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And my head raises up from the homemade paper on which I write this newsletter under the mysterious reveal of candlelight and I see. . .oh hello there. We have been busy. Thanks for your patience last month with the tardy newsletter. I like to believe you were all checking your inboxes daily until it finally appeared. It is possible you have other things to worry about so my fantasy may be just that. We have had a lovely time with a book launch (see below), some lovely conferences, some grand exchanges in the shop as well as through electronic mail, and even the odd celebrity customer.
May will be our busiest month in a long time. We are at so many events that it will be harder to not bump into us than anything else. We run around like happy chickens with a purpose (as well as fully intact heads) and we drop the odd thing and have to pick it up again. The HQ on Harbord street is forever in a state of flux. Books are coming and going. If you ever find yourself with an obstacle between you and the section you would like to browse then please let us know and we will remove the obstacle. You are always correct to ask and we are always incorrect to have the obstacle. Though the state of our affairs means that the obstacles keep appearing we do endeavour to remove them until they stay gone. Thanks for reading and please, read below. So many new titles and gorgeous. . .titles.
Newsletter Neil

We had a lovely launch for Kim Shilson's new book on April 30th.  It was well attended and enjoyed by all. Here we see a Kim and, her lovely dog, Dixie.           
Parking on Harbord Street can, on occasion, be scarce. We have a specific space behind the store that may be available to you if you give us a call before you arrive. 416-944-0962.
Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, 8th Edition
Derald Wing Sue,  David Sue, Halen A. Neville, and Laura Smith
Oh my gosh look at those beautiful canoes! (Newsletter Neil note)
A brand new, fully updated edition of the most widely-used, frequently-cited, and critically acclaimed multicultural text in the mental health field [More. . ]
News and Announcements
Upcoming events! (alas a few have already passed— I am truly sorry)
Dalton and Associates - Lane Pederson, May 4-5 @ Courtyard Marriott, Brampton
2019 Continuum Conference - Radius Child and Youth Services, May 6 - 7 @ Hotel Novotel, North York, Toronto
7th Biennial Body Image and Self-esteem Conference - National Eating Disorder Information Centre , May 9-10 @ Chestnut Conference Centre, Toronto
Leading Edge Seminars: Calming the Emotional Storm: Using DBT to Help Your Clients Manage Their Emotions, Sheri Van Dijk, May 9-10 @ Multi-Faith Centre, Toronto
OACCPP: CBT for Depression & Suicide Workshop, May 9-11 @ Oakham House, Toronto
CMHA: Roadmaps to Resiliency, May 13-14
Leading Edge Seminars: Dierdre Fay: Easing the Wounded Heart: Self-Compassion as the Foundation for Healing, May 13-14 @ Multi-Faith Centre, Toronto
Canadian Music Therapy Conference, May 23-25 @ Doubletree by Hilton, Gatineau, QC
Brainspotting Phase 1: 3-Day Certification Training, May 23-25 @ Multif-Faith Centre, Toronto
MDPAC 32nd Annual Conference: Expanding Psychotherapy Horizons, May 24-25 @ Radisson Admiral, Toronto
Mindful Society pre-conference workshop w/Dan Siegel, May 23 @ Chestnut Conference Centre, Toronto
A Mindful Society 2019 conference w/ Dan Siegel, May 24-26, @ Chestnut Conference Centre, Toronto
A Mindful Society post-conference workshop with Thupten Jinpa, May 27 @ Chestnut Conference Centre, Toronto
The 7th Annual Addictions and Mental Health Conference, May 27-29 @ Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto
Sue Johnson Externship, May 29-June 1 @ Oakham House, Toronto
AFCC 56th Annual Conference - The Future of Family Justice: International Innovations, May 29 - June 1 @ Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre, Toronto
Leading Edge Seminars: Advice to Future Corpses: Dealing w/ Loss and Grief w/ Sallie Tisdale, May 30-31 @ Multi-Faith Centre, Toronto
Our spring catalogue is here! Email us here if you want us to send you a print version.
We are still having a sale on DVDs! In stock only on a huge number of select titles. do not miss out on this gargantuan sale! Gohereplease.
Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Everything in its Place
Oliver Sacks

From the bestselling author of Gratitude and On the Move, a final volume of essays that showcases Sacks's broad range of interests--from his passions for ferns, swimming, and horsetails, to his final case histories exploring schizophrenia, dementia, and Alzheimer's. [More. . .]

