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February Newsletter 

Waiting is the Worst (Some Thoughts on Waiting Well)

Is there anything worse than waiting? Is there anyone who would choose the longest checkout line at the grocery store or choose to spend a few hours sitting and dangling their legs off the side of the table inside of a doctor's office? Recently my sister's boyfriend was at the DMV for an hour and a half before he was able to pick a number. Just a number! For more waiting! That's just ghastly. Let me be the first to say, I hate waiting. I want things done on my time and on time. Waiting is never, ever my first choice.

The thing about life though is that we are often required to wait, to be patient, to give things time to unravel and unfurl as God guides us in the way He has for us. But there is such a tension there, our sin nature wanting so badly to know what is ahead and charge forward in our own time, and the Holy Spirit working inside of us to build patience, trust, and faith that God really does have it all in His hands.

I have found that in times when a season of waiting almost seems to cancel out any shred of patience in my soul, the only thing that saves my sanity is resting in the simple fact that God already has the end of this part of my story written. And the way I do this is by thanking Him for what that ending will be. Because I know, in His sovereignty, it will be the best ending.

Last year at around this time I felt led to pursue a relationship with a mentor, a woman who could help me sort through some lingering grief and point me to healing in Jesus. I signed up for the mentoring program at our church and was hopeful that this would be a great experience. But my heart 
was so worried for the woman I would be paired with.

Would she be able to handle the heavy heart issues I would hand her? Could she deal with me, with what I’d been through, with grace and wisdom? Would she be brave enough to peer into the deep cave of my emotions and choose, even still, to move forward?

With tears in my eyes and ache in my heart, the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray. He prompted me to 
for the woman God had already planned for me. He prompted me to thank Him for her, for her story, and how she would be able to relate to me and my story and bring healing into some places still pulsing with pain.

One week later I was driving home from meeting her, tears streaming down my cheeks. My heart was 
filled with thankfulness for the woman I had been paired with. Although our stories were not identical, they were similar enough, both of us
having experienced some pretty big heartaches in our motherhood journeys, both having to make sense of God’s sovereignty and unanswered prayers for healing for our children. God was so kind to bring us together.

We are often forced to wait until the thing we are wanting answers for reveals itself in time. But in the waiting, in that painful part where your insides feel stretched to capacity, I have found that thanking God for the conclusion He has already written for that part of my story is where I can find rest and peace. 

Father help us to wait well. Help us to trust that you have our best in mind, even if that doesn’t line up with what we think it should look like. Build in us a faith that knows you are kind and you are good, even as we wait. In Jesus name, Amen.

Are there any among the idols of the nations who give rain? Or can the heavens grant showers? Is it not You, O Lord our God? Therefore we hope in You, for You are the One who has done all these things.
Jeremiah 14:22

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