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Exhibition Catalogue Fundraiser
Photo: (c) Hilary Wardhaugh, 2019.
Why do people really become addicted to ice? What stigmas do they face and how do they recover?

Help us tell the stories of ice addiction and recovery in our community.

TAC is seeking your support to fund the design and production of a high quality catalogue documenting the powerful stories of six Canberrans, whose experiences with ice addiction and recovery have been captured in the upcoming exhibition On Thin Ice.

'People with addictions are part of our community. The stigma and isolation too often placed on them only makes the arduous journey to recovery more difficult. By sharing these stories, we hope to use the arts to encourage empathy in the broader community and to promote recovery as a supported, collective effort.'
- Rauny Worm, TAC CEO

On Thin Ice is an arts-documentary collaboration between journalist and author Ginger Gorman, photographers Hilary Wardhaugh and Martin Ollman, sculptor Tom Buckland, and printmaker Jess Higgins.

Working closely and collaboratively with participants, the project tells the stories of local residents who are living with or recovering from addiction to crystal methamphetamine (ice) in a multi-disciplinary exhibition of images, text, sound and installation. The exhibition will debut at Tuggeranong Arts Centre from 7 – 30 November 2019.

The exhibition goes beyond headlines and stereotypes, beyond snap judgments and prejudices, beyond “meth crisis” and “ice epidemic,” empowering individuals to tell their own stories – stories of pain, of trauma, of loss and isolation, but also, stories of hope and of healing. Stories of addiction. And stories of recovery.

“I’m making the choice to make a change. And I’ve never done that before.”
– Mitchell, 29
“The dark tunnel that I was in for so long, I’m starting to see the light at the end of it.” – Nicole, 35
“It’s really f****** hard, but it can get better.” – Ann, 38

We are seeking community support to fund the design and printing of a high quality catalogue to accompany the exhibition and to preserve the participants’ stories in full.

The catalogue will feature six individual stories written from interviews with Canberrans about their experiences with ice addiction and recovery. Author Ginger Gorman has collaborated closely with the participants to develop these stories and to ensure that they retain agency in sharing their experiences.

The catalogue will also document the Arts Centre’s process for developing the project, and the original artworks created by the four collaborating artists, photographers Hilary Wardhaugh and Martin Ollman, sculptor Tom Buckland, and printmaker Jess Higgins.

In addition to being a valuable component of the exhibition for visitors, the catalogue will also be an important resource to support the development of a regional tour of the exhibition and project in 2020-2021.

Help us tell these important stories by donating today.

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