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Newsletter 6, March 2018

The i3-food project reaches the goal

Finally, the end of the i3-food project has arrived, and 3 years after its beginning, it’s time to take stock of what this adventure has meant. The i³-food project aimed to implement 3 innovative food processing technologies under industrial conditions, ensuring rapid and maximum market uptake.
So, what have we done from i3-food project? 

The final meeting has been carried out at DIL headquarters

On 26th and 27th February the final i3-food project consortium meeting was held at DIL center in Quakenbruck, Germany. 

During this meeting, each partner of the consortium was able to present the results obtained, as well as make a balance of the work done during the 3 years of the project. Also, they took a visit through the DIL facilities.

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We have released today the last of the i3-food project videos. This clip summarizes the project aims and tasks, as well as the description and benefits of each one of the technologies addressed.
Enjoy it and share it!
Next i3-food events:

Anuga FoodTec 2018     20/03/2018

5th PEF School (2018)     14/05/2018

More information at: www.i3food.eu
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