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Good evening! Have you ever watched in horror as the elaborate setup of dominoes you spent weeks setting up in your garage gains a mind of its own and sets the whole place on fire? Me neither but that is a little bit what happened to some of our internal digital workings this week. Everything remained secure but it turns out one part was speaking Swedish to another part. Karl has been working tirelessly to sort it out. All of this meant that our website was not updating every night. We are spoiled and had been taking such things for granted you see. I believe, as of my current typing, everything is fixed and it is entirely due to Master Karl and his wizardry. Thank you Master Karl. 
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You wouldn't know it but this is a photo of Philip Bromberg's The Shadow of the Tsunami: And the Growth of the Relational Mind. It seems the current copies are not being printed with any text on the front. Who knows when this magic will end so why not get your limited edition paperback while you can?
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Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Polyvagal Flip Chart: Understanding the Science of Safety 
Deb Dana

Offers therapists a low tech–high impact, interactive way to explain polyvagal theory to clients.

When clients are stuck in the cognitive experience of their story, an explanation of polyvagal theory helps to bring their attention to the autonomic experience— to bring the importance of the biology of their experience back into awareness. Yet polyvagal theory can be challenging and intimidating to explain. [More. . .]

The Black Books | 7-Volume Set 
C.G. Jung | Edited and with an Introduction by Sonu Shamdasani | Translated by Sonu Shamdasani, Martin Liebscher, and John Peck

Until now, the single most important unpublished work by C.G. Jung—The Black Books.

In 1913, C.G. Jung started a unique self- experiment that he called his “confrontation with the unconscious”: an engagement with his fantasies in a waking state, which he charted in a series of notebooks referred to as The Black Books. These intimate writings shed light on the further elaboration of Jung’s personal cosmology and his attempts to embody insights from his self- investigation into his life and personal relationships. The Red Book drew on material recorded from 1913 to 1916, but Jung actively kept the notebooks for many more decades.
[More. . .]

Sexual Boundary Trouble in Psychoanalysis: Clinical Perspectives on Muriel Dimen's Concept of the "Primal Crime"
Charles Levin (Edt)

Inspired by the clinical and ethical contributions of Muriel Dimen (1942-2016), a prominent feminist anthropologist and relational psychoanalyst, Sexual Boundary Trouble in Psychoanalysis challenges the established psychoanalytic and mental health consensus about the sources and appropriate management of sexual boundary violations (SBV).  [More. . .]

The Courage of a Nation: Healing from Intergenerational Trauma, Addiction and Multiple Loss
Teresa Naseba Marsh

This book will evoke in the reader a Spiritual energy, hope, compassion and understanding of healing from Intergenerational Trauma and Addiction. The author brings to life our journey as Indigenous Peoples globally from atrocities, oppression and multiple loss to healing and liberation of Spirit, mind, body and emotions. Written with soul language, poetry and story telling, Elders' teachings and ceremony, the author brings to life resilience and transformation. The author allows us to journey with her through her oppressive life and poverty in South Africa to her journey onto Turtle Island (Canada) and her joining with the Indigenous Nations in British Columbia and Northern Ontario. [More. . .]

Legacies of the Occult: Psychoanalysis, Religion, and Unconscious Communication
Marsha Hewitt

Telepathy, thought transference, unconscious communication. While some important early psychological theorists such as William James, Frederic W. H. Myers and Sigmund Freud all agreed that the phenomenon exists, their theoretical approaches to it were very different. James’s and Myers’s interpretations of and experimental investigations into telepathy or thought transference were an inextricable part of their psychical researches. Freud’s insistence on the reality of thought transference had nothing to do with psychical research or paranormal phenomena, which he largely repudiated. [More. . .]

Addressing Race-Based Stress in Therapy with Black Clients: Using Multicultural and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Techniques 
Monica Johnson & Michelle Melton

Despite Black Americans being at high risk for negative mental health symptoms due to racism and other chronic stresses, disparities persist in the provision of mental health services to this population. This book addresses that gap in clinical practice by explicitly calling attention to the experience of race-based stress in the Black community.
[More. . .]

Sex, Death, and the Superego: Updating Psychoanalytic Experience and Developments in Neuroscience
Ronald Britton

Divided into three parts – "Hysteria," "The ego and superego," and "Narcissism" – this new edition adds content on brain, mind and self, the death instinct and a discussion on the biological, psychological and sociological basis of gender. It suggests that our increasing knowledge necessarily produces a dissolution of our coherent concepts of mind and brain, and that during this phase of creative dissolution we need to reassess what we know and what we don’t know. Fundamental to the book is the notion that human beings have to live with probability but that we long for certainty, and create it for ourselves. [More. . .]

