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Dr. Goldbloom (see nearby photo). He is a funny guy with a big brain. In that vein this newsletter includes mention of some multi-talented mental health professionals. Mainly poets as we have Kate Kitchen and the late Farideh de Bosset featured. I urge you all to check out their high quality poetry. One could argue that poetry is useful for mental health. What's nice is that you can read a poem, live your life for a while, read it again, and benefit both times! Serious bang for the buck methinks. 
So, we counted all our stuff and most of it is here. We thank you all very much for your patience with us while we were closed for the Sunday of inventory.

Now we head into the March. The last month of the first quarter, fiscal year end, the mid-section of snakes, green beer, Et tu Brute?, and Canadian invented clamato cocktails. This month have Karl and Sam's birthdays. They are both turning 111. Last but, certainly not least, we have our spring resource catalogue coming out later in March. Please click on the image below for an early peek at what will be featured!

By the way, if you are of the mind to shop on behalf of your workplace and your workplace requires you to use up your budget by the end of March, then look no further than Caversham. This bookstore is your ally. We can accept prepayment, we can do whatever you wish. Send us an email and we will make your world awesome.

You may notice that this month the Ontario Psychiatric Association is having their 99th annual conference! I quite like this fact. It is their Gretzky conference, their Cadbury milk flake in soft ice cream event, their Nena meeting!

We are getting busier offsite. More and more events. I believe May will be our busiest month that way. We must warm up. February, March, and April will get us in the zone. June and July will be the warm down. As events reduce a little bit in frequency we respect the built up lactic acid in our muscles as we calmly return to a civilized pace. Isn't life just a big warm up, peak, warm down, and repeat? Some poetry, some mindfulness, perhaps a dash of a newsletter Neil with too much freedom and too little supervision? This month we have lots of goodies for you. I will now get out of the way.
Our catalogue is coming! Email us here if you want us to send you a print version.
The great Cognitive Workshops have ended a lovely chapter.
For many years we have had the pleasure, and privilege, of selling books at annual events that were due entirely to the excellent work of Cognitive Workshops in Ottawa. Their most famous events were those of Christine Padesky (Mind Over Mood fame) but they were involved in many more excellent happenings as well. So they are retiring and we will miss them. Lorna Tener and Brian Toller are simply the best and we love them very much. May they enjoy the coming years and know that they have been a vital part of our place in the world. Here is to old and new memories Lorna and Brian. A mention in this binary periodical is the least we could deliver given what you have accomplished so much with Caversham as a frequent passenger in your CBT sidecar. 
 Parking on Harbord Street can, on occasion, be   scarce. We have a specific space behind the store   that may be available to you if you give us a call   before you arrive. 416-944-0962.
In the Hands of Creation: Sandplay Images of Birth and Rebirth
Nehama Baum & Brenda Weinberg
This book was born from papers presented at the 15th Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy. [More. . .]
News and Announcements
Upcoming events!

Natalie Zlodre — Certificate in Trauma Counselling for Mental Health Professionals: Level 1 Trauma Certificate, March 4-6 & 18-20 @ SickKids CCMH Learning Institute, Toronto
Ontario Psychiatric Association 99th Annual Conference, March 22-23 @ Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto
2019 Trauma and Attachment Conference presented by Lori Gill and ATTCH, March 29-April 2, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Dominique Scarfone — 50th ATPPP Scientific Session From Free Energy to Free Association: The Freudian Method is Alive and Kicking, March 30, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, Toronto
CMHA Ontario Conference: The Quality Culture, April 1-2, Marriott Eaton's Centre, Toronto
Dolores Mosquera — EMDR Advanced Training in Dissociation, April 5- 6, Oakham House, Toronto
Bruce Hersey — IFS Informed EMDR, April 5, Toronto
The Mindful Kitchen!:
We have sold a dynamite cd for many years. It was made by, local heroes, Kirsten Binsell, Bill Gayner, and Kate Kitchen. Kate the Great also has a poetry book. Each one is $15 or you can buy both for $25. Amazing I know. We are cool and thoughtful. Kate Kitchen is as well.
Meditation for Mindfulness CD
Please come and see us for all your end of fiscal year budget needs. We love hearing from you. We love special requests. We usually have coffee on. we love chatting, pre-billing, post-billing, inter-dimensional billing. We're also cool with emailing for simple correspondence. Let's do this! email us here.
Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders in Children and Adolescents: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual
Christopher A.Flessner and John C. Piacentini (Eds)

Bringing together leading authorities, this volume synthesizes the breadth of current research on child and adolescent treatment into a practical handbook for students and clinicians. The book was inspired by the preeminent work on adult disorders, Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders (now in its fifth edition), edited by David H. Barlow. [More. . .]

