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Hello everyone. Look no further than Caversham for scrumptious gift ideas. Our Noah has cobbled up a formidable presentation of mouth watering goodies here. There are so many books to tell you about. Continue scrolling for all the irresistables!
You should see our entrance my lovelies. It is beautiful. There is a stanchion and a wooden horse and some plexiglas. It is a drag that you cannot walk around and browse but we surely have been enjoying the one-on-one aspect of seeing some of you, bringing you books to peruse, and machines to tap. 
Karl's Leviathan makes an appearance at the end of this newsletter. Do enjoy it.  We will definitely squeeze another newsletter in before the end of the year but, for now, Joe, Janet, Karl, Noah, and myself all wish you health, rewarding distancing, and a happy December as we cautiously peer around the corner to 2021.
-Newsletter Neil
We are back to having a small number of gremlins in the store and closed to browsing. We are doing curbside pickup and delivery so please call, email, or submit what you need through the website. We are at your service.
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Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Asylum Squad: In Solidarity 1e

After the Ajna Project, Liz Madder finds herself in supportive subsidized housing as she attempts to get her life in order. When a handsome young man enters the picture, it looks like things might be turning around for her. But what happened to the old gang from the Asylum Squad, and why does Liz continue to have strange dreams reminiscent of her time in the experimental drug trials? Was Proniropol successful for all? [More. . .]

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The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Sixth Edition
Irvin Yalom

The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy has been the standard text in the field for decades. In this completely updated sixth edition, Dr. Yalom and Dr. Leszcz draw on a decade of new research as well as their broad clinical wisdom and expertise. Each chapter is revised, reflecting the most recent developments in the field. There are new sections throughout, including online group therapy, modern analytic and relational approaches, interpersonal neurobiology, measurement-based care, culture and diversity, psychological trauma, and group therapy tailored for a range of clinical populations.  [More. . .]
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The Pain Management Workbook: Powerful CBT and Mindfulness Skills to Take Control of Pain and Reclaim Your Life
Rachel Zoffness

Change your brain, change your pain with this powerful, evidence-based workbook.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, you’re not alone: more than one hundred million Americans currently live with chronic pain. Yet, despite its prevalence, chronic pain is not well understood. Fortunately, research has emerged showing the effectiveness of a treatment model for pain management grounded in biology, psychology, and social functioning. [More. . .]
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Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children
Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky

A book to empower children's creativity, enhance play and encourage problem solving especially for early childhood professionals who advocate for play or are Reggio-inspired. Loose parts are natural or synthetic found, bought, or upcycled materials-acorns, hardware, stones, aluminum foil, fabric scraps, for example-that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play.[More. . .]

Diagnosing Learning Disorders: From Science to Practice, Third Edition
Bruce Pennington, Lauren McGrath, and Robin Peterson

A definitive reference--now extensively revised with 70% new material--this book presents cutting-edge knowledge on how learning disorders develop and how to diagnose and treat them effectively. In addition to dyslexia and mathematics disabilities, the book covers speech and language disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and intellectual disability. Accessibly written, it is grounded in genetics, neuroscience, and developmental neuropsychology. [More. . .]

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Frame It Again: New Tools for Rational Decision-Making 
José Luis Bermúdez

Framing effects are everywhere. An estate tax looks very different to a death tax. Gun safety seems to be one thing and gun control another. Yet, the consensus from decision theorists, finance professionals, psychologists, and economists is that frame-dependence is completely irrational. This book challenges that view. Some of the toughest decisions we face are just clashes between different frames. It is perfectly rational to value the same thing differently in two different frames, even when the decision-maker knows that these are really two sides of the same coin. [More. . .]
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In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths about Human Intelligence
Russell Warne

Emotional intelligence is an important trait for success at work. IQ tests are biased against minorities. Every child is gifted. Preschool makes children smarter. Western understandings of intelligence are inappropriate for other cultures. These are some of the statements about intelligence that are common in the media and in popular culture. But none of them are true. In the Know is a tour of the most common incorrect beliefs about intelligence and IQ. Written in a fantastically engaging way, each chapter is dedicated to correcting a misconception and explains the real science behind intelligence. [More. . .]
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Prescriber’s Guide: Essential Psychopharmacology, Seventh Edition | Paperback
Stephen Stahl

With the range of psychotropic drugs expanding and the usages of existing medications diversifying, we are pleased to present the Seventh Edition of the world's best-selling formulary in psychopharmacology. The new edition features nine new compounds as well as information about several new formulations of existing drugs. Many important new indications are covered for existing drugs, as are updates to the profiles of the entire content and collection, including new injectable and transdermal formulations, as well as updated warnings and indications. 
[More. . .]
Click here for the spiral-bound version!