The Art of Silence and Human Behaviour
Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Theodore Itten & Ruth Martin

Silence and being quiet are present in everyday life and in politics, but why do we talk about it so rarely? Silence can be cathartic and peaceful, but equally oppressive and unbearable. In the form of communication, we keep secrets to protect ourselves and others, but on the other hand subjects can be silenced with dictatorial posturing - a communicative display of power – and something can be literally ‘hushed up’ that needs to be disclosed. In unique and engaging style, Theodor Itten explores the multi-layered internal conversation on silence in relation to the self and emotions, demonstrating why it is sometimes necessary in our modern society. [More. . .]

The Motivational Interviewing Workbook: Exercises to Decide What You Want and How to Get There
Angela Wood

Discover the secrets of motivational interviewing and make meaningful, sustainable life changes

Motivational interviewing can help you clearly define your goals, think things through, and move toward change. Whether you’re considering losing weight, addressing an addiction, leaving a toxic relationship, or any number of other big goals, taking steps toward personal change requires a steadfast mindset and a detailed plan of action. [More. . .]

Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy: Awareness, Breath, Resonance, Movement and Touch in Practice
Susan McConnell

A Practitioner's Guide to Somatic IFS introduces a new therapeutic modality that blends principles of somatic therapy--like movement, touch, and breathwork--with the traditional tools of the Internal Family Systems framework. Broadening the benefits and applications of the IFS model, author Susan McConnell introduces 5 core practices that mental health professionals can apply to their practice: somatic awareness, conscious breathing, radical resonance, mindful movement, and attuned touch. [More. . .]

Ch'ixinakax utxiwa: On Decolonising Practices and Discourses
Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui

The Bolivian scholar and activist Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui is a pre-eminent Latin American intellectual, world renowned for her work in postcolonial and subaltern studies.  She has long maintained that we must acknowledge how colonial structures of domination continue to affect indigenous identities and cultures. Even in contexts where diversity and the value of indigenous cultures have been officially recognized, “internal colonialism” operates as a structure that shapes mental categories and social practices. 
[More. . .]

The Way We Eat Now: How the Food Revolution Has Transformed Our Lives, Our Bodies, and our World
Bee Wilson 

An award-winning food writer takes us on a global tour of what the world eats--and shows us how we can change it for the better

Food is one of life's great joys. So why has eating become such a source of anxiety and confusion?

Bee Wilson shows that in two generations the world has undergone a massive shift from traditional, limited diets to more globalized ways of eating, from bubble tea to quinoa, from Soylent to meal kits. 
[More. . .]
Read about more of Bee Wilson's books here!

Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis | Resilience series
George Hofman

Anxiety resides at the intersection of uncertainty and belief. The simple steps taught in this book can help you overcome the turmoil.

After a series of hospitalizations, George Hofmann managed to overcome the worst of bipolar disorder by adding practices in focused attention to the usual therapies of medicine and talk. He maintains the site "Practicing Mental Illness," which promotes meditation, movement and meaningful work as keys to growth and healing. [More. . .]

Fat Girls in Black Bodies: Creating Communities of Our Own
Joy Arlene Renee Cox

Combatting fatphobia and racism to reclaim a space for womxn at the intersection of fat and Black

To be a womxn living in a body at the intersection of fat and Black is to be on the margins. From concern-trolling--"I just want you to be healthy"--to outright attacks, fat Black bodies that fall outside dominant constructs of beauty and wellness are subjected to healthism, racism, and misogynoir.
[More. . .]

How to Lose Everything: A Memoir
Christa Couture

Christa Couture has come to know every corner of grief—its shifting blurry edges, its traps, its pulse of love at the centre and the bittersweet truth that sorrow is a powerful and wise emotion.

From the amputation of her leg as a cure for bone cancer at a young age to her first child’s single day of life, the heart transplant and subsequent death of her second child, the divorce born of grief and then the thyroidectomy that threatened her career as a professional musician, How to Lose Everything delves into the heart of loss. [More. . .]

Fighting for a Hand to Hold: Confronting Medical Colonialism against Indigenous Children in Canada
Samir Shaheen-Hussain

Launched by healthcare providers in January 2018, the #aHand2Hold campaign confronted the Quebec government's practice of separating children from their families during medical evacuation airlifts, which disproportionately affected remote and northern Indigenous communities. Pediatric emergency physician Samir Shaheen-Hussain's captivating narrative of this successful campaign, which garnered unprecedented public attention and media coverage, seeks to answer lingering questions about why such a cruel practice remained in place for so long. In doing so it serves as an indispensable case study of contemporary medical colonialism in Quebec. [More. . .]

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