Trauma Treatment Toolbox: 165 Brain-Changing Tips, Tools & Handouts to Move Therapy Forward
Jennifer Sweeton

Trauma Treatment Toolbox teaches clinicians how to take that brain-based approach to trauma therapy, showing how to effectively heal clients’ brains with straightforward, easy-to-implement treatment techniques. Each tool includes a short list of post trauma symptoms, relevant research, application, and clinician tips on how to complete the exercise. [More. . .]

How to Hold a Grudge: From Resentment to Contentment-The Power of Grudges to Transform Your Life
Sophie Hannah

The first and only comprehensive examination of the universal but widely misunderstood practice of grudge-holding that will show you how to use grudges to be your happiest, most optimistic, and most forgiving self.   [more. . .]

Evil: The Science Behind Humanity's Dark Side
Julia Shaw

Drawing together science, psychology and philosophy, Dr. Shaw grapples with thorny dilemmas from “Would I kill baby Hitler?” to “Why do I want to murder my spouse?” to give a better understanding of the world, yourself and your Google search history.[More. . .]


Mind Labyrinths: My Struggle With Schizophrenia
Dianne Berkeley-Frenette

A powerful memoir of Berkeley-Frenette's 40 year struggle with schizophrenia and its aftermath of depression. a book very worthy of your investigation. [More. . .]


Feeling Better: CBT Workbook for Teens: Essential Skills and Activities to Help You Manage Moods, Boost Self-Esteem, and Conquer Anxiety
Rachel Hutt

Getting good grades, making and breaking up with friends, and figuring out what being an adult looks like—these are just some of the challenges that can weigh down on teens. With this workbook, they’ll learn real strategies for overcoming obstacles and living the life they want using CBT .[More. . .]


Staying Alive While Living the Life: Adversity, Strength, and Resilience in the Lives of Homeless Youth
Sue-Ann MacDonald and Benjamin Roebuck

MacDonald and Roebuck illustrate the ways that young people who experience homelessness demonstrate tremendous resilience when facing adversity, social exclusion and various forms of oppression.[More. . .]


Repeat After Me: A Workbook for Adult Children Overcoming Dysfunctional Family Systems
Claudia Black

In this revised and updated edition of Repeat After Me, Dr. Claudia Black’s revolutionary self-help workbook, readers are provided with a step-by-step framework and a guide that takes them through a process to recognize how present challenges are influenced by growing up in a troubled family system, release the parts of the past they wish to leave behind, and take greater responsibility for how they live today.  [More. . .]

Broken: Institutions, Families, and the Construction of Intellectual Disability
Madeline C. Burghardt

After 133 years of operation, the 2009 closure of Ontario's government-run institutions for people with intellectual disabilities has allowed accounts of those affected to emerge. Madeline Burghardt draws from narratives of institutional survivors, their siblings, and their parents to examine the far-reaching consequences of institutionalization due to intellectual difference.  [More. . .]

Remembering: What 50 Years of Research with Famous Amnesia Patient H.M. Can Teach Us about Memory and How it Works
Donald G. Mackay

The psychologist who worked with a famous amnesiac patient for fifty years explains what his studies show about how memory functions and ways to keep the brain active.
[More. . .]

James E. Alcock

My friend's dad wrote this book. So when it came in I thought "that's my friend's dad". I've never met James E. Alcock but I have met my friend. So away I went to investigate.
          The final chapter is called "Firewall to Folly" and it is about vetting belief. I thought that was slick as well as cute. Alcock covers the power of belief, what makes up belief, what sustains it, what we learn about ourselves from it, and how we can trust ourselves amidst, due to, and in spite of it. He covers a lot more but these are the big kahunas that I took from this twenty chapter dance. 
          Alcock navigates the heaviest of topics with Gandalfian wisdom and compassion. He cares about what you take from the text but is in no hurry to bulldoze over the space you have reserved for reflection and processing. An approach that is in line with the book's emphasis on the cultivation of critical thinking. I had to take many breaks simply because he conveys everything so concisely that one needs a breather from the potency of the prose. 
          The very patiently worded discussion of gaslighting is as enlightening as the investigation of the subtle manipulations we all do that affect our beliefs and the beliefs of those we interact with.
          This book is a powerful read and is of great value to an audience well beyond the friends and acquaintances of the author's son.
A Tilt
Farideh de Bosset (?- November 21, 2012)
Each poem records the events of a woman's everyday life, as well as the poet's experiences of talking to, and healing with, patients, and friends and family, as well as the impact of literature and art, the countries she's lived in and visited, and, of course, her dreams and her understanding of those dreams on her work, her creation of art, and her life.
Learned and classy.
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