23 December 2016

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The end of FERTINNOWA’s first year has fast approached. When looking back, we can only conclude that 2016 has been an active and very exciting year for the project.

One of FERTINNOWA’s aims for 2016 was to collect the growers’ point of view regarding water and nutrient management in fertigated crops. For this, 369 growers consultations were carried out all over Europe and even in South-Africa. Although the processing of the data is still on-going, we already know that the collected information is priceless! This was confirmed during the first FERTINNOWA’s workshop held in Brittany last October. The feedback on this event was overwhelmingly positive.

Also 2017 will be an ambitious year for FERTINNOWA. We aim to bring the outcomes of the grower's survey to the rest of the involved stakeholders and to initiate some important discussions. Above all the FERTINNOWA partners will start to actually exchange technologies and implement them at farms, trying to solve growers problems. We will end 2017 with our second FERTINNOWA event in the Netherlands.
But first, we wish you all a very nice Christmas
and a Happy, healthy and successful 2017!


Benchmark workshop: Meeting grower's needs

On the 12th of October, the workshop “Meeting grower’s needs: optimal management of irrigation and fertigation” was held in   Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Brittany, France. The workshops attended 130 stakeholders from 13 different countries. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with stakeholders commenting that they had found it to be useful, inspiring and thought-provoking. And as always, the researchers involved welcomed the opportunity to work with such a diverse, knowledgeable and engaged group of stakeholders. The outcomes of the workshop will feed back into the project over the next 2 years, and will be used to identify barriers to improving water use efficiency and mitigation pathways to address growers concerns; but most importantly, to support adaptation strategies of stakeholders. READ MORE 

CoRHIZE wins the first FERTINNOWA Innovation Award!

During FERTINNOWA’s first event, ten companies (Agrozone, Aqua4D, Wood Valor, CoRHIZE, Dosatron, Grodan, Hoogendoorn, Hortimax, Lamberti, Priva) had the opportunity to display a range of innovative solutions for fertigation management. CoRHIZE received the “Innovation of the event” award for the ORASA® service, which was decided by the participants. It is a mapping service of moisture using capacitive sensors and soil conductivity on 4 simultaneous depths. The experienced CoRHIZE Agronomy team provides technical advice on water and fertiliser management. The Innovation Award offers CoRHIZE a free spot on the technology market during the workshop in the Netherlands in 2017 or the final FERTINNOWA’s event in Almeria in 2018.        READ MORE 

FERTINNOWA visits growers in Brittany!

Following the Benchmark event, FERTINNOWA organised a series of field visits to some growers that are very active in the fields of water and nutrient management.The Station expérimental du Caté (CATE) was also visited.
 Visit 1: Understanding the local challenges related to irrigation and fertilisation at Station expérimentale du Caté.

CATE carries out practical research including both soil bound crops and soilless greenhouse crops. In 1983, CATE set up 17 plots with lysimetric equipments to measure the risk of nitrogen leaching in local conditions (loamy-sandy soil, 900mm of annual rainfall), to carry out long-term experimentation for their local soil grown crops. Currently, a new greenhouse is being built at CATE wherean alternative water disinfection treatment will be installed, the middle-pressure UV disinfection system. From 2017, the new greenhouse will enable to test different climate monitoring and crop management practices on tomato. READ MORE
Visit 2: Adapting to rainwater use in the tomato greenhouse SARL du Hun in Taulé

At SARL du Hun, a greenhouse of 9 hectares of vine tomato, the growers have made serious investments to provide sufficient rainwater storage. This resulted in a rainwater storage capacity of 50.000 m3. The rainwater storage increased the resilience of the crops as rainwater harvesting ensures an autonomous reliable good quality water resource and avoids problems that occurred in the past when using groundwater which had poorer quality. The growers still experience some difficulties regarding disinfection of the drain water. There is a need to improve the disinfection and the growers are looking for alternative disinfection systems.                      READ MORE
Visit 3: Successful implementation of biofiltration at EARL Le Bihan

