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3.  Hot Off The Press!
4.  Neil's review of Meaning and Melancholia
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Well, welcome to 2019. I hope new year's eve was civilized and enjoyable for everyone. We closed early and all lived life to the fullest. I think the publishers have resolutions in mind when they release a book like this on new year's eve. New beginnings and clean slates and whathaveyou. So many books could be extra relevant at the beginning of January. How about this one, or that one, or Eat Right Feel Right? I never manage to confirm any new year's resolutions myself. I'm always too busy being annoyed about the ones I did not make the previous year. While my eyebrows are fully crumpled the time flies by and, soon enough, it is 2020. . .whoa! Easy Neil. Easy. 2019 will do just fine.
Our January is a little quiet on paper but, in person, it is still somewhat hectic. It may look like we just take books out of boxes and move them around until we put them in other boxes so they can be sent away. Sometimes that is exactly what is going on but sometimes there is more to it. Like a beautiful onion slowly revealing its layers. You'll find all about the nitty gritty of book selling when I publish my memoirs. The working title is The High Octane Life of Newsletter Neil. I'll keep you posted.
In February we will count all our books and make official notes on our findings. Then we'll resume the conference trail after that. Until then we are cleaning up and looking under rocks, and under desks, to make sure no eggnog has been forgotten. We have an abnormally large list of new books as well (see below).
In any case I cannot think of a better bunch of pairs of eyes to head into the next 365 with. Thanks for being here.
We are having a sale on DVDs! In stock only on a huge number of select titles. do not miss out on this gargantuan sale!
Gohereplease: The DVD sale link.
Parking on Harbord Street can, on occasion, be scarce. We have a specific space behind the store that may be available to you if you give us a call before you arrive. 416-944-0962.
The cost of shipping is going up everywhere I tell you. It was only a matter of time before everywhere included Caversham. Ground shipping to most of Canada will be a flat rate of $5, free on orders over $100, pretax. Shipping to remote areas in Canada, or requests for faster delivery will be calculated on a case-by-case basis, as will international orders. Thank you for your understanding and perfect nature.
We are very excited about the newest title from Stan Tatkin.
Committing fully to a loving partnership—a “we”—can be one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences you’ll ever have. Yet as anyone in a long-term relationship will tell you, it can also be one of the most challenging. Almost half of all first marriages end in divorce, and chances go down from there. So, how do you beat the odds? In We Do, psychotherapist Stan Tatkin provides a groundbreaking system for helping couples create meaningful, enduring relationships. 
According to Tatkin, all couples—once major deal-breakers are out of the way—have the potential for [more. . .]
The Red Book Hours: Discovering C.G. Jung's Art Mediums and Creative Process
Jill Mellick
A unique study of and reference work on Carl Gustav Jung’s monumental Red Book (Liber Novus).
In 1913, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and theorist Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961) experienced powerful visions, often terrifying. However, seeing their great potential value he found ways to encourage further [More. . .]

News and Announcements

We at Caversham are very pleased to newly distribute the magnificent catalogue of Barcelona Publishers. Their music therapy books are second to none and we look forward to showing them to you. Yes indeed.

Events this month:
Well, this month is a quiet one. We will be feverishly trying to get the store looking like the pristine headquarters of a James Bond villain. I should say that we are not villains. We simply admire the cleanliness of some villains. We are friends. Your friends. Each other's friends. Friends. Not villains. Happy new year.
Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Thinking Good, Feeling Better
Paul Stallard

Instructional resource for mental health clinicians on using cognitive behavioural therapy with adolescents and young adults. This book complements Think Good, Feel Good (now in a brand new 2nd ed) [More. . .]

The Challenging Child Toolbox
Mitch Abblett

Working with resistant, oppositional, emotionally dysregulated, and angry kids can be exhausting, frustrating and leave clinicians feeling burnt out. Dr. Mitch Abblett has created [more. . .]

Cannabinoids and the Brain
Linda A. Parker

A review of the scientific evidence on the effects of cannabinoids on brain and behavioral functioning, with an emphasis on potential therapeutic use. The cannabis plant has been used for recreational and medicinal purposes for more than 4,000 years, but  [more. . .]

