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Preceding our normal scheduled programming we have a special announcement. It is with a heavy heart, and smily admiration, that we say farewell to our Vicki Fraser. Vicki has been an instrumental part of Caversham and, as she continues her journey as a fulltime psychotherapist, we will miss her while wishing her all the very best. There is only one end in life and this is not it. Thank you Vicki and rock on my dear friend! We love you! Please read her farewell below. And now we return to your monthly subscription of glorious charm!

Well hello there. It is July; it is my birthday month, therefore, I will spend every waking moment playing miniature golf. My grandpa gave me his regular sized golf clubs years ago. He bought them, scuffed up one of the clubs, and then passed them on to me. I keep meaning to try embarrassing myself at a driving range with them. Anyone know a driving range, that welcomes idiots, in the downtown core? Perhaps I will read the Mindful Athlete before I go. Maybe I can read through the entire sport psychology section?!?!? This will be fun. We've got a true crime book in stock. The story behind why we have it is uninteresting, but anecdotal, in a small business kind of way. Anyway here it is. You don't have to buy it. I'll probably buy it.
           We love books; esteemed local gentleman, and long-time Caversham friend, Brent Willock has a new one, in which he posits that the defense of Oscar Pistorius may have overlooked the possibility of his being in a parasomniac state. This latest joins his impressive list of titles here! While I am on the topic we have two more titles from two more pals that have recently arrived. Ruth Lera, of the Yukon, has Walking the Soul Path and Kylee Goldman has graced us with Caterpillar's Wings. Ya awesome!
            It is the summer. Please enjoy it but do not forget to use sunscreen and seek out some shade and water as needed.  Also, please be careful out there with all the traffic, cyclists, and, pedestrians.  Safe travels to you all. Safe destinations to you all. Thank you for taking my exquisite advice.


Our 2018 Catalogue has been done for a little while. It has become a great and reliable friend. We sent a bunch out to those who asked us to. Did you not get one? Would you like one? please email us here

News and Announcements

1. We have the Brain and we have Neuroscience! Half way to the back of the store on the west wall.
And that is not all:

2. I would like to tell you about our newest category: Introversion! Since I tend towards the introverted side of things myself I have to say that I wasn't going to tell anyone about this new section. Sometimes one must rise above their quiet paradise and act like a bookstore is at stake. Here you go! It is now my favourite section
(located after self-esteem and before communication).
Linda Monteith Gardiner, author of Me, At Home With The Cameras: An Illustrated Novel of My Psychosis, has brought us her new DVD, The Valedictorian, both an educational tool for healthcare professionals and an outreach tool for those in need of help. With the support of the Creative Works Studio she documents her very touching journey, a glimpse into the mind of someone with a disabling mental illness. 
Hot Off The Press!
See a quick list of this month's Newsletter picks and highlights:
For the complete list of June New Arrivals visit:

Beyond Vision: Going Blind, Inner Seeing, and the Nature of the Self
Allan Jones

In this unique and exhilarating autobiography, Allan Jones – Canada’s first blind diplomat – vividly describes how an untreatable eye disease slowly decimated his visual world, most challengingly during his postings in Tokyo and New Delhi, and how he discovered and took to heart the revelatory Indian philosophy that changed his life. 

Making Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work: Clinical Processes for New Practitioners, Third Edition
Deborah Roth Ledley, Brian P. Marx, and Richard G. Heimberg

This engaging text--now revised and updated--has helped tens of thousands of students and novice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) practitioners build skills and confidence for real-world clinical practice. 

The Age of Overwhelm: Strategies for the Long Haul 
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, bestselling author of Trauma Stewardship, shows us how, offering concrete strategies to help us mitigate harm, cultivate our ability to be decent and equitable, and to act with integrity. The Age of Overwhelm aims to help ease our burden of overwhelm, restore our perspective, and give us strength to navigate what is yet to come.

Belief: What It Means to Believe and Why Our Convictions Are So Compelling
James E. Alcock

An expert on the psychology of belief examines how our thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions, respond not to the world as it actually is but to the world as we believe it to be.

