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It's important that I clarify the list of things on the book in the photograph here. Here is what you should do:
1.   Get up at dawn.
2.   Learn to land on your feet.
3.   Don't overthink it.
4.   Have a duvet day.
5.   If you want something, let it be                known.
6.   Take the time to frolic in nature.
7.   Stop, stretch, relax.
8.   Ignore what bothers you.
9.   Be independent.
10. Love yourself.
There you have it. the ten catmandments. Read more here.

I feel like there is a theme this week. I don't actually know what it is though. Can you find a thread through all these titles? Do let me know.

Our plexiglas is here. We are sorting out more shelving. Soon we will be able to speak to many of you. Mask to mask. 

September is coming.

-Newsletter Neil
We have two or three gremlins in a locked store on from 9-6 Monday to Saturday and we are closed on Sundays. Our website and phone are both open and we are shipping and offering pickup with prepaid orders. It is best to call us once you are outside if you are picking up.
Free shipping in Canada for orders with a pre-tax minimum of $50. For more details go here if you please. 
To park behind the store one must head north on Sussex Mews (from Harbord) and then west (left) on to Immergluck Lane. Ours is in the back closest to the back stairs of the building.
Live webinars with Marshall Korenblum, Bonnie Miller, Noah Lazar, Natalie Zlodre, Liana Lowenstein, Andrea Warnick, Amy Gajaria, Nili R. Benazon, Lyndsey Davies, Geraldine Crisci, Megan Edgelow, Ross W. Greene, and more
Some books that may be of interest!
Click here for The Interesting Reading List for August 29th, 2020

Why It's OK to Make Bad Choices
William Glod

If we are kind people, we care about others, including others who tend to hurt themselves. We all have friends or family members who have potential but squander or even ruin their lives from things like drug abuse, unwise spending decisions, or poor dietary habits.

Concern for others often motivates us to endorse laws or private interventions meant to keep people from harming themselves even if that's what they want to do in the moment. However, it is far from clear that such paternalistic measures are, on net, benign, and they tend to violate an understanding that we should let adults make their own decisions.
[More. . .]

The Talk: Conversations about Race, Love & Truth
Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson (eds)

Thirty diverse, award-winning authors and illustrators invite you into their homes to witness the conversations they have with their children about race in America today in this powerful call-to-action that invites all families to be anti-racists and advocates for change.
[More. . .]

The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic

In her first book of comic strips, Emma reflects on social and feminist issues by means of simple line drawings, dissecting the mental load, ie all that invisible and unpaid organizing, list-making and planning women do to manage their lives, and the lives of their family members. Most of us carry some form of mental load--about our work, household responsibilities, financial obligations and personal life; but what makes up that burden and how it's distributed within households and understood in offices is not always equal or fair.  [More. . .]

Who Am I?: Psychological Exercises to Develop Self-understanding
The School of Life | Alain de Botton

A guided journal for self-knowledge with which we can study the most elusive and interesting parts of our complex inner selves.

One of the trickiest tasks we ever face is that of working out who we really are. If we’re asked directly to describe ourselves, our minds tend to go blank. We can’t just sum ourselves up. We need prompts and suggestions and more detailed enquiries that help tease out and organize our picture of ourselves. [More. . .]

Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success
Benjamin Hardy

We rely on willpower to create change in our lives...but what if we're thinking about it all wrong? In Willpower Doesn't Work, Benjamin Hardy explains that willpower is nothing more than a dangerous fad-one that is bound to lead to failure. Instead of "white-knuckling" your way to change, you need to instead alter your surroundings to support your goals. This book shows you how.
 [More. . .]
Our spring catalogue of featured titles is here!
We sent a bunch out already. Perhaps you decided to work from home recently and your catalogue was sent to your workplace? Maybe you have been too shy to ask for one before now?
Your situation is safe with us either way as you can request a copy here or here.
You can also peruse it immediately to the left on our home screen. Not all the way left. . .
Xena was excited to read that Rosanna Deerchild will be hosting a new podcast based on the graphic novel pictured here
This is Caversham Booksellers' 17th weekly e-newsletter. Thank you for reading.
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