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Hello there! welcome to the middle of the first full week of May. Despite our locked doors we have been busy shipping things out, ordering things in, and organizing curbside pickup. It is always a treat to see one of you from a distance when we get the chance. There is no shortage of gorgeous new releases and we have thirteen of them featured below as well as a longer list that is one click away. As many of our friends go fully online with seminars and things we will endeavour to let you know of their happenings. We enjoyed being a part of the recent A Mindful Society annual conference and we have information on our friends at the Sickkids Learning Institute as well as Leading Edge seminars below. That is all for now. Please continue to take care of each other and know that an email or a phone call from you is always welcome and serves to brighten our day. 
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May 11: Ethical Anger Management with Bonnie Miller
May-June: live webinars with Liana Lowenstein, Noah Lazar, Nili Benazon, Mary Bell and Sheri Turrell, Vivien Lee, and Alex Russell, and with leadership trainers Anne Bulstrode, Susan Geary, Adam Lodzinski, and Marion Langford
new Mini Webinar series with Russell Barkley, Bill O’Hanlon, Colleen Carney and more

Keeping Your Soul Alive: Personal and Professional Renewal with Bill O’Hanlon (May 8)
Managing Depression During the Pandemic with Margaret Wehrenberg (May 11)
NextGen EMDR: Unleashing the Neural Network Targeting Approach with Roy Kiessling (May 12)
Helping Children and Teens with ADHD: Clinical Implications of Executive Functioning and Impact on Early Adulthood with Russell Barkley (May 13)
Hot Off The Press!
Lots of new arrivals this month! Here is just a sample but please click here to view a (long) list of highlights.

Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door: How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless Manipulator
Martha Stout

Bringing together the countless e-mails, phone calls, and letters that she has collected from readers since the publication of The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout mines these accounts for their inherent instruction and fascination, and makes the issue of conscience, or the lack thereof, riveting and relevant to a wide audience. [More. . .]

Trauma and Dissociation-Informed Psychotherapy: Relational Healing and the Therapuetic Connection
Elizabeth Howell

A new model of therapeutic action, one that heals trauma and dissociation, is overtaking the mental- health field. It is not just trauma, but the dissociation of the self, that causes emotional pain and difficulties in functioning. This book discusses how people are universally subject to trauma, what trauma is, and how to understand and work with normative as well as extreme dissociation.
[More. . .]

Strange Situation: A Mother's Journey Into the Science of Attachment
Bethany Saltman

A full-scale investigation of the controversial and often misunderstood science of attachment theory, inspired by the author’s own experience as a parent and daughter.

When professional researcher and writer Bethany Saltman gave birth to her daughter, Azalea, she loved her deeply but felt as if something was missing. Looking back at her lonely childhood, dangerous teenage years, and love-addicted early adulthood, Saltman thought maybe she was broken. [More. . .]

Integrative Sex & Couples Therapy: A Therapist's Guide to New and Innovative Approaches
Tammy Nelson

Throughout her 30-year career, Dr. Tammy Nelson found that couples therapists have traditionally been taught little about sex therapy, and sex therapists have minimal education in relationship systems. This leaves clinicians searching for more interventions for both couples and sexuality. To bridge the gap, Dr. Nelson, relationship expert and board-certified sexologist, has gathered the top authorities in the field of integrative treatment to create this groundbreaking book for all therapists looking for a comprehensive treatment resource. [More. . .]

The Millennial Mental Health Toolbox: Tips, Tools, and Handouts for Engaging Gen Y in Therapy
Goali Saedi Bocci

A generation as diverse as this demands a therapeutic toolbox that sheds light on the intricacies and complexities in working with and treating this unique population.
This workbook is filled with actionable worksheets, handouts, tech-guided meditations, and empowering tools requiring mere minutes a day to support the time-pressed client. [More. . .]

200 More Brief, Creative & Practical Art Therapy Techniques: A Guide for Clinicians & Clients
Susan Buchalter 

Expanding upon art therapist Susan Buchalter’s celebrated 250 Brief, Creative & Practical Art Therapy Techniques, this follow-up book provides 200 more art exercises clinicians can use in art therapy and psychotherapy groups.

