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So it is July. Ringo Starr will turn 79 this month. We will head to one enormous event early on and then we will all head back to HQ to tidy up. I'm thinking about staying late one evening and installing a hot tub in the back of the store. Right in front of psychoanalysis. I plan to leave enough room to browse in between the hot tub and the books. I'll examine the pros and cons before following through. I will keep you all posted.
So if you scroll down a bit you will see mention of a sale. The nature of our business means that we have a number of pricey books. We are having a summer sale on some of these gorgeous manuals of smarty-pants. Everyone knows that summer is a time of cool refreshments, sunshine, and books that dive deeply into the clinical aspects of mental health. I believe the beach boys wrote a tune about this. It is called Kokomo.
Did you know that you can sing the words "summertime is here" along with the melody for Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here? It's such a beautiful melody. Give it a go! Every season deserves a beautiful melody and I believe you do as well.
Even though it is a bad idea I sometimes wish I could ride a polar bear around. That polar bear and me would be such good pals. See you in August my lovelies.


Our 2019 Catalogue is absolutely scrumptious. We sent a bunch out to those who asked us to. Did you not get one? Would you like one? please email us here

Guess what? We're *finally* having a sale on select publishers (the expensive ones, at that)!
We're offering 15% off of all Routledge, Karnac, CRC Press, Psychology Press, Gestalt Press, Speechmark AND Left Coast Press titles.
The sale starts right now—yes, right now, you read it correctly—and goes through the rest of the summer.
Come visit us at the store or at any of our conference book stalls, we'll be happy to show you what's what. The sale is also available through our website, so no need to worry about missing out of you're not in Toronto.
News and Announcements
1. Gabor Maté: Peer Orientation: Why Children are Stressed, Why Parents and Teachers Are Disempowered and How To Restore a Healthy Balance in Adult-Child Relationships / Fostering Resilience in a Stressed Culture, July 5 @ Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

2. No more events for July? Ok. Let's have fun then . . .

We have a smouldering Infant, Child, and Adolescent section for those with clinical leanings. It is right by Sam's desk on the west wall. It is very useful and welcoming.
"A tour de force. This book elaborates in exquisite detail--yet with utter accessibility and clarity--what mindfulness is and where it comes from, as well as its profound ethical foundation, clinical applications, growing evidence base, and potential for healing. The depth of the case studies alone exemplifies the elemental wisdom inherent to the practice of mindfulness, and how it can be applied in trying and challenging life situations to beneficial effect."--Jon Kabat-Zinn
Hot Off The Press!
Click here a quick list of this month's Newsletter picks and highlights.

The Edge of Every Day: Sketches of Schizophrenia
Marin Sardy

The debut of an important new literary voice: an extraordinarily affecting, fiercely intelligent memoir that unflinchingly traces the path of the schizophrenia that runs in the author's family.
Against the starkly beautiful backdrop of Anchorage, Alaska, where the author grew up, Marin Sardy weaves a fearless account of the shapeless thief--the schizophrenia--that kept her mother immersed in a world of private delusion and later manifested in her brother, ultimately claiming his life. [More. . .]

A Primer for Forgetting: Getting Past the Past
Lewis Hyde

“One of our true superstars of nonfiction” (David Foster Wallace), Lewis Hyde offers a playful and inspiring defense of forgetfulness by exploring the healing effect it can have on the human psyche.

We live in a culture that prizes memory—how much we can store, the quality of what’s preserved, how we might better document and retain the moments of our life while fighting off the nightmare of losing all that we have experienced. [More. . .]

Finding Your Best Self: Recovery from Addiction, Trauma, or Both, Revised Edition
Lisa M. Najavits

Addiction and trauma specialist Lisa Najavits (creator of the evidence-based Seeking Safety treatment model) has trained thousands of therapists in innovative techniques to help people heal and reclaim their lives. [More. . .]

Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success
Michael Ungar

How much do grit and positive thinking matter when the world around you is starved of support and opportunity?

Finally, a book that explains why self-help gurus and motivational speakers mostly fail to deliver, and what really produces results. [More. . .]

The Valedictorian of Being Dead: The True Story of Dying Ten Times to Live

Heather B. Armstrong

In 2016, Heather found herself in the depths of a depression she just couldn’t shake, an episode darker and longer than anything she had previously experienced. She had never felt so discouraged by the thought of waking up in the morning, and it threatened to destroy her life. So, for the sake of herself and her family, Heather decided to risk it all by participating in an experimental clinical trial involving a chemically induced coma approximating brain death. [More. . .]

Indigenous Education: New Directions in Theory and Practice
Tomlins Jahnke Huia, Sandra Styres, Spencer Lilley, and Dawn Zinga (Eds)

For Indigenous students and teachers alike, formal teaching and learning occurs in contested places. In Indigenous Education, leading scholars in contemporary Indigenous education from North America and the Pacific Islands disentangle aspects of education from colonial relations to advance a new, Indigenously-informed philosophy of instruction. [More. . .]

Mikey Discovers his Superpower
Lorena Dolinar

Mikey is a boy who worries a lot. He has trouble enjoying life, and spends his days playing games on his tablet and ignoring the world. Eventually, his mom takes away his tablet, and Mikey doesn’t know what to do. He feels bad about himself, and cries alone in his room. However, his friend Nia knows how to help him. She has a superpower, and Mikey does too—it’s a superpower that everybody has! [More. . .]
There is a place in Toronto that sells hay flavoured gelato. Hay honey caramel actually.

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