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Table of Contents
1.  Greetings from Neil
2.  This month's featured staff member: Vivian Kendal-Kong
3.  Vicki's Book of the Month
4.  News and Announcements
5.  Hot Off The Press!
6.  Reviews of Duckworth's Grit and Treadway's Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries
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We've got textbooks!

Welcome to the month of dress-up, ghouls, candy, and All Hallows' Eve. Muahahahahahahaha. Caversham will turn 28 this month. We are very pleased about this. Our conference season is now well underway. We have these amazing crates. They were made just for us years ago and they are indestructible and sized just for books. We do a lot of loading and unloading of vans with these crates.  Sometimes as many as forty crates of books ride in the back of a van along with one, or two, of Caversham's magnificent seven. It is very important to be mindful of one's back health. Please be very careful when lifting heavy things. Don't be a hero, keep the back pain at zero. 
            I'll Write Your Name on Every Beach is a new book by Susan Auerbach that discusses her son's suicide, in 2013, and is aimed at including others in her journey.  The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist is a modern classic that is back on our shelves due to all our excitement around attending the recent Leading Edge Seminar with Dr. Norman Doidge.  Karl has also compiled a gorgeous list of new books of note.  As if all this were not enough we also have two book reviews for you this month.  Renaissance man Karl provides a window into his thoughts on Angela Duckworth's Grit and one of our esteemed customers, Sharon Y. Ramsay, has generously written her appreciation for David Treadway's Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries.  To October. . .and beyond!

Caversham Employee Spotlight!
Vivian Kendal-Kong
Vivian is one third of the front of house people.  Here she is!:

The baby of the Caverfam, Vivian enjoys a range of mostly creative pastimes, such as playing the piano, drawing, photography, embroidery, and writing in 3rd person. Vivian also enjoys nights in with her wife and elderly, formerly-overweight asthmatic cat, beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, and figuring out how to build Ikea furniture. A nerd at heart, Vivian is still confused as to how geek became chic, but is learning to accept that her interests are now half-way mainstream and generally accepted by society. A former globe-trotter, Vivian is glad to have settled down in the bustling multicultural metropolis of Toronto, and is glad to have found a home with the family at Caversham. Vivian is not always the best at talking about herself (especially when writing biographical blurbs), but finds that humor is a good way to deflect her discomfort. She looks forward to helping you in the store, on the phone, or by email, the next time the opportunity arises.
Vicki's Book of the Month
Cover image for Collected Tarts and Other Indelicacies
After 13 years of training to be a psychotherapist, I graduated in May. The first book, for pleasure and not academia, I found my way to was Collected Tarts & Other Indelicacies by the great Tabatha Southey. Yes, that Tabatha Southey – one of our nations’ moral compasses, our quintessential Canadian snark-meister, and feminist-voice-of-reason in dark-alt-right times.
Collected Tarts is an escape back into the tribe you know you belong to. Some of these 101 essays (articles written from 1999-to now) will be familiar to you because it is likely that you have sipped a Saturday-Joe pouring over a national paper reading Tabatha Southey’s column.
This is a book for the wounded healers and also the worried-well -- for the clinician but also a book that can be recommended to clients. In these unsettling gas-lighting times, Tabatha Southey is not just entertaining, she is good-medicine for the heart and the mind. Reading this book, in of itself, is an act of self-care.  
News and Announcements
1. October Event Announcements:

Robin Shapiro - Ego State Therapy in Trauma: For EMDR and Non-EMDR Therapists - Oct 13 & 14

Emotion-Focused Therapy: The Transforming Power of Affect (OPA Psychotherapy Section's 2017 Fall Conference) - Oct 14th

Transcending Trauma Through The Arts - Oct 14th 

Caversham turns 28 on Oct 15th!

Martin Antony, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, and Anger, Oct 19 & 20

AFCC(O) 9th Annual Conference - Oct 19th & 20th

Christine Padesky - Action-Packed CBT: More Walk Less Talk - Ottawa Oct 26-27

Douglas Turkington - CBT for Psychosis - Oct 26th

21st Annual Day in Applied Psychoanalysis - Oct 28th

Christine Padesky - Action-Packed CBT: More Walk Less Talk -Toronto Oct 30 & 31

Dan Hughes - Healing Developmental Trauma: Attachment-Focused Interventions for Children, Teens, and their Families - Nov 2nd & 3rd

The Ontario Psychological Association's 70th Annual Conference - Nov 2nd-4th

Philip Kendall - Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment for Anxiety in Youth: Practical Evidence-Based Strategies - Nov 3rd 

2. Textbooks

We carry textbooks for the following schools: TIRP, OISE (Counselling Programs), U of T (some classes), TICP, ATPPP, CTP, and OPC. Come on by to pick them up, or feel free to call or email us and we'll help you get sorted out.

