thrillers and horrors.
An intense hunt for justice!

ELUDE PART ONE -- Excerpt:

Yawning, he said, “I’m going to check the news on the computer and see what they’re reporting. I can tell you in the morning before you leave. Get some rest. I'm sure this will work out. You didn't do anything.”

He stated it as though it were a matter of fact, but his eyes asked the question.

Vic replied in a hushed tone, "Nothing." Then he raised his empty bottle with his own inquiring eyes.

“You’ll want to take it easy on those.  A clear head is going to save you in the morning. Here, give me that backpack. I’ll throw those clothes in the washer. You never know what might be on them… College students are walking STDs these days, you know?”

Five minutes later, DJ called out from the back of the apartment, “Oh, hey! Are you hungry? I got some free pizza in the fridge.”


He chuckled, “They delivered this pizza here when you were in the shower, but I didn’t order it. The driver said his shift was over anyway and he was going to report the owners as a ‘no show’. So, he let me just take it.”

“Glad my luck is rubbing off on you.” They laughed together, but it felt forced and awkward. He was beyond exhaustion.  The day's events were starting to hit home.

“JESUS, DUDE!” DJ cursed.  There was sheer terror in his voice.

“WHAT’S WRONG?” Vic shouted back.

When there was no answer, he worked up his courage, afraid of what he might see and went to find his friend.

DJ stood next to the washing machine, the backpack spilled open on top of it.  Nesting inside was a pair of pale white hands, butcher-cut at the wrists.

“You son-of-a-bitch!”

“I… No, this…” The beer lurched up in Vic’s stomach and he vomited into the corner of the room.

From over his shoulder, Vic heard DJ on his cell phone.  “I’m at 1984 W Dunlap. I need a police officer NOW!” 

He then put a hand over the phone and hissed through clenched teeth, “Do the right thing, man. Turn yourself in.”

Vic couldn’t look at him. His eyes were locked on the bloody stumps.  The fingernails were painted in bright pinks and yellows with polka dots of blood.

I have a new one-of-a-kind 2021 Calendar/Day Planner & Horror Story Collection — It’s called 12 Months of Hell & Horror!

Yeah, I was inspired by the twelve months of hell & horror we went through this year!

Inside this paperback journal, you’ll find 6 short stories with original illustrations by my father, T.D. Barton. You will also have 365-day journal pages as well as 12 calendar pages with an Important Day Notes section.

Due to the complicated format for the Ebook, email me directly at and I'll send you a PDF copy you can use on your laptop or PC today for $3.99. 

BUY NOW to keep organized and thrilled for the entire coming year!!


The Hidden:  A Classic Origin Legend of Werewolves
A brilliant collaboration...
Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2019I’m a big fan of Derek Barton and his epic fantasy books and his crime/suspense-thriller series “Elude”. So, when he came to me with the opportunity to read a version of an unpublished book his father wrote back in the 90’s I of course jumped at the chance. I, not having the slightest notion or idea how a book is selected to be published am astonished that this one never got to see the light of day or was able to breath it’s life among us readers. Lucky for us, and lucky for everyone that we have a great community of self-published and independently published books to choose from. I have always been, and will continue to be a big supporter of independent author. Some of the most memorable and brilliant books I’ve read have come from such authors.
IN FOUR DAYS:  A chilling collection of horror stories!!
Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2017
This novella is awesome! Excellent character development, imagery, twists and ending. I was hooked the minute I started reading and never wanted it to end. The author does a great job of building up the suspense and, unlike most writers in this genre, the conclusion doesn't disappoint. The twists and turns make this a wild ride and you're definitely going to want to hold on! I love forward to reading more from Derek Barton, and really hope he does more in this genre. I highly recommend In Four Days and will definitely be telling my friends and family about it!
If people ever said "This is a MUST read", ...
Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2017If people ever said "This is a MUST read", then I cannot say in any stronger words, THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ! I was taken to lands of my own imagination through this incredible work, and I have never seen anything close to the creativity. I became very sure this WILL BE a MOVIE! It must for it is positively entertaining, engrossing, and transforms the reader to a place you have never been, but want to go again. I truly thank the author and pray for more books to be written, and YES the SEQUEL is a MUST Author Derek Barton!
Thank you from bottom of my readers heart!

Author Derek Barton has created an amazing world with vibrant colors and characters
Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2018
Verified Purchase
Author Derek Barton has created an amazing world with vibrant colors and characters. Scratch that, he has created layers of worlds that vary with colors, textures, sounds, and smells that make me wish I could spend a day or two exploring them (with a safe guide, of course).

The characters invoke strong emotions right from opening. I felt hate, love, terror and remorse, it is a roller coaster. I don't think I've ever smelled a setting while I was reading, but Mr. Barton does such a great job triggering imagination with his writing that I found myself wrinkling my nose as if the smells were all around me.

 Read all everything Derek Barton writes
Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2019
I am a devotee of all this writer's books, multi genre, multi-generational, and always creatively fresh and exciting. The characters you bond with, cry with, and fight for. There is nothing that I will not immediately get from this author. I adored CWC & Bleeding Crown does not disappoint but rather escalates your desire to get him to finish the trilogy so you can see it all in a movie. Also, I must say the same for the Elude series and others to come that I will not mention as you'll have to look at his website is so exciting I've read them all numerous times and I can't wait for the rest!!

To keep tabs on me and my work, click on the above Internet Site Icons.

I so appreciate all of you that have elected to share the ride with me into these worlds and take this journey of exploration! You make this all so worth it!!

To learn more about the author, check out this BIO BLOG!!

-- Derek

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