With just a few simple materials, Buchalter provides endless opportunities for clients to create meaningful images, share their experiences, and become more focused and open in therapy.  [More. . .]

The Anxiety, Depression & Anger Toolbox for Teens: 150 Powerful Mindfulness, CBT & Positive Psychology Activities to Manage Emotions
Jeffrey Bernstein

This new mood management toolbox brings together the powers of mindfulness, CBT and positive psychology for teens to take control of their distressing thoughts and over-the-top emotions.

With over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein shares high-impact tools for teens’ biggest demands – school, social connections, body-image, and family dynamics [More. . .]

The Gift of Presence Card Deck: 50 Mindfulness Invitations for Being in the Moment, Building Resilience and Reducing Stress
Caroline Welch

Meet the daily challenges of life fortified with the simple, peaceful, reflective moments offered in The Gift of Presence Card Deck.
These 50 empowering invitations provide a source of strength and renewal every day.
This deck is for anyone interested in building stress resilience, improving focus, and thriving by living in the moment and discovering the Gift of Presence.[More. . .]

The ADHD Solution Deck: 50 Strategies to Help Kids Learn, Reduce Stress & Improve Family Connections
Sharon Saline

The ADHD Solution Deck gives adults new insights into the minds and feelings of youth with ADHD, and offers practical, easy-to-use tools that foster more cooperation and reduce arguing.

The deck is divided into five themes to help parents and kids stay calm, and work together. [More. . .]


Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Gaze, Body Image, Shame, Judgment and Maternal Function: Being and Belonging
Lia Roth

An insightful and engaging psychoanalytical account of experiences of shame and fear of rejection, explained through clinical vignettes and research participants' scripts. Exploring the findings from the individual and social standpoints, as well as the cultural and historical influences, Dr. Roth proposes that judgements are experienced as attacks, with the meaning attributed to the criticized body part, affecting the sense of self and forming a central point of the participants' identity trauma. [More. . .]

In Good Relation: History, Gender, and Kinship in Indigenous Feminisms
Sarah Nickel and Amanda Fehr (Eds)

Over the past thirty years, a strong canon of Indigenous feminist literature has addressed how Indigenous women are uniquely and dually affected by colonialism and patriarchy. Indigenous women have long recognized that their intersectional realities were not represented in mainstream feminism, which was principally white, middle-class, and often ignored realities of colonialism. As Indigenous feminist ideals grew, Indigenous women became increasingly multi-vocal, with multiple and oppositional understandings of what constituted Indigenous feminism and whether or not it was a useful concept. [More. . .]

Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth
Margaret Klein Salamon with Molly Gage

Facing the Climate Emergency gives people the tools to confront the climate emergency, face their negative emotions, and channel them into protecting humanity and the natural world.

As the climate crisis accelerates toward the collapse of civilization and the natural world, people everywhere are feeling deep pain about ecological destruction and their role in it. Yet we are often paralyzed by fear. Help is at hand. [More. . .]

A Left that Dares to Speak Its Name: 34 Untimely Interventions
Slavoj Zizek

With irrepressible humor, Slavoj Žižek dissects our current political and social climate, discussing everything from Jordan Peterson and sex “unicorns” to Greta Thunberg and Chairman Mao. Taking aim at his enemies on the Left, Right, and Center, he argues that contemporary society can only be properly understood from a communist standpoint.

Why communism? The greater the triumph of global capitalism, the more its dangerous antagonisms multiply: climate collapse, the digital manipulation of our lives, the explosion in refugee numbers – all need a radical solution. That solution is a Left that dares to speak its name, to get its hands dirty in the real world of contemporary politics, not to sling its insults from the sidelines or to fight a culture war that is merely a fig leaf covering its political and economic failures. [More. . .]

This book has an endorsement from Toronto's own Judith Hamilton on the back. I am always thankful when I get to speak to Judith Hamilton. We began this newsletter with a Lacan book and we end it with a Lacan book. 
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