3. Invitation to Submit Reviews

Have you read a book from Caversham that you loved?  Would you like to submit a 150-word review of it?  How about this:  If we use your review in our newsletter we will give you 20% off any regular priced book!  Then, conceivably, you would love that book, then you would write a review, then you would get another deal on your next book, then you would write a review, etc. What came first? The the book or the egg? The book. The book came first. No egg Neil. No one mentioned an egg.
Please send reviews to
Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view the complete list of new titles.
Cover image for Becoming Myself
Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist's Memoir by Irvin D. Yalom
Bestselling writer and psychotherapist Irvin D. Yalom puts himself on the couch in a lapidary memoir

Irvin D. Yalom has made a career of investigating the lives of others. In this profound memoir, he turns his writing and his therapeutic eye on himself. He opens his story with a nightmare: He is twelve, and is riding his bike past the home of an acne-scarred girl. Like every morning, he calls out, hoping to befriend her, "Hello Measles!" But in his dream, the girl's father makes Yalom understand that his daily greeting had hurt her. For Yalom, this was the birth of empathy; he would not forget the lesson. As Becoming Myself unfolds, we see the birth of the insightful thinker whose books have been a beacon to so many. This is not simply a man's life story, Yalom's reflections on his life and development are an invitation for us to reflect on the origins of our own selves and the meanings of our lives.
Cover image for State of Affairs
The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity
Esther Perel
Affairs have a lot to teach us about the human heart—what we expect, what we think we want, and what we feel entitled to. They offer a unique window into our personal and cultural attitudes about love, lust, and commitment. Through examining illicit love from multiple angles, Perel invites readers into an honest, enlightened, and entertaining exploration of modern marriage in its many variations.

Cover image for Everyday Mindfulness for OCD
Everyday Mindfulness for OCD: Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Living Joyfully
by Jon Hershfield and Shala Nicely
Don’t just survive—thrive. In Everyday Mindfulness for OCD, two experts in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) offer a blend of mindfulness, humor, and self-compassion to help you stop dwelling on what’s wrong and start enhancing what’s right—leading to a more joyful life.
Cover image for Art Therapy in Private Practice
 Art Therapy in Private Practice: Theory, Practice and Research in Changing Contexts
by James West, Joan Woddis, and Chris Wood 
As perspectives on private art therapy practice evolve, this book provides an overview of the range of approaches, clinical settings, ethical issues and professional considerations when working outside of the formal structures of publically-funded services.
Cover image for CBT for Hoarding Disorder
CBT for Hoarding Disorder: A Group Therapy Program Workbook
David F Tolin, Blaise L Worden, and Bethany M Wootton 
Part of a two-component product with a companion therapist's guide, CBT for Hoarding Disorder: Client Workbook guides patients struggling with hoarding disorder who are enrolled in a comprehensive CBT group program through the therapeutic process of addressing and overcoming their difficulties.
Cover image for Why Won't You Apologize?
Why Won't You Apologize?: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts
by Harriet Lerner
Renowned psychologist and bestselling author of The Dance of Anger sheds new light on the two most important words in the English language—I’m sorry—and offers a unique perspective on the challenge of healing broken connections and restoring trust.
Book Reviews

Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance
by Angela Duckworth

I decided to review Duckworth’s Grit after seeing so many of you pick it up at conferences. I found this book to be quite an enjoyable and interesting read. Divided into three parts, she discusses what  ‘having grit’ means as well as how to foster it, both from the inside, by finding and practicing what one is passionate about, as well as ‘from the outside’, by promoting a culture of grit. It was extremely well researched, showing many examples of people who find a personally worthy cause and stick tenaciously with it. Duckworth also helpfully provides simple means to determine one’s own grittiness as well as some useful means of improving it. It was also interesting to read the many references to CBT, positive psychology as well as to Flow by Csikszentmihalyi. At some points, I think that she has gone too far in being obsessed with and promoting grit, to the exclusion of any other virtues, perhaps such as happiness and enjoyment. Certainly, it is possible to live a balanced and fulfilling life without being a ‘paragon of grit’. However, it is also true that finding one’s passion and practicing it everyday is a great way to develop both expertise as well as personal satisfaction at accomplishment. I tend to agree with Duckworth, that everyone could use a little more grit.

Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries : Stories of Clinicians and Clients 
by David Treadway

I have a thing for complexity.  In the midst of emerging trends in psychotherapy, new evidence-based practices and the competition for efficacy, I find myself wanting to simply be myself with my clients in each therapeutic hour.  Intimacy, change and other therapeutic mysteries by David C. Treadway (Guilford, 2004) was a book I took on a tropical vacation and it captured my attention as if it were an engrossing novel.  Highlighting the complexity of the work of therapy, Treadway shifts the reader’s attention from clever questions and fantastic outcomes towards the overlap between the parallel struggles and joys of life for the clinician and the client. Whether you take a vacation or make space for a staycation, I recommend this book as a reality check to enliven the time you devote to your personal and professional lives.

Sharon Y. Ramsay, MDiv, RP, RMFT
Toronto ON

For those who missed it, here is what our store looked like 25 years ago. Not much has changed!
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