Mindfulness for Adult ADHD: A Clinician's Guide
Lidia Zylowska and John T. Mitchell 

Mindfulness has emerged as a valuable component of treatment for adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This concise manual presents an evidence-based group intervention specifically tailored to the needs of this population. The Mindful Awareness Practices for ADHD (MAPs) program helps participants cultivate self-regulation of attention, emotions, and behavior; awareness of ADHD challenges; self-acceptance; and self-compassion. [More. . .]

See also!: The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD

Lacanian Psychoanalysis from Clinic to Culture | Series: Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research Library 
Berjanet Jazani

Using examples from cinema, artificial intelligence, and clinical and cultural references, the book covers major topics within the field, including dreams, the mirror phase, psychosis, hysteria, the position of the analyst, the drive, supervision and the symptom. Each is set within the context of our technologically oriented, market-based society and complemented with empirical vignettes. The book’s final section examines contemporary society and radicalization. [More. . .]
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The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person
Frederick Joseph

“We don’t see color.” “I didn’t know Black people liked Star Wars!” “What hood are you from?” For Frederick Joseph, life as a transfer student in a largely white high school was full of wince-worthy moments that he often simply let go. As he grew older, however, he saw these as missed opportunities not only to stand up for himself, but to spread awareness to those white people who didn’t see the negative impact they were having. [More. . .]
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Club Drugs and Novel Psychoactive Substsances: The Clinician's Handbook
Owen Bowden-Jones and Dima Abdulrahim

Over the last decade many hundreds of new psychoactive drugs have emerged onto illicit markets. This flood of new drugs has led to clinicians being unsure of the rapidly emerging changing evidence base and uncertain of the best approaches to assessment and clinical management. This book provides a concise, accessible summary of these emerging drugs. By categorizing the hundreds of new drugs by their predominant psychoactive effect - sedative, stimulant and hallucinogenic - the book helps clinicians to manage a drug they are unfamiliar with by using their experience of other drugs with similar psychoactive properties.
[More. . .]

How to Think More Effectively: A Guide to Greater Productivity, Insight and Creativity
The School of Life

We know that our minds are capable of great things because, every now and then, they come out with a brilliant idea or two. However, our minds are also unpredictable, spending large stretches of time idling or distracting themselves.

This is a book about how to optimize these beautiful yet fitful instruments so that they can more regularly and generously produce the sort of insights and ideas we need to fulfill our potential and achieve the contentment we deserve.
[More. . .]
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Psychiatry Reborn: Biopsychosocial Psychiatry in Modern Medicine
Julian Savulescu, Rebecca Roache, and Will Davies (Eds)  

Psychiatry Reborn: Biopsychosocial Psychiatry in Modern Medicine is a comprehensive collection of essays by leading experts in the field, and provides a timely reassessment of the biopsychosocial approach in psychiatry.

Spanning the sciences and philosophy of psychiatry, the essays offer complementary perspectives on the ever more urgent importance of the biopsychosocial approach to modern medicine. [More. . .]

Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools: The Check-In, Check-Out Intervention, Third Edition
Leanne Hawken, Deanne Crone, Kaitlin Bundock, and Robert Horner

Now revised and expanded with the latest research and adaptations for additional target behaviors, this is the gold-standard guide to Check-In, Check-Out (CICO), the most widely implemented Tier 2 behavior intervention. CICO is designed for the approximately 10–15% of students who fail to meet schoolwide behavioral expectations but who do not require intensive, individualized supports. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes step-by-step procedures and reproducible tools for planning and implementation. [More. . .] Click here for more on problem behaviour in schools!

Wiser: The Scientific Roots of Wisdom, Compassion, and What Makes Us Good
Dilip Jeste with Scott LaFee

From the field's pioneer, an exploration of the neurobiology and psychology of wisdom: what science says it is and how to nurture it within yourself—at any stage of your life.

What exactly does it mean to be "wise?" And is it possible to grow and even accelerate its unfolding?

For over two decades, Dr. Dilip Jeste has led the search for the biological and cognitive roots of wisdom. What's emerged from his work is that wisdom is a very real and deeply multilayered set of traits. [More. . .]

Levi reminds you to stay hydrated.
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