5th July 2016
Good afternoon members of the FERTINNOWA consortium, 
The last months FERTINNOWA has evolved considerably. Questionnaires were composed, the meta-knowledge database and the website were constructed. Consortium members have put FERTINNOWA in the picture all over Europe. Today, we see that we have gained the interest of many and different stakeholders. Growers play a full part in the consultations, telling us in detail about the bottlenecks they experience. Enterprises are very enthusiastic to give their point of view. Finally, policy makers, both at national and European level, are looking forward to the results of FERTINNOWA.

Still, the coming months will be challenging. Completing the growers consultations, completing the metaknowledge database and presenting these results on the Benchmark workshop, are just some of the goals we have in front of us. 

It is for sure that a lot off actions will be undertaken on a short term. With this newsletter we wish to give you a full overview of these actions and expected results. 

We are on the right track and if we continue to work closely together we certainly will manage to present the first FERTINNOWA results in October!  

Enjoy reading and certainly enjoy the coming Holidays!
Els Berckmoes, Ingrid Van Damme, Raf De Vis
(The project management team) 


7th Meeting of the Executive Board in Maribor, Slovene 
At the 17th and 18th of May, members of the Executive Board met at the fruit growing centre of the Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in Maribor. You can find the reports of this meeting and the subsequent meetings on Project Place.
Executive Board visits Slovene farms
On the 2nd day of the meeting, members of the EB were submerged in the water management of vegetable, fruit and ornamental farms in Slovenia. These field visits showed that the FERTINNOWA concept is working. The visit to the apple and pear orchard revealed already some important technological, regulatory and socio-economic bottlenecks. Read more
EIP-agri brochure highlights FERTINNOWA
15th of June EIP-agri released a brochure on thematic networks to imporve understanding of this still new concept. The Winetwork and FERTINNOWA illustrate are key examples in this brochure. The highlighted practice abstract "Application of zeolite to reduce nitrates concentration in growing media and soils" is written by Federico Tinivella from CERSAA  Read more

Growers consultations

Fertinnowa partners successfully implement stakeholder's consultations 

Deadline: 15th of August 
After finishing and testing the questionnaire for growers, partners involved in WP2, started interviewing growers. The numbers of interviews, which have to be carried out by partners, bases on the PM per partner and estimated time for each interview.  The first deadline 15th June shows, that 10% of the questionnaires have been completed so far. The comming weeks partners will have to make an effort on this one. The final deadline for completing growers interviews  is August 15th. Beeing peak season in vegetable production, some partners hardly find good connection with growers. There is to emphasize, that the growers mostly like to be a part of the project as stakeholder and they express their problems and bottlenecks in plant production.  
Further actions once a questionnaire is completed on paper

Deadline: 15th of August 
The work on the questionnaires doens't stop once the questionnaire is completed on paper. Still there are 2 more steps to make: 
1. Create a card on the board on Project Place “Validation of questionnaires for growers- T2.3” This allows the WP-leaders to evaluate the progress of the questionnaires. 
2. Upload the survey on Qualtrics, using the specific links you received from the WP3-leader. 
You can find a step-by-step guide on project place. 

Collective consultations

Collective consultations

Deadline: end of 2016
By interviewing growers, advisers, industrial partners and other, partners are starting with organization of collective stakeholder’s consultations. The topic of collective stakeholder’s consultations need to be chosen by each partner, based on impressions from individual consultations as well as practices in countries and regions. They are possible to join with other annual events, practice demonstrations or other actions. The possible ways of implementation as well as other important data is described in guidelines,available on project Place;
Collective consultation highlights  bottlenecks for hydroponic culture of cucumber
In March 2016 a small group of Flemish and Dutch cucumber were asked about the bottlenecks and needs for new technologies to further evolve towards sustainable water use on their farms. At the start of the discussion growers weren’t convinced new technologies were needed but as the discussion went on more and more problems and needs showed up.
It became clear that root exudates are really challenging in closed cucumber growing systems. A second point of interest is the continuous online monitoring of nutrient elements of the nutrient solution. Read more 

Meta-knowledge database

Partners started with filling of Metaknowledge database

Deadline: call for input 15th of August!!!
The meta-knowledge database is an important tool in the FERTINNOWA project as it will form the base for the WP3  and WP4 actions.  We ask all members to add information about expert literature, projects, techniques etc. to the excel file, and to upload the information on projectplace before the 15th of August so the members of WP3 can start their actions. Additional information still can be uploaded until the end of the project. Documents on Project Place will be available for all partners. Only those documents with public access and not with copyright protection will be uploaded to the web page and will be available for visitors of the website. 


The website is up and running input from all partners is required frequently

The website has been developed as the basic information platform for interaction with key stakeholders. The website tells key stakeholders and the general public what FERTINNOWA is about. The FERTINNOWA website provides information on the project, the list of partners, updates on progress and results; it will also act as a gateway to other relevant projectsAs a core element of the external communication strategy of FERTINNOWA project, the website is a dynamic environment to which information will be added as it becomes available. All partners need to provide content to keep the information on the website up-to-date. In particular, the sections on  ‘Growers Resources’, ‘Deliverables’, ‘News’ and ‘Events/Conferences’ will be updated frequently. Contact Eleftheria Stavridou if you want to publish information on the website. 


New: 3-monthly reporting of dissemination activities
The European Commission asks specifically to report on the dissemination activities in the periodic report. Over the past few months, FERTINNOWA was in the local press all over Europe, consortium members took part in conferences and events to promote FERTINNOWA to the broader public. We ask  all consortium members to list their dissemination activities in the excel document " Reporting dissemination activities" on Project Place and to provide the corresponding materials, like articles, videos, in the map "Dissemination library".  
3-monthly reporting timesheets 
Be aware that the timesheets are the responsibility of each partner. In case of audit, you will need to show that you are following your normal practice.
We expect the timesheets of 2nd trimester the latest at the 15th of July 2016You can put the timesheets directly on Project Place.

Elucidation : Is it possible to claim PM before a task has started?
Yes, you can register time on a WP/task that has not started yet or after the task has ended,bearing in mind that you can’t exceed, the partners PM for this task as mentioned in Annex 1. Read more 


Interesting app:
Simple document management in Project Place

(strongly recommended!) 

With the document app of Project Place, working with documents in Projectplace is almost as easy as if they were located on your computer. Click to open a document and select if you want to edit it or only read it. It opens up in the correct program and you can work on it. When you are done you close the file and it is saved back to Projectplace. It’s as simple as that!  
Contact consortium members by using the Project Place app

Project Place offers an app to communiate with other project members using project conversations, and find their FERTINNOWA members contact (mail or phone) information just by clicking their icon. The app is available on the App store and in Google


2nd General Assembly 
Tuesday, the 11th of October we will celebrate the 2nd General Assembly of FERTINNOWA. Beside all consortium members, also the members of the External Advisory Board are invited. During the morning, parallel sessions will be organized on WP and/or task level. After  lunch the results of the first year of FERTINNOWA will be presented. More detailed information you will find on Project Place. We ask you to confirm your participation before the 1st of September.   
“Meeting growers needs: 
optimal management of irrigation and fertigation”                                                

Wednesday, the 12th of October 2016, FERTINNOWA members and Vegepolys will organise a workshop on the practical management of irrigation and fertigation in horticultural production (water quality, water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, source water management …) in Saint –Pol-de-Léon, Brittany, France
The workshop will be followed by a day of field visits on Thursday, the 13th of October to innovative local growers. Read more and register . 
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