Raising Missional Disciples

As you probably know the heart of Kx is about ‘raising missionary disciples’, activating people in their discipleship so that they can go on to fulfil the call of God on their lives and become part of a great army of Christians who, by working together, complete the Great Commission. Wouldn’t it be amazing if in every neighbourhood, every place of work, every village, town and city in this nation there was a multitude of Missionary Disciples raised and released, such that ‘everyone knew someone whose life had been changed by Jesus and everyone knew of a local group of believers (A community of Missionary Disciples) where they could get practical help, and find faith in Christ’. That’s how we in Kx define our measure of success in completing the Great Commission in our nation. 
Ben Askew, a church leader in Harrogate, says ‘The thought of seeing our town saturated and transformed by the gospel excites me and helps me keep going when the day to day can be hard-going. If we want to see Jesus' great commission completed in our generation, then we need to understand how to raise and release missionary disciples in our churches.’
In Kx we are always thinking of new ways to support you as church leaders and as church members. Jennie Taylor and I recently recorded 4 videos called (surprisingly!) ‘Raising Missionary Disciples’. They are all available for free to watch, so that they can be shared with your missional leaders and other church members. We hope that they will encourage you. The 4 videos are titled. 
  1. What is a true disciple and their mission?
  2. The why of disciple-making
  3. The how of disciple-making
  4. Discipling those we lead to faith.
We are posting the first one below. They are already available on the Kx Facebook community group, and they are all available the YouTube channel. 
Praying that these will be a great resource for you
God bless

This the first video in the series of four presented by Jennie Taylor and Nic Harding. This video considers 'What is a true disciple and what is their mission?'

Discipling God’s People for Fruitful Workplace Engagement

In the last ten years much progress has been made in workplace ministry but for many workers there are two big blocks – the lack of conviction that their work, their particular work matters to God, and a sense of powerlessness, guilt, shame and weariness when it comes to effective workplace witness.
How can the church help their people see why their particular work matters to God – from stacking shelves to writing code, from cleaning windows to calculating corporation tax? And how can we empower a wide range of people to engage intentionally, fruitfully, in word and witness, in such a wide variety of working environments?

For the Kx Leaders' Day, 9th Nov, we will be joined by Mark Greene, Mission Champion for LICC. Mark was Executive Director at LICC for over 20 years, leading a movement that’s reached hundreds of thousands of Christians with the message of whole-life discipleship. He is the author of the modern classic Thank God It’s Monday and the ever-popular Fruitfulness on the Frontline. Before joining LICC, he was Vice-Principal at the London School of Theology, and prior to that spent a decade in advertising in London and New York.

Kx Leaders' Day 
Wed 9 Nov 2022  ~  9:30 - 12:30 

This event is for church leadership teams, and those supporting people to engage with their Christian faith in the workplace.
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1234 ... It is Live!!

Nic is very happy to be holding a copy of the new booklet he has spent multiple hours/months writing and in which he has invested so much. We pray that it will be a useful tool in many people's hands, to encourage and strengthen the Church and see new disciples, who will make new disciples! 
'Why Aren't We Making Disciples?' is now available for purchase, £6 for individual copies (+P&P), £5 each for orders of 10 or more (+P&P). Drop us an email and we will get them out to you.

Here is a sneak peek ...


It is BBQ Season..

Summer is such a special season.. kids are off school and people are more relaxed as they enjoy the warm days and breaks from routines. Doors are open and people are in their gardens. It is a time for connection.

Our missional community held a BBQ, with bouncy castle, last weekend and invited those with whom we have had contact. It was a time of great food, fun, and conversations, providing an opportunity to get to know one another. Of the 30+ people who attended, at least 50% were unchurched and we are praying that those who came felt loved and valued.. and that they might be challenged to ask why we care. Jesus invited all to dine with Him.

Have you plans to connect with your neighbours? Do share with us any fun activities you have to reach out to people around you.

New Season in the Kx Office.. 

We were very sorry to say good bye to our lovely Jennie after so many years of running the Kx ship .. but so grateful and excited to welcome Naomi to the team. She has already brought a fresh sparkle to the office and I am sure that you will be delighted when you meet her. We look forward to doing great things together.
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