Greater than the Sum of Our Parts: Discovering Your True Self through Internal Family Systems Therapy 
(6CD set)
Richard C. Schwartz

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a revolutionary development in psychology that allows us to meet and ally with the many distinct parts of our psyche. With Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts, IFS founder Dr. Richard Schwartz reveals how this powerful system can serve us on the spiritual journey. 

Psychoanalytic Thinking: A Dialectical Critique of Contemporary Theory and Practice
Donald L. Carveth

Beginning with Freud’s theory of human nature and civilization, Psychoanalytic Thinking: A Dialectical Critique of Contemporary Theory and Practice proceeds to review and critically evaluate a series of major post-Freudian contributions to psychoanalytic thought.

Meaning in Life: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Practitioners
Joel Vos

Working in the people professions – as a counsellor, coach, nurse or pastoral carer – means working with people who are facing difficult times, and who may have lost touch with what is meaningful in their life. For instance, transitory phases in life, such as graduating, retiring or diagnosis with terminal illness, can evoke questions about how one is to understand and overcome dissatisfaction or uncertainty, and rediscover meaning in life. 

Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up: From Avoidance to Recovery and Growth
Robert T. Muller

Offering candid, personal guidance, using rich case examples, Dr. Robert T. Muller provides the steps needed to build and maintain a strong therapist-client relationship –one that helps bring recovery and growth. With a host of practical tips and protocols, this book gives therapists a roadmap to effective trauma treatment.

The Neuroaffective Picture Book: An Illustrated Introduction to Developmental Neuropsychology
Mariann Bentzen, Illustrated by Kim Hagen and Jakob Worre Foged

An illustrated, easy-to-read introduction to the evolution and early development of the brain, emotions, and personality
Vicki's Farewell

A few months shy of 19 years I spent at this amazing book shop. With Joe and Eric at the helm when I came on board in October 1999. I learned so much about mental health books and helping people with finding the right book. I think I lost count at how many unofficial side-trainings I had sitting in at conferences listening to some of the greatest pioneers in the field of wellness talk about how to ease the suffering of others. It’s where I discovered my own path to finding my own therapist in 2003 and then eventually applying to the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy. I graduated after 13 years of training, in 2017. I am now a Registered Psychotherapist and have been seeing clients since 2012.

My job at Caversham over the years moved from working on the floor shipping out packages and shelving books, working in the back office with Joe and Eric, then later Janet, to coordinate the 130-150 conferences we went to each year as well as getting our Annual Resource Catalogue out each year. Janet, Karl, and I, with Joe, have been together for all these years with honourable mentions of Marijke, now in England, and Neil, yes our fabulous Neil, both long time employees. I will miss you guys. Also to the young fresh crew of Samantha and Vivian!

It’s been an honour to work with all the conference organizers (especially my long time chum Michael Kerman- and his amazing team, and the Toller and Tenor super duo at Cognitive Workshops) and the publisher reps (shout out to Dorothy at Guilford, Evelyn Elias at Routledge and Megan at Raincoast).

My heartfelt thanks to Eric Evans, Tony Bergamin, Sharon English, Karyn Sandlos,  Christine Dunbar, Zoe Dunbar, Felicity Heyworth, Veronika Pilger, Clare Pain, and a special mention to those not with us any longer but are missed: to Peter Heyworth, Kate Bride and Elisabeth Young-Bruehl. These friendships are everlasting and have enriched my life to no end. I especially want to thank Joe – my boss and friend. We worked closely together these years and I will miss you. I have learned so much with you.

So, it is with sadness that it is time to say good bye. I will be just up the alley way at 344 Bloor (at Spadina) in my new office and so I will be stopping in the shop regularly for books and getting caught up.

 All good wishes and please do support your independent bricks and mortar book shop. They are everything for goodness sake.




It is a polyvagal kind of time. Not only can you buy the two books in a newly affordable combo but there are new titles as well! There is:
The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy by Deb Dana.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand there is this one:
 and this one:
So we have a banner. It has accompanied us to many events. If we have a situation where we can hang it behind us when we sell books then we try to do so. If ever you see us and we do not have it then please look here. It will always be here. In this newsletter.

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