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Well hello there! A pleasure as always. First of all Why Arendt Matters is one of the best books I ever read. Second of all I owe you guys an apology as last month's newsletter was a little light. I wasn't quite as charming as usual (guilty as charged) and there was no book review. To be honest I was rushing to get the newsletter out before I went on tour with the band you hear when you call us and we put you on hold. It was very difficult for us to play into a can on the end of a string and pipe it back to Caversham, every time someone was put on hold, but we managed. My wife and sister-in-law met us at the end of the tour. My sister in law works at Vantage Community Services. They are worth a peek and have quite a lovely newsletter themselves. Anyway I was unfairly multi-tasking and the newsletter was on the receiving end of the neglect. Never again I say! This month we have a smouldering book review from Karl as well as many irreplaceable new titles for which we must give mention. We had a busy November going to many events. I am very impressed by the resilience and good nature of my co-workers. I shall use my virtual soapbox to give a shout out to Joe, Janet, Karl, Sam, Narmada, and Noah. I swear Ra's Al Ghul would recruit them all if they weren't such beautiful, and peaceful, souls.
We are having a sale on DVDs! In stock only on a huge number of select titles. do not miss out on this gargantuan sale!
Gohereplease: The DVD sale link.
Parking on Harbord Street can, on occasion, be scarce. We have a specific space behind the store that may be available to you if you give us a call before you arrive. 416-944-0962.
And here we have the newest title from Sue Johnson ahead of its release date. A very special thanks to our friends at Guilford for getting it to us so quickly and to Sue Johnson for writing it. Please click your mouse on the image to learn more.
The Art of C.G. Jung
C.G. Jung.
A lavishly illustrated volume of C.G. Jung’s visual work, from drawing to painting to sculpture.

The landmark publication of C.G. Jung’s The Red Book spurred enormous interest in Jung—not just as a founding figure in modern psychology, but also as a creative man with tremendous figurative [More. . .]

News and Announcements

There are three musicians who work at Caversham. It was only a matter of time before a Music and Sound section snuck in. We sneeked it in. We totally sneeked it. It is located to the left of Internal Family Systems on the east wall.
Events this month:
1. Leading Edge Seminars: Get Some Sleep: CBT-I for treating insomnia & co-morbid conditions w/ Colleen Carney, December 3 & 4 @ Multi-Faith Centre, Toronto.
2. Collaborative and Proactive Solutions: Understanding and Helping Students with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Challenges w/ Ross Greene, December 4 & 5 @ SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health, Toronto.
3. Leading Edge Seminars: What Every Couple Needs To Know: The Science and Sense of Love w/Sue Johnson evening of December 6 @ ROM, Toronto.
4. Leading Edge Seminars: Case Studies with Sue Johnson: Using the Wisdom of EFT to Overcome Clinical Impasses in Couples Therapy, December 7 @ YWCA, Toronto.
5. The Ontario Association of Behaviour Analysis annual conference, December 6 & 7 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto.
The Therapeutic Relationship is Your Most Powerful Tool (And Biggest Pitfall): Relational Strategies To Effectively Treat Challenging Clients w/ Robert T. Muller, December 10 & 11 @ SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health, Toronto.
Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Coping with Critical, Demanding, and Dysfunctional Parents
David M. Allen

Do you have a parent who is invalidating, critical, demanding, or hateful? In this important and much-needed guide, you’ll learn how to set boundaries; uncover the hidden motives behind your parent’s behavior; put a stop to repetitive, hurtful interactions; and foster healthier relationships. [More. . .]

Me and My So-Called Friends
Sharon Neiss-Arbess

When a teen girl is left alone without any friends, it’s like nothing else matters.It’s August and 15-year-old Lizzie Stein has returned from camp to start ninth grade. The moment she steps foot onto her pink plush rug in her bedroom and tries to reconnect with her three best friends, she begins to realize that they suddenly don’t seem like the friends she used to know. Then there’s math class that makes her all dizzy while [More. . .]

Be With: Letters to a Caregiver
Mike Barnes

Drawing on the author’s seven years of caring for his mother through Alzheimer’s, Be With: Letters to a Caregiver is what its title promises: four dispatches to an anonymous long-term caregiver. In brief passages that cast fresh light on what it means to live with dementia, Barnes shares trials, insights, solace—and, ultimately, inspiration. [more. . .]

Forces of Destiny
Christopher Bollas

Christopher Bollas is one of the most expressive and eloquent exponents of the ideas, meanings and experience of psychoanalysis currently writing. He has a real gift for taking the reader into the fine texture of the psychoanalytic process. Forces of Destiny examines and reflects on one of the most fundamental questions – what is it that is unique about us as individuals? [. . .] Forces of Destiny was Bollas’ second book.[More. . .]

How to Grieve Like a Champ
Lianna Champ

Author Lianna Champ has nearly 40 years’ experience in funeral care and bereavement counselling. She is passionate about improving our relationship with death and dying, teaching us that if we live well we can die well. This beautifully presented book is both comforting [more. . .]


Finding Our Way: Family Experiences in Mental Health
Stuart Clarfield (ed)

In the words of family members & support practitioners; real stories from families who have faced and managed mental illness and recovery.

When a mental illness touches a family, each family member is often impacted and challenged to find a path forward toward recovery. [More. . .]

Treating PTSD: A Compassion-Focused CBT Approach
Shirley Porter

Treating PTSD presents a comprehensive, compassion-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach that provides therapists with the evidence-based information they need to understand trauma’s effects on the mind and body as well as the phases of healing. [more. . .]

Thinking in Bets - Annie Duke
As an amateur poker player, I've known about Annie Duke for a while - she writes great poker books that are full of cutting insight and ask the reader to reevaluate how they think about problems. So, I was intrigued when I saw she had written "Thinking in Bets" aimed at a much larger audience. It turns out, this book is awesome, full of ways to challenge one's core beliefs and make better decisions in life. Duke trained as a research psychologist before she got cold feet about academia and ran off to play poker instead. As it turns out, poker is a very complicated game that is as difficult to master as chess, but also, seems to be a great analogue to the messiness of life. With possibility and chance, there is an unpredictability to poker that forces you to try to make the best of situations despite having limited information. Duke challenges us to be more comfortable in saying that we are unsure of what is the best course of action and get away from being terrified of being wrong. By thinking in terms of bets, she asks us to put a value on how certain we feel about information or decisions, rather than automatically trusting in our beliefs. The most interesting parts of this book are about joining / using peer groups of people who are capable of challenging us to make better decisions, even if it means uncovering our cherished beliefs as false. Drawing on great research and current psychological thought and filled with exciting examples, this book is recommended for anyone who wants to be better at making life's decisions.

We shall not see her like again. March 3rd, 1946 - December 1st, 2011
Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

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