At the beginning, only vine tomatoes were grown at EARL Le Bihan in Plouénan. Nowadays,  a wide range of almost 30 speciality tomato varieties of all shapes, sizes and colours (green, yellow, red, black) is grown at this company. Due to this wide range of varieties, irrigation and  fertilisation management are challenging at EARL le Bihan. Usually, the most water demanding variety of each greenhouse is selected as the reference variety. Furthermore, the grower installed a system (Aqua4D) to reduce the biofilm and Agrobacterium rhizogenes development.           READ MORE
Visit4: Managing irrigation and fertigation on a diversity of ornamental plants

At GAEC de Mezavern in Plouénan, the grower presented his 10 ha nursery. Besides the main crop of bamboo, other ornamental plants are also grown such as hedge plants, Nandina, Grevilia, Rosemary, Lavatera, Viburnum tinus. Irrigation is mainly provided by aspersion (85%). Although, the recent years they increased the area that uses drip irrigation to improve water use efficiency.
The main source of nutrients is slow-release fertilisers incorporated in the substrate as well as top dressing. Fertigation is only used complementary to address nutrient deficiencies.      READ MORE

FERTINNOWA presents @.....

Lombergarjev sadjarski posvet in Maribor (Slovenia)

On the 9th December in Maribor, Slovenia was held 12th Conference for the fruit production organised by Slovene Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry Slovenia – Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Maribor. The aim of the event was to introduce new technologies for sustainable irrigation and fertigation management in intensive apple orchards. FERTINNOWA presented the first findings from the benchmarking study as well as innovative irrigation management technologies for apple production.   READ MORE

VI Jornadas Nacionales sobre Agrometeorologica (Spain) 
FERTINNOWA was presented at the “VI Jornadas Nacionales sobre Agrometeorología” conference organised by the Instituto Navarro de Tecnologías e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias (INTIA) on 17 and 18 November 2016. The event, held every two years, brought together more than 50 specialists from different regions of Spain, members of the SIAR (Agroclimatic Information Service for Irrigation) network,  from national public bodies, regional organizations, technology centers, Aguacanal, Campbel Scientific and Universities. During the event, the latest developments on agro-climatic information for irrigated crops were presented. READ MORE
VI Jornadas del grupo de Fertilizacíon de la SECH (Spain) 

FERTINNOWA was presented at the “VI Jornadas del grupo de Fertilización de la SECH” conference organised on 18 October 2016. This conference is held every two years and is a meeting point where researchers from Spain present the latest developments in the area of fertilisation of horticultural and woody crops. The fundamental objective of the conference is to study the responsible use of fertilisers aimed at avoiding environmental problems, increased cultivation costs, reduced production, etc., which can result by excessive or insufficient use of fertilisers on fruit and vegetable crop production.  READ MORE 

You can watch a snapshot of the presentation on our YouTube channel 

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Upcoming events and meetings

Land Use and Water Quality Effect of Agriculture on the Environment 
@The Hague, The Netherlands
29 May - 1 June 2017

A conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimise effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters. FIND OUT MORE 
The Fourth International Horticulture Research Conference
@ East Malling, United Kingdom
16-20 July 2017

The purpose of the conference is to bring together international researchers conducting basic research on horticultural crops, to showcase the latest research findings, to network with colleagues from around the world, and to meet the journal’s Editor-in-Chief and some of the Associate Editors. FIND OUT MORE 
2nd FERTINNOWA Workshop
@ Honselersdijk, The Netherlands
15 & 16 November 2017
The next FERTINNOWA workshop will be organised at the 15th and 16th of November 2017 at the Demokwekerijen, Honselersdijk, the Netherlands. This 2 day event will focus on the results of the Benchmark study and on the exchange of technologies that have been carried out by then. Again we will take this opportunity to visit some innovative horticultural companies.
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