Mindfulness in Nature
Nina Smiley and David Harp

Mindfulness in Nature helps readers separate themselves from their busy lives, and allows them to engage in a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the natural world around them through meditative practice.
[More. . .]

Social Media and Mental Health : Handbook for Teens
Claire Edwards

This illustrated teen's guide to surviving social media will offer handy tips on what platforms are out there, outline how and why social media can affect your mental health, [More. . .]
There is also a
Handbook for Parents and Guardians.

Taming Sneaky Fears: Leo the Lion's Story of Bravery & Inside Leo's Den: The Workbook
Diane Benoit, Suneeta Monga | Illustrated by Pia Reyes

Taming Sneaky Fears starts with Leo the Lion’s Story of Bravery, and the included, Inside Leo the Lion’s Den: How to Tame Your Sneaky Fears workbook [More. . .]

Clinical Handbook of Emotion-Focused Therapy
Leslie S. Greenberg  and Rhonda Goldman

Through Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), clients learn to rule their emotions, instead of letting their emotions rule them. With guidance from [more. . .]

Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on the Spiritual and Scientific Views of Our Minds 
Dalai Lama XIV

This book, designed as a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Western neuroscientists, [more. . .]


The Anxiety Cure: Live a Life Free From Panic — The Proven Programme 
Klaus Bernhardt

The highly effective guide to finding the calm within yourself. Everyone worries, but if worry has taken over your life and has taken the form of anxiety and panic, it’s time to take control and claim your life back. Pioneering psychotherapist Klaus Bernhardt’s proven [More. . .]

Anesthesia: The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness
Kate Cole-Adams

Anesthetize: to render insensible
First there’s the injection, then the countdown—and next thing you know, you’re awake. Anesthesia: The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness is [more. . .]

New Paradigm Psychology: Embracing the New - Putting the Heart Into Counseling and Psychology Practice
Claudia Vayda

Become an incredibly effective agent of therapeutic and transformational change for your clients, eliminate burnout, and help facilitate outstanding clinical result [more. . .]

Idiomatic Expressions and Somatic Experience in Psychoanalysis: Relational and Inter-Subjective Perspectives
Ravit Raufman

Idiomatic Expressions and Somatic Experience in Psychoanalysis examines how verbal and non-verbal [more. . .]

Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance
Alex Hutchison

From the National Magazine Award-winning Runner’s World columnist, frequent New Yorker online contributor, and Cambridge-trained physicist: a fascinating and definitive exploration of the revolutionary new science of endurance [more. . .]

Research in Analytical Psychology: Applications from Scientific, Historical, and Cross-Cultural Research
Joseph Cambray and Leslie Sawin (Eds)

. . .highlights approaches to understanding the psyche and investigating its components, and offers a Jungian perspective [more. . .]

Trauma and Madness in Mental Health Services
Noël Hunter

How do survivors of child abuse, bullying, chronic oppression and discrimination, and other developmental traumas adapt to such unimaginable situations?
[more. . .]

Handbook of Ethical Foundations of Mindfulness
Steven Stanley, Ronald E. Purser, and Nirbhay N. Singh (Eds)

This handbook explores the multifaceted ethical dimensions of mindfulness, from early Buddhist sources to [more. . .]

Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism
Barb Cook and Michelle Garnett (Eds)

This is an edited collection that tackles a range of issues that affect autistic women, including chapters on growing up, identity, diversity, parenting, independence, [more. . .]


Meaning and Melancholia 
Christopher Bollas

Well I must say that I could not put this book down and am currently reading it again. Being the slowest reader in the world means that reading anything twice is usually out of the question. This book has been very popular with our customers from all professional, and non-professional, outlooks. This surprises me not at all as it smoothly discusses our society in terms of a collective, single, psyche to great effect. Bollas does it again. If you give it a whirl you will likely be happy you did. - Neil

Can't we all just get along? Eh? From top left to top right to bottom left to bottom right we have empathy, a good chunk of the back wall, a best seller that is uniting many, a long overdue think machine, a book we could all use, a book we have all opened, a smashing insight into Lacan, and When the Body Says No. We have good books here. We also love you and your tastes. Happy new year.
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