Treating PTSD in Military Personnel: A Clinical Handbook 2nd Edition
Bret A. Moore, and Walter E. Penk

This state-of-the-science guide to assessing and treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in active-duty service members and veterans has now been extensively revised with 65% new material. [More. . .]

No Surrender: The Land Remains Indigenous
Sheldon Krasowski

Between 1869 and 1877 the government of Canada negotiated Treaties One through Seven with the Indigenous peoples of the Great Plains. [. . .] newly uncovered eyewitness accounts show that the Canadian government had a strategic plan to deceive over the “surrender clause” and land sharing. [more. . .]

Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, 3d Edition
Fred R. Volkmar (Edt)

Interest in autism and related disorders has exploded. Established as an essential book on this complex syndrome, the new edition has been extensively revised to reflect significant advances in research. [More. . .]

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook
Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, and Matthew McKay

The go-to resource for stress reduction strategies that can be incorporated into even the busiest lives.[More. . .]

Imperfect: A Story of Body Image
Dounya Awada

Dounya, a Muslim girl living in Las Vegas, Nevada, shares her very personal story of battling eating disorders when she was a teenager, in order to help other young people suffering from this affliction.
[More. . .]

Madness, Violence, and Power
Andrea Daley,  Lucy Costa, and Peter Beresford (Eds)

Madness, Violence, and Power opens up new thinking and engages fresh evidence and standpoints to challenge conventional understandings of the relation between mental health service users/survivors and violence. [More]


The Soul of Narcissism
Christian Fierens

The notion of narcissism introduced by Sigmund Freud has become a victim of its own success. On the one hand, with its emphasis on self-love and new forms of well-being, it can take the form of a celebration of the self. On the other, with its range of negatively associated character traits, it has given rise to a burgeoning field of narcissistic pathologies. [More. . .]

Ghosts Within: Journeying Through PTSD
Garry Leech

Leech removes some of the stigmas, fears and ignorance related to PTSD in particular, and mental illness in general, by shedding light on a largely invisible illness that mostly manifests itself behind the closed doors of our homes. Ultimately, the book uses a journalist’s journey through PTSD to provide a message of hope for all those who suffer from this illness. [More. . .]

The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Violent Crime
Michael H. Stone

Revisiting Dr. Michael Stone's groundbreaking 22-level Gradations of Evil Scale, a hierarchy of evil behavior first introduced in the book The Anatomy of Evil, Stone and Dr. Gary Brucato, a fellow violence and serious psychopathology expert, here provide even more detail, using dozens of cases to exemplify the categories along the continuum. The New Evil also presents compelling evidence that, since a cultural tipping-point in the 1960s, certain types of violent crime have emerged that in earlier decades never or very rarely occurred. [more]

Freud In Cambridge
Ellie Kazemi, Brian Rice, and Peter Adzhyan

Freud may never have set foot in Cambridge - that hub for the twentieth century's most influential thinkers and scientists - but his intellectual impact there in the years between the two World Wars was immense. This is a story that has long languished untold, buried under different accounts of the dissemination of psychoanalysis. [more]
My cat tortures ants. She picks them up with her teeth and shakes them vigorously from side to side. Then she puts them back down and then lets them try and fight for their life for a moment or two. She repeats the process and eventually provides the ant with a slow, and painful, death. Her name is Xena. Do not copy Xena's approach please. Try and find the beauty in others instead of contributing to the groundwork for a slow, and painful, death.

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