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As pandemic conditions persist and the demands on mental health professionals increase, Leading Edge Seminars continues to bring Caversham's top authors to present 3-hour LIVE interactive webinars designed to: • Support you, your clients and your practice • Address conditions and issues specific to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic • Be short, convenient and accessible wherever and whenever you want.

Can’t make it for the Live Broadcast? No problem! All Live webinars are recorded and available for unlimited viewing afterwards.  VIEW ALL UPCOMING WEBINARS HERE

Don't these three books look interesting? Yes they do. If you click on this link it will go to a short video that will have links underneath it for each of these three magics.
Good day to you! I hope this finds everyone well. I am well. Joshua Redman has a song called Cat Battles. I heard him introduce it once and the story was that he was trying to compose at the piano and his cat kept walking over the keys. Well, my cat has been doing the same thing over this keyboard. My results will not be as fantastic as Redman's but I have a job do to, nonetheless, and she seems not very concerned about whether I finish it or not. Either way I cherish the makings of another memory that is born out of her many disturbances.
We have so many good books and we are getting them to those who ask for them in the most mindful of ways. One order at a time, lovingly packed up, for delivery or pickup. Our doors do remain locked as we watch for a way to safely keep going and to be of best possible use to you. It is very wise to order ahead if you are planning on picking up. We do our best to accommodate those that go to the trouble of coming by and place their order while calling from right outside but this method can cause you delays if you adopt it. We endevour to get you your books in any and all cases. We miss you guys. Much love and thanks from Joe, Janet, Karl, myself, Sam, and Noah. 
-Newsletter Neil
We have one gremlin in a locked store on from 9-6 Monday to Saturday and we are closed on Sundays. Our website and phone are both open and we are shipping and offering pickup with prepaid orders. It is best to call us once you are outside if you are picking up.
Free shipping in Canada for qualifying orders. For more details go here if you please.
May-June: live webinars with Liana Lowenstein, Noah Lazar, Nili Benazon, Mary Bell and Sheri Turrell, Vivien Lee, and Alex Russell, and with leadership trainers Anne Bulstrode, Susan Geary, Adam Lodzinski, and Marion Langford.
Some books that may be of interest!
Click here for The Interesting Reading List for May 27th, 2020

The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, 25th Anniversary Edition
Elaine Aron

In this 25th anniversary edition of the groundbreaking classic, Dr. Elaine Aron, a research and clinical psychologist as well as an HSP herself, helps you grasp the reality of your wonderful trait, understand your past in the light of it, and make the most of it in your future. Drawing on her many years of study and face-to-face time spent with thousands of HSPs, she explains the changes you will need to make in order to lead a fuller, richer life. [More. . .]

Psychoanalysis, History, and Radical Ethics: Learning to Hear | Psychology and the Other series
Donna Orange

Psychoanalysis, History, and Radical Ethics: Learning to Hear explores the importance of listening, being able to speak, and those who are silenced, from a psychoanalytic perspective. In particular, it focuses on those voices silenced either collectively or individually by trauma, culture, discrimination and persecution, and even by the history of psychoanalysis.  [More. . .]

Doing Psychotherapy: A Trauma and Attachment-Informed Approach
Robin Shapiro

How to start, do, and complete psychotherapy that is trauma-and attachment-based as well as culturally informed.

Most books about doing psychotherapy are tied to particular psychotherapeutic practices. Here, seasoned clinical author Robin Shapiro teaches readers the ins and outs of a trauma- and attachment- informed approach that is not tied to any one model or method.

[More. . .]

Sitting Still Like a Frog Activity Book: 75 Mindfulness Games for Kids
Eline Snel

Mindfulness is one of the most effective practices to teach kids to calm themselves in stressful moments, increase focus and attention, ease anxiety, and promote a sense of empathy toward others. Eline Snel's Sitting Still Like a Frog method of meditation has introduced hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to become more relaxed and attentive, more aware of their bodies and emotions, and to be more open toward others.
[More. . .]

RETHiNK Card Deck Mindful Conversation Starters: 56 Questions to Encourage Compassion, Shift Perspective & Build Connection
Jon Wergin

Whether you’re at home, in the classroom, or running a clinical practice, these conversation cards are meant to get people thinking and talking about who they are, what they like, and how they interact with the world around them. [More. . .]

Unf#ck Your Writing: Express Yourself, Get Published, & Share Your Inner World
Joe Biel and Faith Harper

Want to write but the words won't come? Maybe it's anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, not being able to find the time, or you're just plain blocked. Microcosm's two most prolific authors teach you their tricks of the trade in this concise and eminently helpful zine. Go from long hours of procrastination to busting out usable copy in record time. Learn skills like setting and sticking to goals, having fun while writing, working with an editor, and connecting with readers. [More. . .]

Draw Breath: The Art of Breathing, Mindfulness & Meditation
Tom Granger

If yoga and doodling had a baby, this book would be it

Explore your breath mindfully through a series of simple, relaxing and creative drawing exercises in this meditative and gorgeously illustrated book. [More. . .]


The World of Trains | Card decks and professional guidebook for therapists
Gali Salpeter

The deck of projective cards contains 50 images of carriages and engines.

Each card can be worked with as a single stimulus. In addition, when the child puts one card next to the other – the illustrated carriages connect visually, creating an image of a train. The train and the cards composing it can represent a situation, place, feeling, event, or group from the client´s life. [More. . .]

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This is Caversham Booksellers' 7th weekly e-newsletter. Thank you for reading.
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