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Hello everyone. Good day to you all.
Toronto, like many cities, is beautifully and perfectly diverse. It has been a heartbreaking and devastating time. Please include support, listening, consideration, and action in your short and long-term plans. It has never been easier to donate, support, and become more informed. I believe in you.
Dharma Matters; view crucial video here.
And now for some news on shipping!: Beginning June 8th we will have a free shipping, pre-tax, minimum of $50. This is still half the size of our old shipping minimum and applies within Canada only. With all the delays being experienced by every single delivery service, due to them all being overwhelmed, we ask for leeway in terms of ETA. I should also say that the free shipping option makes for a shipment leaving our HQ within 1-3 business days of the order being placed. This gives us leeway to make sure we do a good job. There are other shipping options if you are in a hurry. Please read more here
I am so glad all of that is out of the way. It is the sixth month. We remain locked to browsing but open via phone and internet. Full hearts sending you a virtual fist bump.
-Newsletter Neil
We have two gremlins in a locked store from 

9-6 Monday to Saturday 

and we are closed on Sundays.
Our website and phone are both open and we are
shipping and offering pickup with prepaid orders.

It is best to call us once you are outside if you are picking up.

Free shipping in Canada for all orders over $50 (pre-tax). For more details go here if you please.
Our spring catalogue of featured titles is here!
We sent a bunch out already. Perhaps you decided to work from home recently and your catalogue was sent to your workplace? Maybe you have been too shy to ask for one before now?
Your situation is safe with us either way as you can request a copy here or here.
You can also peruse it immediately to the left on our home screen. Not all the way left. . .
Find your online training today at
June: live webinars with Liana Lowenstein, Noah Lazar, Nili Benazon, Mary Bell and Sheri Turrell, Vivien Lee, and Alex Russell, and with leadership trainers Anne Bulstrode, Susan Geary, Adam Lodzinski, and Marion Langford

As pandemic conditions persist and the demands on mental health professionals increase, Leading Edge Seminars continues to bring Caversham's top authors to present 3-hour LIVE interactive webinars designed to: • Support you, your clients and your practice • Address conditions and issues specific to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic • Be short, convenient and accessible wherever and whenever you want.

Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

The Racial Healing Handbook: Practical Activities to Help You Challenge Privilege, Confront Systemic Racism, and Engage in Collective Healing | A New Harbinger Social Justice Handbook
Anneliese Singh

Healing from racism is a journey that often involves reliving trauma and experiencing feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety. This journey can be a bumpy ride, and before we begin healing, we need to gain an understanding of the role history plays in racial/ethnic myths and stereotypes. In so many ways, to heal from racism, you must re-educate yourself and unlearn the processes of racism. This book can help guide you. [More. . .]

Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify, and Stop Microaggressions
Tiffany Jana and Michael Baran

This practical, accessible, nonjudgmental handbook is the first to help individuals and organizations recognize and prevent microaggressions so that all employees can feel a sense of belonging in their workplace.

Our workplaces and society are growing more diverse, but are we supporting inclusive cultures? While overt racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination are relatively easy to spot, we cannot neglect the subtler everyday actions that normalize exclusion. [More. . .]

The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power
Desmond Cole

In May 2015, the cover story of Toronto Life magazine shook Canada’s largest city to its core. Desmond Cole’s “The Skin I’m In” exposed the racist practices of the Toronto police force, detailing the dozens of times Cole had been stopped and interrogated under the controversial practice of carding. Cole used his newfound profile to draw insistent, unyielding attention to the injustices faced by Black Canadians on a daily basis: the devastating effects of racist policing; the hopelessness produced by an education system that expects little of its black students and withholds from them the resources they need to succeed more fully; the heartbreak of those vulnerable before the child welfare system and those separated from their families by discriminatory immigration laws. [More. . .]

Healing Resistance: A Radically Different Response to Harm
Kazu Haga

Nonviolence was once considered the highest form of activism and radical change. And yet its basic truth, its restorative power, has been forgotten. In Healing Resistance, leading Kingian Nonviolence trainer Kazu Haga blazingly reclaims the energy and assertiveness of nonviolent practice (utilized by the Women's March and Black Lives Matter), and proves that nonviolent civil resistance remains the most effective strategy for social change in hostile times. [More. . .]

How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide
Crystal Fleming 

How to Be Less Stupid About Race is your essential guide to breaking through the half-truths and ridiculous misconceptions that have thoroughly corrupted the way race is represented in the classroom, pop culture, media, and politics. Centuries after our nation was founded on genocide, settler colonialism, and slavery, many Americans are kinda-sorta-maybe waking up to the reality that our racial politics are (still) garbage. But in the midst of this reckoning, widespread denial and misunderstandings about race persist, even as white supremacy and racial injustice are more visible than ever before.  [More. . .]

Against Hate
Jeffrey Bernstein

In a powerful challenge to fundamentalism in all its forms, Carolin Emcke, one of Germany’s leading intellectuals, argues that we can only preserve individual freedom and protect people’s rights by cherishing and celebrating diversity. If we want to safeguard democracy, we must have the courage to challenge hatred and the will to fight for and defend plurality in our societies. Emcke rises to the challenge that identitarian dogmas and populist narratives pose, exposing the way in which they simplify and distort our perception of the world. [More. . .]

Goodnight Mind for Teens: Skills to Help You Quiet Noisy Thoughts and Get the Sleep You Need
Colleen Carney

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? You aren’t alone. There are so many reasons teens today have a difficult time going to sleep—including early school start times, too much late-night screen time, or just being anxious about what the future holds. You are at an important crossroads in your life, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times. But it’s essential that you get the sleep you need. This book can help. [More. . .]

The ACT Workbook for OCD: Mindfulness, Acceptance and Exposure Skills to LIve Well with Obsessive-Compusive Disorder
Sharon Saline

If you’re one of millions of people who suffer from OCD, you may experience obsessive, intrusive, or even disturbing thoughts. You may engage in compulsive or ritualistic behaviors, such as checking to make sure you’ve locked the front door, or endlessly washing your hands for fear of germs or contamination. And you may be tempted to give up if treatment just doesn’t work for you. [More. . .]


Art Therapy Card Deck for Children and Adolescents: 50 Therapeutic Interventions for Challenging Clients Who Shut Down, Meltdown, or ACT Out
Laura Dessauer

Sometimes words aren’t enough. Art therapy allows for processing and externalization of emotions, explorations of choices, and reflection on conflicts. This deck can help children and adolescents to develop a growth mindset, increase their frustration tolerance, and strengthen their communication skills to reach their goals. [More. . .]

The Body Positivity Card Deck: 53 Strategies for Body Acceptance, Appreciation and Respect
Judith Matz and Amy Pershing

Transform your relationship with your body for greater physical and emotional well-being. This unique card deck offers 53 healing strategies to cultivate acceptance, appreciation, and respect for your body-and to help create a more inclusive world. [More. . .]

The Unfinished Copernican Revolution: Selected Works, 1967-1992
Jean Laplanche| Translated by Luke Thurston

The appearance of Laplanche’s The Unfinished Copernican Revolution in English is an event of huge importance not only for psychoanalysis but also for many other spheres of intellectual life. Since his death in 2012, Laplanche’s status as one of the most influential and creative thinkers in the psychoanalytic tradition has been increasingly recognized in the Anglophone world, and his work is now an essential reference in any discussion of the significance and history of the Freudian discovery. [More. . .]

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This is Caversham Booksellers' 45th monthly e-newsletter. Thank you for reading.
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